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Color Challenge: Week 8 Green

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What redhead doesn’t like green?!? I’ve got plenty of it in my inventory, and several pieces I would have loved to use. But, I’ve been waiting for the right color to feature one of my huge collection of Silent Sparrow outfits — and this one called to me. One of the things I’ve always loved about Silent Sparrow is the interesting and detailed fabric — sometimes you don’t even consciously notice until you are camming in close in good light, but the rich detail is part of what makes Silent Sparrow pieces so delightful to own. I especially love the gears and stripes on this set. AND — a great excuse to wear the classic Shiny Things ribbon boots that have been in my inventory since I started SL, and will always have a treasured spot there ๐Ÿ™‚

See that little ring I’m wearing?? That’s one of the designs I have for sale at Magpie … and just for fun, and because Magpie is all about COLOR, I’ve marked it down to 1L for about a week. Other rings in the series have been moved into Magpie Catchpenny and marked down permanently to 20L. Yup — I’m doing a little shuffling for a fun new project or two for the new year ๐Ÿ™‚ The vendors are on the free-standing display in the middle of the store~


Hair: Truth ~ Vera (tinted)
Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda (christmas gift)
Eye Makeup: Kyoot ~ Smokey ~ moss
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Outfit: SilentSparrow ~ Toxine
Ring: Magpie
Boots: Shiny Things
Poses: Amacci


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Christmas in a Shade of Sad


I love Christmas — it has always been a magical time of year for me. I know many of you have been enjoying the festivity, the tinsel, the quiet beauty, and the joyful and tender moments. I’ve enjoyed celebrating the things you’ve shared on blogs and plurk timelines. I’ve enjoyed my own versions of all of those things. I’ve also seen that I’m not alone in feeling a little blue this Christmas. Today would have marked a 1 year anniversary with someone who is still very dear to my heart — one we never got to celebrate together. I don’t begrudge anyone a very merry holiday season… but this one is for all the people who are missing something or someone this time of year. Warmest hugs for each and every one of you, and wishes for a blessed holiday season.

Iโ€™ll have a blue Christmas without you
Iโ€™ll be so blue thinking about you
Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Wonโ€™t be the same dear, if youโ€™re not here with me

And when the blue snowflakes start falling
Thatโ€™s when those blue memories start calling
Youโ€™ll be doing alright with your Christmas of white
But Iโ€™ll have a blue, blue Christmas

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Home for the Holidays

~View hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

Two posts from me in one day is fairly unprecedented… but, hey — its Christmas! A couple of weeks ago I promised some photos of my transformation of my empty skybox. Unfortunately, life and time got away from me, and here it is Christmas eve already. So tonight I’m sharing one lovely little corner of my home, decorated for a blue christmas. I’ll save the sentimental stuff for tomorrow’s Christmas Day post.

Sofa & Chair: [S2] sTwo
Wish Mirror Silver: LISP
Snowflake Wall Decal: Urbanized (gift)
Alex Topiary, left of fireplace: The Loft
Blue side table: Magoa
Log Basket: {what next}
Floor Pillows: Amacci
Rug: personal collection; made with textures from Insight Designs
Fireplace: personal collection
Candlesticks: Magoa
Stockings: LISP
Star Angel: LISP
Decorative Picture Frame: {what next}
Hanging Frost Baubles: Magoa
Hanging Antique Paper Lights: Awesome Blossom
Bric-a-brac Christmas Tree, Gift, Wreaths: {what next}
Sky Box: Theosophy

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Color Challenge: Week 7 Cerise


View hi-res enlargements on my Flickr stream ~

As it happens sometimes, I just fell in love with this set from Paradisis when it first came out. I had put off picking it up ’cause I wasn’t exactly sure when I was going to wear it — it received a fair amount of blog coverage then and didn’t need mine. But, this color challenge presented me with the perfect excuse… err.. opportunity to indulge myself. The side benefit of this little shopping excursion was getting acquainted with a really delightful new-to-me store. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of items I’ve gotten at Paradisis, the prices are more than affordable, and there are some great lucky chair and MM prizes to be had. I even did some of my Christmas shopping in their Marketplace store. If you haven’t checked them out yet — be sure to drop by!

Hair: elikatira
Skin: Tuli ~ claire ~ freckles
Extra Freckles: Stellar (tattoo layer)
Lipstick: Tuli (tattoo layer)
Eye makeup: Kyoot (tattoo layer)
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Outfit: Paradisis
Shoes: UBU Pornstar Xtra High Tops
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Pose: Diesel Works

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Color Challenge: Week 6 Yellow


My friend Peter has a habit of sending me snapshots of clothing he thinks I would like, or that suit my style. He sent me a picture of this jacket ages ago, but I think it found its way into my “to-do” pile, which is usually the kiss of death. But, as it happens sometimes, the announcement of this week’s color brought it immediately back to mind. I had to make Peter go track it down again — ’cause I knew it was the perfect yellow item to add to my closet. The beauty of a strong color like primary yellow is that you only need one piece against black to make that color pop.

Other random notes: Gos boots — just save time and loads of money and get the fatpack (you’re going to get sick of seeing these on my feet) … If you don’t care for the tealish eyeliner on the awesome Belleza gift skin… tattoo makeup layers! works like a charm ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool thigh dagger in your library folder — i resized it a lot. The [OMFG] piece… still dollarbies … check Perefim Cao’s picks for the landmark.

Hair: Truth ~Emily (tinted)
Skin: Belleza ~ Erika (group gift)
Eye Makeup: Kyoot
Lashes: Mozz (tattoo layer)
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Jacket: LPP ~WeiB team jacket
Bra: Nicky Ree
Pants: Renegade ~Night Stripe Leathers
Eye Piece & Belt: [OMFG]/ Perefim Cao (eyepiece is tinted)
Thigh Dagger: SL Library
Ring: Schadenfreude
Boots: Gos ~ Urban Boot
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Zipped or Unzipped??

~View Hi-res enlargements of this pic on my Flickr stream~

Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always been completely fascinated by products made entirely out of zippers — backpacks, purses, and such. When I spied this dress from Acid & Mala, it was mine! It’s interesting, and provocative… and red like a Christmas present! I included three angles so you can see if you can figure out where to start unzipping ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hair: Truth ~ Nina
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl
Dress: Acid & Mala
Earrings: Talisman
Wristbands: Fox Labs
Boots: J’s
Eyes: Shine ~ Monet ~ Antique
Poses: Poseur

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Nesting: The Blank Canvas

See hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

When it comes to “home” in SL… I tend to be a bit of a vagrant. I’ve had my own space since about my second week in SL, I think … but it is most often a working space, and transitions freely from day to day. I know my friends always wonder what they will TP into the middle of next! I’ve long had a rule that when I accidentally delete my skybox [often enough], I set up a new one. Rooms are usually fairly empty… and I pull out a chair or whatever as needed. My most consistent decorating motif is “bare platform”.

This holiday season I have gotten the urge to nest a bit. For me in SL, this means putting together a real “living” space — a hospitable place where I might hang out for awhile (alone or with friends), a place where I put out my favorites things, and the things that inspire me. And this season, for the first time ever in SL, I want to decorate for the holidays … something I enjoy a great deal in RL.

You’ll soon see the whole living space I’ve been putting together, but I wanted to start first by talking about how it all started …. my empty canvas — my new skybox from Theosophy, and tell you about some of the things I look for in a really great living space.

The Port Eynon Skybox is not new … but I remember loving it when it first came out, and was reminded of it again by this terrific post from Thema Felix. At 109 prims total, it probably won’t work for anyone too prim-conscious … but you do get quite a lot of bang for those prim bucks. I’m going to tell you why I thought it was well worth it, and the kind of place I wanted as my home.

This build is very well constructed, and the texturing is just superb. The whole space has a cohesive look, but there are a variety of textures used… so its a terrific background for an interesting space. I also love the architecture of the space. The ceilings are high (for good camming), but don’t look out of scale. I adore built-in architectural interest — and this box has plenty — from the ceiling beams, to the partial walls, to the built-in bookcase and daybed — this space was interesting even before I started decorating! The windows are terrific… and I plan to give myself something to look at from inside my cozy space. And — something you really can’t see in the picture — the outside, even though intended as a skybox, is beautifully finished. I like to set my skyboxes on a platform, and often mod them so I can use the outdoor space as well … this would be well suited to that. Maybe we’ll see what I can do along those lines when Spring arrives ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you love this skybox too… visit the demo at the Theosophy main store to get an excellent feel for the space. And stay tuned here to watch me transform it into my own personal living space in the next couple of weeks!

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Color Challenge: Week 5 Sepia

See hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

The first thing that leapt to my mind when I saw this week’s color challenge was the “haunted” version of one of my favorite shirts ever from Schadenfreude — the skelebeater. I’ve managed to practically obscure it in this photo… but if you want to get a better look, check out my original photo of this piece here. And my second thought about sepia was … Steampunk! of course ๐Ÿ™‚ The rest of the look just kinda came together from there. I love this Engineer’s Skirt from Happy Bivouac, and don’t get enough opportunities to wear it. I want to also point out one of my newer acquisitions — these terrific engineer boots from Magi Take. They aren’t likely to knock my J’s boots out of my inventory … but if you enjoy the look, you can get a whole fatpack of fall colors for a pittance, and they are nicely done.

Now off to shop for yellow, as I think I exhausted my yellowish options last week!

Hair: elikatira ~ Blind (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Claire
Jacket: Truth
Shirt: Schadenfreude
Pants: Mischief (no longer available)
Engineer’s Skirt: Happy Bivouac
Goggles: Belle Belle
Necklace: Magpie
Gloves: Pushbutton Industries (no longer available)
Satchel: Happy Bivouac
Boots: Magi Take
Pose: Reel Expression

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Color Challenge: Week 4 Plum

View hi-res enlargements on my Flickr stream!

This would be one of those really purple plums … and I actually found this challenge to be much harder than goldenrod turned out to be. I think that I’m not that fond of purple with my shade of hair. That would also explain the hair-color change ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually — I had decided to do all the color challenges without changing hair and skin color to match… but really thought this cute Amacci hair (bought at the recent crazy color sale) would help my plumminess. The awesome grape lipstick tattoo for my new Claire skin… and some purple-ish eyes just sealed the deal. Clearly a purple skin would have pushed me over the edge ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hair: Amacci ~ Doris ~ blueberry
Skin: Tuli ~ Claire (black friday special)
Eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Shirt & Pants: Silent Sparrow
Vest: Acid & Mala
Earrings: Talisman
Bangles & Rings: Primalot
Boots: Shiny Things
Poses: Reel Expression

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Just a Fun LOTD


I got a little over-excited last week looking for yellow and gold items in my inventory… who knew I’d have so many?!? This is a just a fun little look that came out of messing around in my closet. I had been looking for another good reason to wear these amazing stripey pants from Sn@tch — I love ’em! A quick look at my feet and you’ll see why I love these sneakers from 2Real so much — they can match anything!! The newishness I have on here is the terrific hair from elikatira, and some very fun tattoo layer eyeshadow from [JunKie].

Not exactly new, but new-to-me are the adorable tattoo layer freckles from Stellar. Freckle-style (if there is such a thing) is very much a personal taste thing. I adore the way these freckles are done. You may have to look at the enlarged pics to really see them… hmm… and then my glasses are in the way… Anway — I was turned on to these freckles by my friend and uber-talented photographer, Kaya Marten [you’ll see said freckles in the latest pic in the stream… as of the time I post this ;)] The beauty of tattoo layer freckles is that you can find your preferred style, and use it on all your skins — I love that!

Hair: elikatira ~ Horizon (tinted)
Skin: Belleza ~ Elle
Eyes: Shine ~ Lustrous ~ Aurum
Eyeshadow: [JunKie] ~ Struck Gold (tattoo layer)
Freckles: Stellar (tattoo layer)
Cardigan: sf designs
Pants: Sn@tch
Shoes: 2Real
Earmuffs & Scarf: artilleri
Earrings: Zaara ~ Melange
Glasses: Skinzor
Ring: Elate
Poses: Reel Expression

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