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Where Idle Dreams May Roam – SL House & Garden Photo Contest Entry

Where Idle Dreams May Roam  (composite)
~View the whole set of photos for the contest on my flickr stream … look at enlargements, and see all the credits for the wonderful designers~

I’m very proud to show you my first entry ever into a Home & Garden photo contest! This was such a fun project for me. I’ve had a thought floating around in my head for some time to create a writer’s retreat in a mountain setting. When I heard that the theme for the Photo Contest was “Colors of Fall” … I knew this was the perfect project for it. I was thrilled to finally have an excuse to buy the gorgeous cornfield and poppy field from Garden of Dreams, and I spent several happy evenings puttering around on my building platform putting together the cabin that I envisioned for the scene. The rest of the furnishings are by several very talented designers in SL… it’s a true joy to live among their creations. The credits were lengthy, so I put them on the photos in my Flickr stream… do be sure to go take a look 🙂

I haven’t yet heard who the winners of the contest are … there were so many lovely entries, I’m sure the judges are having a hard time making up their mind! If you want to check out some of the other photos submitted, check out the contest group on Flickr.

I’m going to call this the end of the Fall Season. November is turning into December in a matter of hours, and I am completely ready to get Christmas/Winter underway! I’m already working on a new Home & Garden project, and will look forward to showing it to you during the month of December!


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Exodi’s Stumblebum Brigade – On Sale this Week – Dael


Tonight’s terrific face is Dael, from Exodi. I had no intention of using the same makeup that Ryker used in her ads for the sale… but it was just the right one for this picture! This is a phenomenal sale, and one you’ll want to take advantage of if you ever even thought about trying an Exodi skin, or this particular skin. The pack of megapacks is available for a paltry L$500 … every makeup, every skintone, freckles and cleavage. You can look at and demo all the various makeups at the Exodi store.

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Tuli’s “Black Friday” Special: Claire

See the supersize versions on my Flickr stream~

I’m beyond thrilled to show you this gorgeous new face by Tuli … surely my favorite yet. It is being offered this weekend only to members of the Skin Addicts group. You must be a member of the group to purchase it, but group membership is free. You can buy Claire with either light brows or dark brows … I’m wearing the light version. The package has skins with 6 different makeups, freckle versions, cleavage enhancers on both the undershirt layer and the tattoo layer, about 7 lipsticks on the tattoo layer, and even a shape! (tho’ I’m wearing my own here) All this for the introductory price of L$1000. I overspent this week’s budget just a tad…but it was totally worth it!

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Color Challenge: Week 3 Goldenrod

See huge hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream!

First off … I’m giving myself a pat on the back for staying on schedule with this challenge for 3 weeks in a row! And kudos to all the other bloggers who are having fun with this challenge, and giving us such interesting interpretations to enjoy. This beautiful goldenrod blouse (not to mention the shorts and boots) is courtesy of the prolific Ivey Deschanel at Sn@tch. I especially love the wonderful way she handles prim attachments — just enough transparency to give a nice feel of fabric. I could see wearing this top with so many different outfits. The set comes with opaque tights, but I chose to wear fishnets here to help show off these killer boots. And I’m not speaking metaphorically when I say “killer” — I’m pretty sure those heels could puncture vital organs!

Hair: elikatira ~ Vivid (tinted)
Skin: Belleza – Alyson
Eyeliner: cheLLe ~ Mellow Yellow (tattoo layer)
Lashes: Mozz (tattoo layer)
Freckles: Stellar (tattoo layer)
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Shirt & Shorts: Sn@tch
Fishnets: Vextra Messing
Boots: Sn@tch
Necklace: Lucas Lameth
Pose: Poseur

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Thanksgivings & Transitions


I find myself in an interesting, and not completely welcome, place this Thanksgiving. Although over the course of my Second Life I’ve experienced a rolling parade of changes and transitions, as I reflect on where I am right at this moment I realize that almost everything that has been an integral part of my existence here has passed on or changed significantly, and I am currently in place that is strange and unfamiliar without the comforts that I often took for granted. This isn’t a pity party 🙂 Things and people have natural life cycles, and this is as true in virtual worlds as in corporeal ones. It just caught me off-guard to have so many life-cycles end in a relatively short period of time. Today, as always, I am fighting to give thanks for the blessings that I’ve enjoyed, rather than grieve too long over what is no more… and then to set my gaze on the road ahead, open to the next adventure around the bend. I’ll be spending some time this holiday season thinking about what that road ahead looks like, and embracing the notion that it may look very different from the road I’m leaving behind.

I want to express the deepest gratitude to everyone who has shared a piece of themselves with me over the last three years — and there are so many of you. You are a blessing of the very best kind, you give me strength, and most of all you sustain my faith and hope. Happy Thanksgiving~

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Bittersweet Autumn


Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in the US, and the weather is getting seriously frosty in my neck of the woods. It won’t be long before I’m thinking Christmas thoughts, but before saying goodbye to Autumn, I wanted to share this warm-hued look with you.

The clothing is from Sn@tch — if you haven’t checked out what Ivey is doing lately, you definitely should! She’s had some diversity in her collections for as long as I’ve been in SL… but she is continuing to push her range in different and lovely directions. The sheer sweater comes with a collar that provides a little more modesty, but … well — you know me ;). It looks terrific with this swishy little skirt that can be dressed up and down so many ways. The perfect shoes for this ensemble are some of the latest from Shiny Things. I love the color of this red leather version.

Hair: Exile ~ Violet ~ crimson
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson
Eye Makeup: Kyoot
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Sweater: Sn@tch
Skirt: Sn@tch
Socks: Sn@tch
Shoes: Shiny Things
Necklace: Exodi
Ring: Magpie
Poses: Marukin

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Color Challenge: Week 2 Blue


Today I am blue… but only my attire! For my entry into the Color Challenge, I went classic and casual with a tshirt and blue jeans. Perhaps a bit predictable… they are my go-to clothes most anytime I’m dressing in a hurry, or just kicking around doing nothing. Plus — I couldn’t resist showing you some of the great stuff I picked up at the sale at Kari! Menno is re-doing his store, and meanwhile has everything on sale for 50L … with proceeds going to a charitable cause. The sale store is still open… but not in its usual place, so be sure to use this slurl. The clothes and accessories are terrific… but also, if you are like me, you love picking up little pose props like this dolly. Kari has a few other such pieces for sale… so if you been wanting them… now is the time to get them! I’m also very fond of the tshirt (it comes in 4 different designs/colors), and the clothespin bracelet. There’s a lot more stuff there… be sure to check it out!

Hair: elikatira ~ melody
Skin: Belleza ~Alyson
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Tshirt: Kari
Jeans: Dutch Touch
Shoes: Kari
Belt: Nyte’n’Day
Clothespin Bracelet: Kari
Earrings, Necklace, Ring: Magpie
Dolly w/ Poses: Kari

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Pocket Garden


Today, I want to show you an adorable little landscaping set from Pocket Garden. The stump I’m sitting on, the bird you can see peeking out from behind me, and the grass (copiable) all come in one neat little landscaping package, and are really lovely. This is the perfect thing if you just have a little spot you need to landscape OR if you want to create your own photo op. Pocket Garden has lots of little ready-made environments like this… be sure to go check out the whole selection at their store.

Landscaping by Pocket Garden
Flower Bed & Hitching Posts – instore gift at Pocket Garden
Walls made by me, with the awesome textures from Insight Designs

Style Notes:
Hair: Truth ~ cleo
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson
Eyes: Shine
Glasses: artilleri
Earrings: Magpie Catchpenny
Scarf: Izzie’s
Sweater: artilleri
Jeans: Meriken
Boots: J’s

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Defying Gravity — On The Occasion of My 3rd RezDay

[see hi-res enlargements of this photo on my flickr stream]

Today is my 3rd rezday, believe it or not. I can remember my SL birth like it was yesterday, yet it seems like I’ve been here forever. SL years are something like dog years, and I feel I’ve lived whole lifetimes in them — one of those mysteries of virtual living. I’ve explored beautiful places that have come and gone… I’ve created homes, and then had to pack them up and move on… I’ve loved and lost… more than once. I find myself once more with an open road in front of me, a blank page in the book. This year I look at it with a tinge of sadness for what is gone… but with hope, expectation, and confidence that something else wonderful lies ahead. Thank you, my friends, for enriching all my lives in ways you can’t even imagine.

I’ve had it in my mind to do this photo for some time now … and my rezday seemed the perfect occasion. I’ll give you fashion credits later in the week. The wonderful framed piece of sky and the “hope” chair are by the incomparable Lisp.

I’m going to close this post with the song lyrics that inspired it:

Defying Gravity

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

It’s time to try
Defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!

I’m through accepting limits
”cause someone says they’re so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I’ll never know!
Too long I’ve been afraid of
Losing love I guess I’ve lost
Well, if that’s love
It comes at much too high a cost!

I’d sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I’m defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And never bring me down!

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Color Challenge: Week 1 Gray

view hi-res enlargements of this photo on my flickr stream!

I was going to post this picture without any commentary … but it looked so bare! I just couldn’t let it go… so here’s a little babbling.

I was so excited to see this color challenge pop up. I love a long-term challenge like this, but was an utter failure at the photo-a-day project. I think I might be able to handle this one. Also — COLOR! I love color — for me, color is a huge, huge part of design. I love an opportunity to have some focused play with it. (Hey Luna — after we get done with this challenge… maybe we can do a color combo challenge). And, finally — with a challenge like this, I feel a little more at liberty to pull older stuff out of my closet and enjoy it again. I’m off to a good start, as gray is one of my most favorite colors to wear. I’ll be in serious trouble when we get to yellow :/ .

I know you’ve been seeing these color challenge posts on the feed… but it is really a lot of fun to go thru all the pictures at once to see the different interpretations of the theme side by side. You can look at the gray photos at the Color Challenge’s Flickr group.

Hair: elikatira
Skin: Tuli ~ Sayuri
Eyes: Shine
Latex Suite: Graves

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