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Color Challenge: Week 16 Teal — and KittyCatS <3

View hi-res enlargements of this pic on my Flickr stream~

A few of you probably knew this was coming this week… I couldn’t resist using my teal cat for this photo! (I have on teal-ish eyes and eye makeup, too). I actually have two things to talk with you about….

I’m wearing the gorgeous new Zoe skin from Tuli. You can find her at the Skin Fair — and she is just wonderful, and what you would expect from Tuli. Tuli has really embraced the tattoo layer makeups and such — and gives us tons of options. The skins come with a bare version, and eye makeup versions. Additional options on the tattoo layer are brows (yay! multiple reddish choices!!), eyelashes (in different colors), freckles, cleavage, and lipsticks!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate being able to combine things the way I like them best. As for the rest — Tuli’s skins are always beautifully drawn. Pick up a demo and try them for yourself!

And … yes — I have fallen hook, line, and sinker into the world of the adorable new breedables, KittyCatS. I never envisioned myself getting into breedables… and I’m not even a cat person in RL … but everything about this venture has drawn me in… from the excellent product, to the fabulous community of breedable/cat people. I expect to talk some more about this fascinating SL avocation… but to give you a head start, if your interest is piqued … check out this terrific review by Aywren Sojourner, and check out the official KittyCatS website. The cat you see with me in the pictures, is a limited Valentine edition cat — no longer available in the store, tho’ you might find them on the secondary market. She’s going to breed my first little kitten sometime today, and I’m beyond excited! Its the little things šŸ™‚

Hair: Truth
Skin: Tuli ~ Zoe (Skin Fair)
Lipstick & Freckles: Tuli
Eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Cat: KittyCatS


February 25, 2011 - Posted by | fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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