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Arcade Gacha — Final Days


The Arcade Gacha event is almost over! The adorable bears pictured here, by Sway’s, are just some of the amazing offerings available this cycle.
For more information about the event, visit their official website.


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Color Challenge: Week 14 Black

View Hi-Res Enlargements on my Flickr stream~
*plus there’s a closer-up pic at the bottom of this post*

Last night, I did my first hostessing gig at a fantastic little jazz/blues/classic rock club, The House of the Rising Sun. If you are every looking for a super-fun, laid-back, friendly club atmosphere… this is the place~ I’m there on Thursday nights, 8-10pm … so come by and ask for Kieve — I’ll take care of you!

I was looking for just the right dress for my debut… and this terrific little black dress from The Plastik just fit the bill. With just a few accessories, and these amazing new-ish shoes from Pixel Mode… I was ready to hit the dance floor.

In this picture, I’m standing in the amazingly well-done skybox, new from reBourne, Little Africa. As always… the texturing and craftsmanship from Danny reBourne are just unbelievable. You really need to go visit the demo and see it for yourself. I also have to take a moment here and appreciate the great customer service I received from reBourne. A small question came up for me when I was setting up my skybox, and Danny responded quickly, with a lovely and warm friendliness… and didn’t once scoff at my ignorance. For me… that is the currency of SL … and Danny earned a loyal customer.

Hair: Truth
Skin: Laq
Eyes: Laq
Dress: The Plastik
Jewelry: Primalot
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Poses: Torridwear
Location: Skybox ~ Little Africa ~ reBourne


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Christmas in a Shade of Sad


I love Christmas — it has always been a magical time of year for me. I know many of you have been enjoying the festivity, the tinsel, the quiet beauty, and the joyful and tender moments. I’ve enjoyed celebrating the things you’ve shared on blogs and plurk timelines. I’ve enjoyed my own versions of all of those things. I’ve also seen that I’m not alone in feeling a little blue this Christmas. Today would have marked a 1 year anniversary with someone who is still very dear to my heart — one we never got to celebrate together. I don’t begrudge anyone a very merry holiday season… but this one is for all the people who are missing something or someone this time of year. Warmest hugs for each and every one of you, and wishes for a blessed holiday season.

I’ll have a blue Christmas without you
I’ll be so blue thinking about you
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me

And when the blue snowflakes start falling
That’s when those blue memories start calling
You’ll be doing alright with your Christmas of white
But I’ll have a blue, blue Christmas

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Home for the Holidays

~View hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

Two posts from me in one day is fairly unprecedented… but, hey — its Christmas! A couple of weeks ago I promised some photos of my transformation of my empty skybox. Unfortunately, life and time got away from me, and here it is Christmas eve already. So tonight I’m sharing one lovely little corner of my home, decorated for a blue christmas. I’ll save the sentimental stuff for tomorrow’s Christmas Day post.

Sofa & Chair: [S2] sTwo
Wish Mirror Silver: LISP
Snowflake Wall Decal: Urbanized (gift)
Alex Topiary, left of fireplace: The Loft
Blue side table: Magoa
Log Basket: {what next}
Floor Pillows: Amacci
Rug: personal collection; made with textures from Insight Designs
Fireplace: personal collection
Candlesticks: Magoa
Stockings: LISP
Star Angel: LISP
Decorative Picture Frame: {what next}
Hanging Frost Baubles: Magoa
Hanging Antique Paper Lights: Awesome Blossom
Bric-a-brac Christmas Tree, Gift, Wreaths: {what next}
Sky Box: Theosophy

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Nesting: The Blank Canvas

See hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

When it comes to “home” in SL… I tend to be a bit of a vagrant. I’ve had my own space since about my second week in SL, I think … but it is most often a working space, and transitions freely from day to day. I know my friends always wonder what they will TP into the middle of next! I’ve long had a rule that when I accidentally delete my skybox [often enough], I set up a new one. Rooms are usually fairly empty… and I pull out a chair or whatever as needed. My most consistent decorating motif is “bare platform”.

This holiday season I have gotten the urge to nest a bit. For me in SL, this means putting together a real “living” space — a hospitable place where I might hang out for awhile (alone or with friends), a place where I put out my favorites things, and the things that inspire me. And this season, for the first time ever in SL, I want to decorate for the holidays … something I enjoy a great deal in RL.

You’ll soon see the whole living space I’ve been putting together, but I wanted to start first by talking about how it all started …. my empty canvas — my new skybox from Theosophy, and tell you about some of the things I look for in a really great living space.

The Port Eynon Skybox is not new … but I remember loving it when it first came out, and was reminded of it again by this terrific post from Thema Felix. At 109 prims total, it probably won’t work for anyone too prim-conscious … but you do get quite a lot of bang for those prim bucks. I’m going to tell you why I thought it was well worth it, and the kind of place I wanted as my home.

This build is very well constructed, and the texturing is just superb. The whole space has a cohesive look, but there are a variety of textures used… so its a terrific background for an interesting space. I also love the architecture of the space. The ceilings are high (for good camming), but don’t look out of scale. I adore built-in architectural interest — and this box has plenty — from the ceiling beams, to the partial walls, to the built-in bookcase and daybed — this space was interesting even before I started decorating! The windows are terrific… and I plan to give myself something to look at from inside my cozy space. And — something you really can’t see in the picture — the outside, even though intended as a skybox, is beautifully finished. I like to set my skyboxes on a platform, and often mod them so I can use the outdoor space as well … this would be well suited to that. Maybe we’ll see what I can do along those lines when Spring arrives 😉

If you love this skybox too… visit the demo at the Theosophy main store to get an excellent feel for the space. And stay tuned here to watch me transform it into my own personal living space in the next couple of weeks!

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Where Idle Dreams May Roam – SL House & Garden Photo Contest Entry

Where Idle Dreams May Roam  (composite)
~View the whole set of photos for the contest on my flickr stream … look at enlargements, and see all the credits for the wonderful designers~

I’m very proud to show you my first entry ever into a Home & Garden photo contest! This was such a fun project for me. I’ve had a thought floating around in my head for some time to create a writer’s retreat in a mountain setting. When I heard that the theme for the Photo Contest was “Colors of Fall” … I knew this was the perfect project for it. I was thrilled to finally have an excuse to buy the gorgeous cornfield and poppy field from Garden of Dreams, and I spent several happy evenings puttering around on my building platform putting together the cabin that I envisioned for the scene. The rest of the furnishings are by several very talented designers in SL… it’s a true joy to live among their creations. The credits were lengthy, so I put them on the photos in my Flickr stream… do be sure to go take a look 🙂

I haven’t yet heard who the winners of the contest are … there were so many lovely entries, I’m sure the judges are having a hard time making up their mind! If you want to check out some of the other photos submitted, check out the contest group on Flickr.

I’m going to call this the end of the Fall Season. November is turning into December in a matter of hours, and I am completely ready to get Christmas/Winter underway! I’m already working on a new Home & Garden project, and will look forward to showing it to you during the month of December!

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Pocket Garden


Today, I want to show you an adorable little landscaping set from Pocket Garden. The stump I’m sitting on, the bird you can see peeking out from behind me, and the grass (copiable) all come in one neat little landscaping package, and are really lovely. This is the perfect thing if you just have a little spot you need to landscape OR if you want to create your own photo op. Pocket Garden has lots of little ready-made environments like this… be sure to go check out the whole selection at their store.

Landscaping by Pocket Garden
Flower Bed & Hitching Posts – instore gift at Pocket Garden
Walls made by me, with the awesome textures from Insight Designs

Style Notes:
Hair: Truth ~ cleo
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson
Eyes: Shine
Glasses: artilleri
Earrings: Magpie Catchpenny
Scarf: Izzie’s
Sweater: artilleri
Jeans: Meriken
Boots: J’s

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Home Improvements


Perhaps it goes back to my ardent dollhouse days, but I can while away hours decorating and rearranging my spaces in SL. And the array of really terrific home decor items on the grid these days is just astounding. I’ve been working with this terrific building by ITuTu … their former cafe building. I loved the idea of using this for a studio … and maybe will eventually when I’m done playing 🙂

Tons of terrific stuff here, but a couple in particular I want to mention. This design started with the wonderful round stools from Y’s house. I love to find great seating in SL, especially seating that I envision using for gatherings and conversation with friends. These stools not only look absolutely terrific and stylish, they are fairly low prim, and each stool in the set has 3 (i think) poses to choose from, all of them different, and all of them natural poses. The set of stools works great together — but do note that the stools are all different sizes, and are not copy. If you want matching stools, be sure to pick up two sets.

I also want to mention the wall decal. I enjoy wall decals so much — they are great low-prim way to add some interesting style to your space. We see them often on interior walls … but don’t forget that they can look equally interesting on a plate glass window, like the one here. I needed something that would visually divide the inside and outside, and this definitely fit the bill. I liked it so much, I left it on my building even after I cleared everything else out.

Building: ex-cafe building by ITuTu

Round stools – Monaka: Y’s House
Round Table – Monaka: Y’s House
Bottle of Wine & Glass – SunnyM
Small pile of books on table – SunnyM
Potted Yucca – blonde
just a pile of cushions – Insight Designs
Books Side Table – {what next}
September Table Lamp – {what next}
Rugs from the attic – Croire
Birds in the Bush Wall Decal – {what next}
Drapes – f

Shabby Table – :::aju:::
Garden Stool – Y’s House
Baskets Kago01 – Y’s House
Leaf Vase – Barcode
My Bunny Best Friend – Curvature
Store Display Cabinet – Bahia Tiki
Large Book Stacks on Counter –
Phone –
Art work – Magpie (unreleased)
Blank Canvas –
Gumball machine –
Hurricane lantern –
Etched Tins –
Books on Shelf – Magpie (unreleased)

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Evolution of a Blog~


I started blogging in November 2007, just a mere few days after I rezzed in Second Life. If you are interested in a trip down memory lane… you can start here. If nothing else, it might serve as a reminder that we all started somewhere, and there was a learning curve. 😉 My blog has definitely changed bit by bit over time — I learned more, I observed more, and I became a little more technologically proficient. Perhaps most importantly, I became part of a community that can be extraordinarily helpful, with someone always willing to answer questions, provide tutorials, and even give away their best blogging secrets. The generosity of the fashion blogging community is often overwhelming. I hope I’ve been able to put some of that wealth to good use.

As I approach the beginning of my fourth year as a Second Life blogger, I would like to make an even bigger evolutionary step. I’m moving my blog over to a new domain of my own, changing the name, and expanding its coverage somewhat. Nissa and crew will be now be blogging over at Wondering The Grid: Designing a Second Life with Passion and Style. Fashion and avatar style will always be a huge part of my blogging, but I also want to take a look at how we create and style our environments, and our lives. Pretty much anything that figures into your motivation to log-in to Second Life is fair game.

So while I’m moving, please forgive the dust in the corners, and the rough edges. I’ll be posting on both blogs until I can get all my ducks, and feeds, in a row 🙂

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SL House & Garden Hunt: Aug 1-7 (part 2)

SL Home & Garden Hunt - Aug 1-7
See larger, hi-res photos on my Flickr stream~

OK — I am going to choose a favorite in this one — the little table vignette is just the kind of thing I go crazy for. I love all the elements, and the colors — and it almost goes without saying that anything from Second Spaces is well-crafted. Plus — the artful decoration is already all put together for you — you can just put the whole thing down in one swoop! The glass lamp is from a new-to-me store, Melia … and is really lovely. There are a few other nice pieces in that gift that didn’t make it into my pictures, but are out in my house. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my ubiquitous potted Yucca from blonde. I have a completely black thumb in real life … but in SL, a room isn’t complete without some nice greenery. This is a terrific piece, and is copiable … and perfect for island decor.

Couch: napoliy
Potted Yucca: blonde
Table Vignette: Second Spaces
Lamp: Melia
Pouf: Aria

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