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I found myself left to my own devices last night and, of course, went on an impromptu shopping/styling/exploring/photographing/photoshopping spree 😀 I’m so crazy about all the denim that Zaara is doing these days — I expect I made a mistake in not fatpacking this skirt. The older I get, and the more packed my inventory gets, the more I’m willing to splurge on really high-quality basics for my everyday wardrobe. This skirt is one of those pieces (along with her new jeans and shorts) that are a wardrobe staple. The top is from Berries, Inc., on sale right now as the store is planning to close its doors in a couple of weeks 😦 All the clothes I have from Berries, Inc. are extremely well made … and simple enough to serve as wardrobe staples as well — so this is a good opportunity to stock up. This shirt comes in three levels of sheer-ness … This is the most transparent version, just to give my husband a smile ;).  And not to be missed is this terrific hair from Truth (haven’t taken it off since I bought it!), and the extremely versatile jewelry from Sn@tch (color change, of course!)

Hair: Truth
Skin: Laqroki
Jewelry: Sn@tch
Shirt: Berries, In. (sale ’til Sept 15)
Skirt: Zaara
Location: Forgotten City


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Lots of awesome newness today, my friends! If you, like me, routinely miss group messages, take note — Exodi VIPs have new group gift for August — Sophie. This might be one of my favorite faces from Exodi yet! And I was completely delighted to see that the eyeshadow on the skin perfectly matched my new eyes from Insufferable Dastard. These eyes are some of their newest releases – Mirror, and are just gorgeous. The pack comes with prim eyes, and various base options.

While I was at Insufferable Dastard, I took a look at the latest free gift, set out for anybody. Its a nice lip “fade” which just kinda stains your lip without covering the entire lip area. I love the dimension and subtle color it gives to the lip without overwhelming it. I’m not really much of a lipstick girl — so this is perfect. I loved the free gift so much, I joined the Insufferable Dastard group for a small fee and got an entire set as a gift. And even that wasn’t enough — I hopped over to the Grunge Soul Project and bought the set they have there too! Who says a good loss leader can’t yield revenue!! 🙂 The lip color I’m wearing here is one of the Grunge Soul Project colors.

My dress is the newest release from MichaMi … you can always count on her clothing for a kind of timeless elegance. Well-made, as always — this will be a wardrobe staple for a long time to come. Her lines and fabric are so lovely that I kept the accessorizing to a minimum — this dramatic necklace from Miel, and one of the newest Truth hairs. Altogether — an easy look that will go most anywhere.

On a more “technical” note — I’ve long had a goal to learn to use Photoshop more effectively in my photos. So — you’re going to have to suffer thru that with me!! Its my intention to use these techniques for parts of the picture that don’t really distort the actual fashions I’m showing … but I’ll make a note if I do otherwise. Right now — I’m practicing the useful art of liquifying, and this was my first attempt! I used it just to fix some pointy elbows and jagged body lines. I had actually been a little intimidated by the thought… but I think it went pretty well!

Hair: Truth
Skin: Exodi ~ Sophie (august group gift)
Lip Fade: Insufferable Dastard at The Grunge Soul Project
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard ~ mirror
Dress: MichaMi
Necklace: Miel
Poses: Poseur

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Pearl Necklace~


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I have been crazy about Sn@tch clothing for ages now… and pretty much every week I add a slew of new items to my shopping list. So when my husband (why yes — that is a wedding ring on my finger!) wanted to buy me something sexy and fun to wear… Sn@tch was our first stop. I fell in love with these pastel net shirts — sweet and spicy all at the same time, and actually quite versatile. I could see this worn as an interesting layer in a lot of different looks. Here — I’m keeping it pretty simple with just a couple of vintage accessories. The panties and stockings are included in the pack, as well as a bunch of different colors — all for one amazing price, as always.

And speaking of accessories — this vintage pearl necklace was a former group gift from Dark Mouse — and its fantastic! If you don’t belong to her group… why??? She gives out some fantastic gift, has great sales — and all of her work is just terrifically well-made.

Hair: Truth ~ pandora ~ champagne
Skin: Laqroki ~ Pearl
Eyes: Laqroki
Outfit: Sn@tch
Necklace: Dark Mouse (former group gift)
Ring: Earthstones ~ Dark Devotion ~ Garnet
Shoes: G Field
Poses: Olive Juice and Poseur

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