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Color Challenge: Week 17 Electric Lime (Yes — I’m behind)

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(apologies in advance if this gets duplicated on any of the feeds.. i’m trying to get both my blogs syndicated, but am not sure they are quite yet)

Well, my friends — it has been a roller-coaster month for me … so I have a little catching up to do! Most of this is old news, but I hope you enjoy the pretty picture anyway 🙂

A couple of the newer things to mention — first, this gorgeous newish skin from Belleza. Melissa was pre-released at the skin fair in February… this is the group gift… and I believe that the full line is now out at the store. I’m a huge fan of all Belleza skins, and love this one as well. And — I might mention that its well worth your while to join the Belleza group… they’ve been releasing a gift skin with every new skin release. Frankly… it would be worth it even if you re-joined every time a new skin came out (there is a join fee).

I love, love these pants from Sn@tch … especially the little detail down the side seam. Sn@tch also has a capri design along these lines that I also love… and if I’m not mistaken, there’s a pair of those at Fab Free Headquarters!

I have to mention these fantastic eyes from Kitty Cattery. You can buy a whole set of cat-like eyes in colors to match your actual KittyCats cats’ eyes! How cool is that!! And who even cares if you don’t have a matching cat… they are some cool color eyes, including prims that allow you to have some of the very popular two-colored eyes.

Last, but not least (and no…. i’m not going to have a cat in every single picture from now on, I promise)… the cat is a special edition cat from KittyCats… offered in March. The cat is no longer available at the KittyCats store, but you can find them on the secondary market. If you are looking for a unique pet — this might be the one for you! If you don’t know where to find such cats, or need to know more info. on how to enjoy one as a pet (rather than a breeding machine) … get in touch with me and I’ll point you in the right direction 🙂

Hair: elikatira
Skin: Belleza ~ Melissa (group gift)
Top: Tuli
Pants: Sn@tch
Socks: Boom
Shoes: Magi Take
Antlers: Illusory (March group gift)
Eyes: KittyCattery
Jewelry: Magpie
Cat: KittyCats – special ltd ed. leprecat
Poses: Marukin, Imperial Elegance


April 14, 2011 - Posted by | fashion

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