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Tuli and Dark Mouse … two of my favorite things!


New releases from Tuli are always like Christmas… and this one is an especially exciting event for me — the release of the new Audrey skin. Although I will admit that almost every release is my new favorite — this is really a huge favorite of mine already, and I’m pleased to get a chance to show it to you. Audrey is a gorgeous face anyway — but add freckles, and the new copper brows, and its a huge hit with me. Audrey also includes some wonderful lipsticks on the Viewer Two tattoo layer. I’m actually not so much a big lipstick girl — I’m more interested in a variety of eye makeup myself — but I’m hugely interested to see how makeup layers are starting to be used in SL. Put that together with the ability to stack layers, and we have some really interesting possibilities for even more personalization of our avatars … something that interests me a great deal. You should be able to find Audrey in stores now … so check it out!

I also want to show you the stunning platinum hunt gift from Dark Mouse. You can see Mouse’s own even better close up shot here. This is such a stunning set … a vintage look that is completely elegant. And all of that for 10L! The Platinum Hunt runs through the end of the month… so you’ve still got time. But this is a huge hunt so don’t delay!

Skin: Tuli ~ Audrey (new release)
Hair: Truth
Jewelry: Dark Mouse ~ platinum hunt gift (10L)
Top: Nyte and Day ~ platinum hunt gift (10L)
Eyes: Shine


August 11, 2010 - Posted by | fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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