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Nesting: The Blank Canvas

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When it comes to “home” in SL… I tend to be a bit of a vagrant. I’ve had my own space since about my second week in SL, I think … but it is most often a working space, and transitions freely from day to day. I know my friends always wonder what they will TP into the middle of next! I’ve long had a rule that when I accidentally delete my skybox [often enough], I set up a new one. Rooms are usually fairly empty… and I pull out a chair or whatever as needed. My most consistent decorating motif is “bare platform”.

This holiday season I have gotten the urge to nest a bit. For me in SL, this means putting together a real “living” space — a hospitable place where I might hang out for awhile (alone or with friends), a place where I put out my favorites things, and the things that inspire me. And this season, for the first time ever in SL, I want to decorate for the holidays … something I enjoy a great deal in RL.

You’ll soon see the whole living space I’ve been putting together, but I wanted to start first by talking about how it all started …. my empty canvas — my new skybox from Theosophy, and tell you about some of the things I look for in a really great living space.

The Port Eynon Skybox is not new … but I remember loving it when it first came out, and was reminded of it again by this terrific post from Thema Felix. At 109 prims total, it probably won’t work for anyone too prim-conscious … but you do get quite a lot of bang for those prim bucks. I’m going to tell you why I thought it was well worth it, and the kind of place I wanted as my home.

This build is very well constructed, and the texturing is just superb. The whole space has a cohesive look, but there are a variety of textures used… so its a terrific background for an interesting space. I also love the architecture of the space. The ceilings are high (for good camming), but don’t look out of scale. I adore built-in architectural interest — and this box has plenty — from the ceiling beams, to the partial walls, to the built-in bookcase and daybed — this space was interesting even before I started decorating! The windows are terrific… and I plan to give myself something to look at from inside my cozy space. And — something you really can’t see in the picture — the outside, even though intended as a skybox, is beautifully finished. I like to set my skyboxes on a platform, and often mod them so I can use the outdoor space as well … this would be well suited to that. Maybe we’ll see what I can do along those lines when Spring arrives šŸ˜‰

If you love this skybox too… visit the demo at the Theosophy main store to get an excellent feel for the space. And stay tuned here to watch me transform it into my own personal living space in the next couple of weeks!


December 13, 2010 - Posted by | fashion, Home & Garden, MV-SL-Fashion

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