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Magpie’s GACHA ~ At The Jewelry Fair


I’m very pleased to offer these vibrant rings in my Jewelry Fair Gacha! The Gacha is 30L per play, with 50% going to charity. Rings are transferable, so you can trade or gift them!

Visit Mapgie@ The Jewelry Fair [Fire Sim]


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/me takes a deep breath


You can see bigger versions of this photo on my Flickr stream~

I have had a rough two weeks! No trauma … just the sustained pressure of busy-ness as summer ends, and we slowly shift around to the fall season. I have looked forward to drawing a breath this weekend, and blogging again! This look has been kicking around in my inventory for quite some time now. No real newness to feature here, but I enjoyed how the photo came out — very evocative for me.

As many of you may know — I’ve been working diligently on clearing out my inventory a bit. One of the things I did when taking this picture was to retire all my ETD hair. I wear one of my favorite styles here as a tribute. I couldn’t bring myself to actually delete them, but I did pack them away — reducing my inventory count by… uhm… approximately 850 items. ETD has been my staple hair since I started in SL. Here I found the first prim hair I could love, its copper texture and color became part of my avatar’s identity for me. So, I was just a little sad to put it away… but times changes, designers move on, and so do we.

A couple of other things I want to highlight here. The cute, white engineer boots are from Sakka’s Studio. Would you believe that I bought these at LAST year’s Shoe Fair? I love having an engineer boot in this color– something different than grungy and worn. And, as luck would have it … you can still get these at this year’s Shoe Fair πŸ™‚ The wings from Material Squirrel are absolutely fantastic — I love the texture on them, and the delicate color. And the lovely fairy-ish dress is from one of my favorite fantasy clothing stores, Angelwing. This was a freebie, and I’m not sure its currently available. But — Angelwing always has some great freebies, MM boards, hunts and gift… if you enjoy Gorean and fantasy wear, or just something out of the ordinary, be sure to check it out. By the way — my ability to stack the legbands over these terrific fishnets from Vextra Messing is a tribute to being able to wear multiple items on the same clothing layer in the latest viewer! Yay — I love that πŸ™‚ I’m not going to say much about this skin — its been analyzed to death. I loved it as soon as I saw it… and I felt an emotional response to it in this picture. It spoke to me about manifesting things that usually go unseen. That’s all πŸ™‚

Hair: ETD ~ Maxine
Skin: Pink Fuel ~ Elly ~ Honey ~ Broken Hearts Bleed
Dress (inc. arm and leg bands): Angelwing
Fishnets: Vextra Messing
Necklace: Artilleri
Wings: Material Squirrel
Boots: Sakka’s Studio
Tattoos: Garden of Ku
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Poses: ImpEle

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Lots of Good Stuff: Out of the Closet


Bigger is better! see a larger, hi-res picture here~

[warning: skip to the next paragraph if you are just interested in the fabulous clothes and accessories!] Most of us know how very easy it is to accumulate larger and larger and LARGER inventories over time. The disciplined ones among us (yeah — I’m looking at you, Chic) somehow manage to edit objectively and regularly and keep things organized and streamlined. The rest of us still have freebies from our noob days (which we wouldn’t be caught dead in, but still haven’t thrown out), hunt gifts from Christmas three years ago that we haven’t opened, and thousands of just-in-case fun stuff. OK — maybe its just me, but here I am hovering dangerously close to 50K in inventory [there — I said it!], and find myself in a closet crisis! I wouldn’t worry so much about it if it didn’t impede my ability to blog well, or even to get dressed for a date. So here in front of God and everyone, I am committing myself to a clean-out of huge proportions — and yes, Peter — I really mean it this time. All this to say you will likely see me dragging out some old stuff, to mix in with new stuff, to enjoy my clothes again πŸ™‚

I started this look with the shoes — the fabulous latest release from one of my all-time favorite shoe cobblers — Shiny Things. Some of my first freebie shoes (that I was willing to wear) were from Shiny Things, and my first purchased shoes were from Shiny Things … and we’ve had a love affair going on every since. I was so thrilled to see Fallingwater back, and am loving these stylish flats. I couldn’t resist the black and white ones, as that is one of my favorite color schemes — and I built the whole look around that.

It is also my pleasure to show you one of the dramatic makeups from Tuli’s newest skin, Jade, to be released on Friday. I know you’ve seen it all over the feeds already … and I will just chime in to say it is a lovely, soft skin with all the well-made qualities we’ve come to expect from Tuli. I will say that as I’ve perused the various posts that have already come out, I’ve noticed that this skin seems very adaptable to different shapes — likely due to the “softness” factor. I love skins like that because it means you can really take a popular skin and make it your own with your shape — and in SL, that is a really good thing! I’m also wearing Tuli’s new eyes — and these are just gorgeous … and I’m fairly picky about my eyes. This version is called “glow”, and is a lovely other-worldly color.

One last little note before this turns into a novella — I acquire tons of cheap/free skyboxes with an eye towards using them as photo sets… but actually rarely get out of my photosphere. However, this one came along at just the right time — a black/grey/white skybox with a lot of atmosphere … and completely free at Tweedle.

Skin: Tuli ~ Jade [not yet released]
Eyes: Tuli ~ Jude ~ glow [not yet released]
Hair: ~ Neva
Shirt: Whippet & Buck
Pants: Zaara
Necklace: Miel
Earrings: Persona
Shoes: Shiny Things~ Zimmy Flats
Handbag: ETD
Poses: handbag AO by Torridwear
skybox: free anniversary gift from Tweedle

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Immerschoen & Gos


Bigger is Better ~ Click here for a high resolution enlargement of this picture

Today’s outfit started out with this terrific outfit from Immerschoen. Immerschoen is a store I’ve only recently discovered for myself, but I know its been around for awhile. The store has a large inventory of what I would consider casual wear and club wear … with lots of separates that are great for mixing and matching. I’ve been quite impressed by the quality of the items I’ve purchased, and prices are extremely reasonable …. so definitely check it out when you get a chance!

The other big news for this post are these stupendous boots from Gos! Not exactly new … but stunning nonetheless. Beautifully made, and six color change options in one boot. AND — currently on sale for half-price. I have no idea how long this sale might last — so hurry if you’ve had your eye on these!

Leather Top and Mini Skirt: Immerschoen
Boots: Gos ~ Burlesque
Stockings: Vextra Messing
Velvet Necktie: Sn@tch
Gloves: Fleur (now 5th & Oxford)
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Earrings: Persona
Hair and Hat: ETD ~Charley
Skin: Belleza ~ Elle ~group gift
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~Gasoline
Poses: Reel Expression

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Fantasy Faire 2010 : Final Weekend


This is the final weekend at the Fantasy Faire, and I’ve had such a fantastic time blogging some of the pieces for you. I have also met some really terrific creators, and have enjoyed working with them. One of the wonderful things about a fair of any kind is making a discovery of something completely new to you. It has been my great pleasure to discover the fantasy art of real life artist J. Matthew Root, and to meet his SL counterpart, artist and creator, Marcus Inkpen. I ran across Marcus in his booth during the blogger preview, where he patiently talked to me even though he was trying to finish up things for the launch of the faire — thank you for your kindness, Markus πŸ™‚

Markus is the artist of the painting in the picture, titled Discovery. I couldn’t resist the redhead πŸ™‚ But — I don’t think there was a single painting of Markus’ that I didn’t love and put on my shopping list. Incidentally — you can get RL prints of many/most of these paintings from the website linked below. I know a lot of people enjoy having a such a piece in both their real and virtual lives πŸ™‚

Markus is ALSO the creator of those wonderful “Alien Buds” that I’ve used for landscaping in the photo. These are fantastic pieces for any fantasy landscape — the colors are rich, and the pattern is just perfect. These will definitely find a permanent place in my home. These pieces were done for Deeper Muse, and you can purchase them individually or in a five-pack with a variety of color combinations. I might mention that Markus and his partner were responsible for the build on the SciFi sector, and it is truly beautifully done — definitely worth a visit.

** it came to my attention today that the Alien Buds are a little hard to find, and I can see it is a tad confusing. The store you are looking for is right by the landing point for the SciFi Sector. The store has a sign for Deeper Muse, but it isn’t terribly obvious. The most obvious signage right above the door reads “Pandora Valley”. If you have any trouble finding it, let me know and I’ll give you a pinpoint landmark πŸ™‚

Visit the SciFi Sector at the Fantasy Faire
Visit The World of J. Matthew Root on the internet

Painting: The Art of J. Matthew Root ~ Discovery
Alien Buds: Deeper Muse
Garden Stones: Trompe L’oeil
Garden Wall: Nissa Nightfire (personal collection)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations ~ Mackenzie
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline
Outfit: Wings: Bare Rose ~ Forest Druidess
Shoes: +DV8+ Steam Vixen Shoes
Bracelet, Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai
Poses: Long Awkward Pose



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The Princess and Her Prince

The Princess and Her Prince

Its Friday, it has been a crazy week … and I find that I feel like blogging! A just-for-fun kind of post. I’ve been trying to get out and about a little more in SL, and kick up my heels every once in a while. Last night, my dear friend Riley Renfew and I went to a costume event at ::Infatuated::. I snapped this photo before we went … and as it turns out, we won the evening’s prize! I hadn’t really planned this for a blog post, so I’m giving you the credits off the top of my head — please forgive any errors or lapses, but don’t hesitate to correct me!

Special note on this adorable pose — it is from Reel Expression, and is the hunt gift for the ProPoser hunt — which is open until Aug. 30 — so you still have a little time to pick it up.

The Princess wears:
Dress: Second Wave Apparel
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire
Skin: Exodi
Hair: Truth

The Prince wears:
Outfit, including boots: SF DesignΒ  (parts sold separately)
Hair: Bryce
Glasses: PrimOptic

Poses: Reel Expression — from the ProPoser Hunt

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Dress Me Up Challenge #1 – Achariya


Okay –yes, I know I’m late getting started! I’ve been having so much fun shopping and exploring some of the areas folks have recommended to me! I’m already counting this challenge a huge success πŸ™‚ By the way, shopping in response to a challenge doesn’t count against your monthly budget, does it? Anyway — I’m doing my part to support the SL economy!

My first dress-up was suggested by Achariya: how about a range of Japanese items, like something from TheCloset or any of the little shops on the Island of Tranquility? DP**yumyum has cute sweater and scarf sets right now, and amerie’s Naughty has fluffy leg coverings and tiny colorful skirts.

Of course, this suggestion could yield tons of different looks. I took this opportunity to explore Amerie’s Naughty. I’ve been very attracted to the playful and colorful styles there. I started by strolling casually around the store — until I saw these adorable leggings and skirts. Then I sprinted over to get a closer look, bought a set, and raced home to put them on. I’m a complete sucker for these vibrant colors.

Thanks for the suggestions, Ach. I expect you’ll be seeing some more selections from the Isle of Tranquility in the future πŸ™‚

Jacket, Skirt, Leggings: Amerie’s Naughty
Tshirt: Magpie
Necklace: Ki2 Candy Party Beads
Bracelets: Fresh Baked Goods ~ Bright Pastile Hearts
Shoes: UBU ~Pornstar Hightops
Skin: RockBerry Willow E Light
Hair: ETD ~Eglantine ~copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Silent Sparrow — Lucky Chair


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