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6-17-11: LOTD

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I’ve got so much goodness on today, its hard to know where to start! Some of it is new, some not-so-new… but all of it is terrific!

I was thrilled to have some time recently to wander around the Accessories Fair. The fair runs thru June 26th, 3pm slt… so you still have plenty of time to get out there. And, honestly — it was really pretty easy to get around, and a very charming build. I enjoyed myself a great deal. I snapped up these amazing Gos sunglasses as soon as I arrived. Because I’m a colorful kinda girl, I got the fully loaded pair — but you can also get a more basic sunglass — both of them 50% off during the fair — and you really can’t beat that! The various options for personalizing your look are just mindboggling — you’ve got your entire summer wardrobe in one pair of glasses. I also picked up this terrific necklace from new-to-me ruchica — I couldn’t resist the bird motif, and I loved the clasp at the front of the necklace — what a terrific little detail. I’m going to look forward to checking out more of this designer’s work. One of the really cool things about going to fairs is that you often get an opportunity to see things you liked when you first saw them, but just never picked up. That was the case with the wonderful Trouble charm bracelets from Aluinn. They aren’t new releases, but just the perfect fun bracelets to add to my collection.

My new shirt is from London & Bird — something I actually first saw on Flickr. I’m not sure they have an inworld shop yet, but you can get this on the marketplace. I’m wearing the jacket layer in this picture — its the only layer that has a hem at the bottom — and I think its just the perfect length. If you’re using a browser that lets you wear multiple items on the same layer, you shouldn’t run into any problems, but wanted you to be aware in case you are trying to layer this with a jacket. For 30L each — these shirts are a great wardrobe staple.

And these pants!!! If you haven’t checked out some of the terrific stuff at insanya, you are so missing out! These fantastic capris are superbly textured, and so wearable. You actually get two versions of the pants — with a shadow that corresponds with the cargo pocket (shown here), and one without. I LOVE that attention to detail. I’m wearing the capris here with my Gos Urban boots — and actually love the look with the checkered cuff. But they would actually look terrific with some great sneakers too. The pants come in a variety of patterns — all of them great.

Hair: Truth ~ Pia (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Sara (dark blonde brows, fierce lipstick tattoo layers)
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo ~ scorpio (tattoo layer)
Shirt: London & Bird (available on the Marketplace)
Pants: insanya ~ SerieZ Capris
Sunglasses: Gos ~ Deception — fully loaded (special at the Accessories Fair)
Earrings: Talisman
Necklace: ruchica
Bracelets: Aluinn
Boots: Gos ~ Urban Boot
Poses: Reel Expression + Tillie’s Pose Stand


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Easy Living~

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I love today’s look so much, I’ve been running around in it for days, and its become my quick, go-to casual outfit for the warmer weather. I built the look around this terrific new-ish top from Sn@tch. It has a lot of interesting detail, but is oh-so-easy to wear. This one can easily be dressed up or down. I went more casual with my newest favorite jeans from {mon tissu}, and my favorite cowboy boots from J’s. The pieces that just finished off this casual look are the necklace and bracelet from Miel … recently a FLF special. Not only are they gorgeously made — but the alphabet beads are customizable with a super-easy to use HUD.

I’ve been busy lately landscaping and setting up a new house. In a quest to do more location shooting, I ventured as far as the beach. This absolutely fabulous rock jetty behind me is a marketplace find — 10L for a copy/mod rock jetty, and extra palms and rocks to help blend it into your landscape. There are right and left versions of the jetty — I used them together to create a lovely little cove — I’ll show you the whole thing another time. If you enjoy living on the ocean, and especially if you have a place to add some off-sim decor — definitely check this out.

Hair: Truth ~ Sarita ~ champagne
Skin: Laqroki ~ Pearl
Eyes: Laqroki ~ dazzling grey
Tattoo: Khush ~ owned
Top: Sn@tch ~ Rita top in Aqua
Jeans: {mon tissu} ~ Denim-LouLou ~Light 1
Necklace & Bracelet: Miel ~ friendo
Ring: EarthStones ~ Dark Devotion Bridal Set ~ garnet
Boots: J’s ~ western boots ~ dark brown
Poses: PoseAnywhere HUD 2.0; Reel Expression ~ Sassy V2
Location: private home; rock jetty by Q Creations; blue water by J&B Designs


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Embracing Summer~~


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Hello my friends! June always signals summer to me… the world moves at a different pace… and its a great time to spruce up your summer wardrobe!! One of the things that always says casual summer to me — clamdiggers and wedge sandals!

The clamdiggers and cute shirt are both from a set by Sn@tch. I was feeling kinda pink today, but, as always with Sn@tch, the package contains several different vibrant colors, plus a pair of white pants — all for an insanely low price. I love this set because it is very mix-and-matchable — you can mix and match colors in the set, and you can mix each piece with other parts of your wardrobe. I know I’ll be wearing these a lot this summer!

I want to mention my hair from Truth. This is not the latest release, but I love, love, love it! Its become a wardrobe staple for me. I love the wavy curls that move just enough … its just the right length to work with any clothing and movement (without doing weird things in your shoulders and chest, or sticking out at weird angles — you know what i mean)… and it works for casual and dressier occasions.

Happy summer!

Hair: Truth
Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Laqroki
Outfit: Sn@tch
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Necklace: Magpie
Ring: Earthstones
Poses: flowey; reel expressions; poseur (sorry! can’t remember which was which in this set)

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