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Freaky Friday: Rockberry Skin


Happy Friday once again! I have to tell you that I’m getting a bit addicted to the fascination of sliders — maybe a shape shop is in my future 🙂 On my first Freaky Friday, I showed a beautiful Rockberry skin — worn on my usual shape. This time, I decided to make my own shape for the skin, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I think this shape really accents the beautiful face, which is definitely the strength of Rockberry skins.  I absolutely love this particular makeup.

Dress: Ornamental Life
Shoes: Shiny Things ~Belles

Earrings and Necklace: PERTURB/ation

Eyes: Lunardia ~Medium Gold-Brown
Skin: Rockberry ~Stage 4 Face D Light
Hair: Diversity Hair ~Heiress ~tootsie brown

Poses: Imperial Elegance


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Freaky Friday


I had so much fun with last week’s Freaky Friday post, I thought I’d do it again. Last week, I put a new skin on my usual shape. This week, I thought I’d try my hand at creating a shape to work with the skin I’m wearing. I’ve always been a little bit intimidated by those sliders — but was feeling brave last week! I fell in love with this group gift Gala Phoenix skin, and decided to work with that. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I may try a little more of this shape-shifting stuff 🙂

The hair is another take-whatever-color-is-on-sale expedition to Diversity Hair– and I think it looks fabulous! I love the adorable topknot, and the wonderful shine to the texture.

Skin: Gala Phoenix ~nightshade
Hair: Diversity Hair
Dress: Bland
Fur Coat: Schadenfreude
Earrings, Necklace: Schadenfreude
Bracelets: Kurotsubaki
Stockings: Punch Drunk
Shoes: ::69::

Happy Friday, everyone 🙂

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Freaky Friday


When I first started my second life, I fairly quickly acquired a a good skin, shape, hair, and eyes — and those pretty much established my SL Identity. Anytime I even slightly altered one of those elements, I just didn’t quite feel like myself. I’m sure many of you can relate. However — one of the huge points of having an SL is to create, and re-create. I’m trying to get a little more comfortable with tinkering with elements that create my “identity” — and I’m finding it is pretty fun!

Thus — I’m introducing a new, irregular feature on my blog I’m calling “Freaky Friday”.  Please note that “Freaky Friday” is NOT a commentary on the products I’m wearing — it is a reference to the movie of the same name, in which two people switch bodies. And — I’m doing it on Friday 🙂 I’m giving myself permission to create something that is not my usual self! Don’t look for drastic changes right away — but, who knows what will evolve!

Heather Beebe, maker of Rockberry Skins, helped me out with my look today with a sampling of her current crop of skins. Heather is, I believe, a newer skin-maker who has a lot of promise. She has created some photorealistic skins, with really lovely face makeup — including some nicely-done freckles (which are not always easy to find!). She has some very dramatic and glamorous looks — I think I probably picked out the most neutral makeup of the bunch for this look. In addition to the lovely faces, I think one of the very attractive things about Rockberry skins is their affordable price — six different makups for L$800. If you’re a new resident, on a budget, or interested in having a variety of makeups for photography, vendors, print work, etc. — these skins could be a great addition to your inventory.

I hope it goes without saying that anyone buying skins should try out the demos in your preferred lighting setting(s), with your shape(s), and inspect all the parts for yourself. Heather has demos that are completely free, and the last time I was in the store, she was up on the model stand herself modeling the skin.

Bikini Top: Marinoco Fashion (OnRez) [modified]
Shorts: Pushbutton Industries
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit
Necklace: Izumiya
Belly Chain: Unique Needs
Tattoos: Numen Tattoos (Axis Mundi)
Skin: Rockberry
Hair: Maitreya ~Eva II ~Ginger
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: Animah

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