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Vanitas Vesture at the Wear Gray Market


Today’s look is simple, and elegant — starting with the beautiful silk top offered by Vanitas Vesture at the Wear Gray Market. The top comes in a whole slew of colors, and the texturing and the detail is wonderful, as always. I love the asymmetrical shape, and the beaded detail is terrific.

The perfect pants to set this all off are my favorite capris from Haven Design. They’re simple enough not to compete with the top, but have their own flare around the cuff. I can’t tell you how much I love these pants — I have the whole fatpack!

The lovely skin is the latest Tuli offering at The Dressing Room — a steal for 65L — don’t delay, as I’m not sure when the collection changes again.

Finally — I hope you are all taking note of my prim feet debut (but don’t look too closely at my tinting job). I’ve been terribly challenged at tinting prim feet, and paranoid about what other people will see if I wear them out. But — this past special at The Dressing Room was too cute to pass up. So there ya go — I might get the hang of this yet. I expect it would help to follow the terrific instructions on the SLink website … I basically just fiddled with the presets on the hud this time around (yes, lazy as well as time-impaired!)

Hair: Truth ~ Brit (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Helena 02 ~ The Dressing Room
Eyes: Shine ~Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Jewelry: Magpie
Shirt: Vanitas Vesture ~ Wonderland – Victoriana Silk Top ~Wear Gray Market
Pants: Haven Designs ~ Cece Capri Pants
Shoes: SLink ~ Aveela
Poses: ImpEle ~ Allure


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Glam Rock Queen


I love playing around with different looks and styles — that’s a huge part of the fun of SL for me. And the various rocker looks are some of my favorites. Today, I’m featuring this incredible, incredible zipped leather dress from Vextra Messing. Vextra has been doing some excellent work in latex and leather — some of the hardest textures to do well. This latest release from her just knocked my socks off! The leather texture is perfect — the highlights, the wrinkles, the shaping seams, the finishing edges — the whole garment is just perfect. This piece can work into so many looks — its a terrific investment for most anyone’s wardrobe.

I also want to make a special mention this week of Primalot, jewelry designers extraordinaire, and makers of most of the jewelry I’m wearing today. I first encountered Primalot at my very first jewelry fair 2 years ago. Intrigued but not yet convinced by their vendors at the fair, I tp’d to their shop where I was able to temporarily rezz the piece of jewelry I was interested in and inspect it in 3D. That convinced me — Primalot’s jewelry is very well made, and lived up to its promise 🙂 I’m very excited to see what they bring out for this year’s jewelry fair (beginning Oct. 8!) One of the things I’ve appreciated about Primalot, especially in my early days, has been the generous offering of freebies, AND their otherwise reasonable prices. They are currently remodeling their shop, so I can’t tell you what will make its way back into the store. However, you can still get to their landing point and join their subscribo. There are still lots of gifts left in it. Primalot has more recently been putting out a group gift every week AND a matching special deal. It doesn’t get much better than that! No special deal this week, unfortunately — but there is a group gift. If you like high quality and creative jewelry — get on their list!

Hair: Truth ~ Keeley
Skin: Tuli ~ Gina 01 ~ TDR LE
Eye Makeup: Garage
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
All Jewelry (except bangle on lft wrist): Primalot ~ Glam Rock Queen
Silver Bangle: Magpie
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Dress: Vextra Fashion
Fishnet Stockings: Blowpop
Boots: Shiny Things ~ Ving
Poses: Poseur

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There is something so delightful about a serendipitous discovery. My boyfriend, Patch, took me to a new-to-me store, Gawk — and what a great find! He went there for the terrific build (get a glimpse here) … but the bonus was some terrific fashion for me. How’s that for a fun date? I was especially taken with the wonderful texturing on this shirt — the seams (intentional), the shading, the wrinkles, and the edge finishes. Those are the things that can make me actually squee over a piece of clothing 🙂 The panties are similarly well-made. They call them panties… but I call them booty shorts. They are too cute to cover up, and are completely wearable out, in my humble opinion (well — in some places anyway).

Its my understanding the Gawk isn’t exactly a new store, but reopened its doors this summer. So if you missed it the first time around, or want to see what’s new… or if you just want to check out a really terrific sim… take a trip to Gawk!

I also want to mention the terrific poses I’ve been using from Poseur. I admit that I don’t often venture far from my standard pose stand of trusty poses… but I’ve really been enjoying the releases from Poseur. They are fun, and sexy, and high quality. And — well — they fit my AV quite well, which is always a plus with me 😉 .

Shirt & Panties: Gawk
Shoes: Magi Take
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl
Hair: Truth ~ Mena
Eyes: LAQ
Poses: Poseur ~ lil minx

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Plurk Challenge — Oldies but Goodies


I absolutely love the idea of blogger challenges! Not only does it give me a little structure to be creative around… but I love watching others interpret the same challenge I’m working on. This one was pure pleasure as I sifted through some of my favorite things — many of which haven’t seen the light of day in a while. While this is a bit of a departure from my more typical styles, it reminded me of one of the amazing things about SL — the ability to create interesting and unique looks that express something about you. The people you meet may or may not really understand how to interpret your expression, but they will often appreciate your artistry in creating an avatar with a style. I actually purchased most of these pieces for myself, and they have clearly spoken to the “unusual” inside of me — and is something only my SL friends get to see 🙂

Hat & Hair: Gritty Kitty
Skin: Tuli ~ Hope
Eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Choker: edge grafica
Earrings: Talisman
Belly Chain: Unique Needs
Gloves: Pushbutton Industries
Jacket: Ce Cubic effect
Vest: Silent Sparrow
Pants: Schadenfreude
Boots: Shiny Things
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

~click here to see larger, hi-res photos of this look~

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Evolution of a Blog~


I started blogging in November 2007, just a mere few days after I rezzed in Second Life. If you are interested in a trip down memory lane… you can start here. If nothing else, it might serve as a reminder that we all started somewhere, and there was a learning curve. 😉 My blog has definitely changed bit by bit over time — I learned more, I observed more, and I became a little more technologically proficient. Perhaps most importantly, I became part of a community that can be extraordinarily helpful, with someone always willing to answer questions, provide tutorials, and even give away their best blogging secrets. The generosity of the fashion blogging community is often overwhelming. I hope I’ve been able to put some of that wealth to good use.

As I approach the beginning of my fourth year as a Second Life blogger, I would like to make an even bigger evolutionary step. I’m moving my blog over to a new domain of my own, changing the name, and expanding its coverage somewhat. Nissa and crew will be now be blogging over at Wondering The Grid: Designing a Second Life with Passion and Style. Fashion and avatar style will always be a huge part of my blogging, but I also want to take a look at how we create and style our environments, and our lives. Pretty much anything that figures into your motivation to log-in to Second Life is fair game.

So while I’m moving, please forgive the dust in the corners, and the rough edges. I’ll be posting on both blogs until I can get all my ducks, and feeds, in a row 🙂

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