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SL House & Garden Hunt: Aug 1-7* (part 1)

SL Home & Garden Hunt - Aug 1-7
See larger, hi-res versions of this picture on my Flickr stream!
*This hunt had zero impact on my inventory clean up project — I sent an alt on the hunt!

Keep your fingers crossed! If I did this right, I should now be feeding into the Home & Garden SL Feed~

I know you’ve all seen tons of stuff already from the SL House & Garden Hunt. But — I had to stick some of my photos in as well… and to tell you that this is THE most awesome hunt I think I’ve ever done — seriously. I don’t think there was any gift on this hunt I didn’t enjoy, and the superior quality of so many of them just astounded me. Not only do I now have skyboxes, houses, and the things to decorate them with — I have a loooong shopping list from all the tremendous stores I visited. You still have a few days left to pick up some of these goodies — but don’t delay — the hunt ends on Aug. 7!

Its impossible to choose favorites in this photo… but I’ll point out a few details. The bulletin board is from nordari — she calls it a pinbee, which sounds so much more fun than “bulletin board”. There are three different versions in the pack, and they add a lot of personality to a space. I’ve also absolutely fallen in love with the wonderful poufs from Aria. The poof is copiable, color change, with some really cute (and adjustable) sits.

The house in all the photos is from Tiki Tattoo, but is not included in the hunt.

Blank Canvases: Aria
Poufs: Aria
Book stack: Aria
Bulletin Board: Nordari
Wall Decal: {what next}
Potted Yucca: blonde
Bench: [North West]
Rug: [North West]


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