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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Strip Club


Sometimes, life happens to you when you least expect it. Eight months ago, I began a new and different adventure in my Second Life that would turn out to have completely unexpected results. I am moved to share a bit of that story with you now. Let me start with an excerpt from something that I wrote back then:

Sometimes, the smallest thing will get an idea rolling around in my head … and if it rolls around long enough and vigorously enough, it eventually finds its way out. That is exactly what happened to me when I read a recent blog post from Lizzie Lexington about her stint as an SL escort.

I’m intrigued by the economics of a career in one of the major industries in SL, and by the business and personal skills it takes to be successful in the sex trade. I have more than a passing interest in sex, and in how sexual interests are expressed and lived out in a virtual world. And, I wonder if I dare to explore something here that I would never explore in my first life … and upon exploring it, if I would encounter the same pitfalls and sad experiences that many do in the atomic world, or even in their virtual world. Or might I be able to experience a gratifying exploration of my own sexuality? Would it be inevitable that my experience would go the way of Lizzie’s and some of her commenters? Or would my combination of traits, personality, and philosophies take me in a different direction?

I’m an active learner, and soon found that I couldn’t just keep these questions in my head … So I set out to become a SL Escort myself.

This post isn’t about the sex trade in SL, although that is an interesting enough topic, and perhaps the subject of future musings. But today’s post is about what can happen when you least expect it. Only two weeks into my illustrious career, on Christmas evening, the man of my dreams walked into my club, sat down at my dance pole, and never left. His name is Patch, and since the moment we met he has fulfilled some my deepest fantasies, allowed me to fulfill some of his; he has understood me, supported me, and comforted me; and most importantly of all, he has loved me better, deeper, and with more commitment than I’ve ever known.

As you might be guessing by now, when I began to explore a different SL experience, I did it with an alt – Kieve Jakob. I didn’t over-think it at the time – it was convenient to keep the two lives, and their inventories, separate. And, I expected a relatively short-lived experiment that I could drop when I was finished. However, somewhere along the line, Kieve was loved, extravagantly, and became a real girl. Sometimes I think that if I had known this would happen, I would have only ventured forth as Nissa Nightfire, and kept my virtual life solidly in one pixel body, with one name. However, I suspect that things wouldn’t have unfolded in quite the same way – and I wouldn’t trade what I have with Patch for anything. So, I’m willing to work with what I’ve created.

It has become important to me to re-integrate the distinct lives I’ve been experiencing. I want my voice on this blog to reflect the experiences and thoughts and musings that are now part of my daily life. I love the fashion industry in SL, and have no plans to stop blogging about that. (Would it surprise you to know that Kieve is a bit of a fashionista herself??) But I want to expand the breadth and depth of my blogging, in the same way that my Second Life has expanded. I hope you’ll stick with me… I have a lot of places I want to go~


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/me takes a deep breath


You can see bigger versions of this photo on my Flickr stream~

I have had a rough two weeks! No trauma … just the sustained pressure of busy-ness as summer ends, and we slowly shift around to the fall season. I have looked forward to drawing a breath this weekend, and blogging again! This look has been kicking around in my inventory for quite some time now. No real newness to feature here, but I enjoyed how the photo came out — very evocative for me.

As many of you may know — I’ve been working diligently on clearing out my inventory a bit. One of the things I did when taking this picture was to retire all my ETD hair. I wear one of my favorite styles here as a tribute. I couldn’t bring myself to actually delete them, but I did pack them away — reducing my inventory count by… uhm… approximately 850 items. ETD has been my staple hair since I started in SL. Here I found the first prim hair I could love, its copper texture and color became part of my avatar’s identity for me. So, I was just a little sad to put it away… but times changes, designers move on, and so do we.

A couple of other things I want to highlight here. The cute, white engineer boots are from Sakka’s Studio. Would you believe that I bought these at LAST year’s Shoe Fair? I love having an engineer boot in this color– something different than grungy and worn. And, as luck would have it … you can still get these at this year’s Shoe Fair 🙂 The wings from Material Squirrel are absolutely fantastic — I love the texture on them, and the delicate color. And the lovely fairy-ish dress is from one of my favorite fantasy clothing stores, Angelwing. This was a freebie, and I’m not sure its currently available. But — Angelwing always has some great freebies, MM boards, hunts and gift… if you enjoy Gorean and fantasy wear, or just something out of the ordinary, be sure to check it out. By the way — my ability to stack the legbands over these terrific fishnets from Vextra Messing is a tribute to being able to wear multiple items on the same clothing layer in the latest viewer! Yay — I love that 🙂 I’m not going to say much about this skin — its been analyzed to death. I loved it as soon as I saw it… and I felt an emotional response to it in this picture. It spoke to me about manifesting things that usually go unseen. That’s all 🙂

Hair: ETD ~ Maxine
Skin: Pink Fuel ~ Elly ~ Honey ~ Broken Hearts Bleed
Dress (inc. arm and leg bands): Angelwing
Fishnets: Vextra Messing
Necklace: Artilleri
Wings: Material Squirrel
Boots: Sakka’s Studio
Tattoos: Garden of Ku
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Poses: ImpEle

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Tuli and Dark Mouse … two of my favorite things!


New releases from Tuli are always like Christmas… and this one is an especially exciting event for me — the release of the new Audrey skin. Although I will admit that almost every release is my new favorite — this is really a huge favorite of mine already, and I’m pleased to get a chance to show it to you. Audrey is a gorgeous face anyway — but add freckles, and the new copper brows, and its a huge hit with me. Audrey also includes some wonderful lipsticks on the Viewer Two tattoo layer. I’m actually not so much a big lipstick girl — I’m more interested in a variety of eye makeup myself — but I’m hugely interested to see how makeup layers are starting to be used in SL. Put that together with the ability to stack layers, and we have some really interesting possibilities for even more personalization of our avatars … something that interests me a great deal. You should be able to find Audrey in stores now … so check it out!

I also want to show you the stunning platinum hunt gift from Dark Mouse. You can see Mouse’s own even better close up shot here. This is such a stunning set … a vintage look that is completely elegant. And all of that for 10L! The Platinum Hunt runs through the end of the month… so you’ve still got time. But this is a huge hunt so don’t delay!

Skin: Tuli ~ Audrey (new release)
Hair: Truth
Jewelry: Dark Mouse ~ platinum hunt gift (10L)
Top: Nyte and Day ~ platinum hunt gift (10L)
Eyes: Shine

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Sale on New +DV8+ Boots — 24 hrs. only!


This is a super-quickie post to let you know about a deal I thought some of you might be interested in! +DV8+ has released their new Cybermancer boots, and are having a 50% off sale on them for 24 hrs. Sadly — I don’t know when the 24 hrs. started — so just hurry on over and check them out. These latex boots have a terrific shiny-ness to them… and come in a whole slew of colors. AND — in each pack you get two versions of the boot — the color with black accents, and black with the color accents — how cool is that?? AND that’s not all! You can find versions of these boots in the RiotVend, as well as a the current group gift, and a pick reward. Out of the box, these boots were a little big for me (sized for a man, i believe) — but it was a snap to resize them,

I pulled out some of my vintage, and not-so-vintage latex from Dark Eden and Sn@tch to wear with the boots, and I’m wearing the newest group gift from Exodi (yay for freckles!). I’m also using a brand new pose from Poseur — I can’t do the set justice in this little post, but I’m loving these poses — this one is from the new Lil Minx set.

Boots — 24 Hr. sale at +DV8+

Hair: Truth
Skin: Exodi ~Isolde (group gift)
Vest: Dark Eden (no longer available)
Pants: Sn@tch
Poses: Poseur

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SL House & Garden Hunt: Aug 1-7 (part 2)

SL Home & Garden Hunt - Aug 1-7
See larger, hi-res photos on my Flickr stream~

OK — I am going to choose a favorite in this one — the little table vignette is just the kind of thing I go crazy for. I love all the elements, and the colors — and it almost goes without saying that anything from Second Spaces is well-crafted. Plus — the artful decoration is already all put together for you — you can just put the whole thing down in one swoop! The glass lamp is from a new-to-me store, Melia … and is really lovely. There are a few other nice pieces in that gift that didn’t make it into my pictures, but are out in my house. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my ubiquitous potted Yucca from blonde. I have a completely black thumb in real life … but in SL, a room isn’t complete without some nice greenery. This is a terrific piece, and is copiable … and perfect for island decor.

Couch: napoliy
Potted Yucca: blonde
Table Vignette: Second Spaces
Lamp: Melia
Pouf: Aria

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SL House & Garden Hunt: Aug 1-7* (part 1)

SL Home & Garden Hunt - Aug 1-7
See larger, hi-res versions of this picture on my Flickr stream!
*This hunt had zero impact on my inventory clean up project — I sent an alt on the hunt!

Keep your fingers crossed! If I did this right, I should now be feeding into the Home & Garden SL Feed~

I know you’ve all seen tons of stuff already from the SL House & Garden Hunt. But — I had to stick some of my photos in as well… and to tell you that this is THE most awesome hunt I think I’ve ever done — seriously. I don’t think there was any gift on this hunt I didn’t enjoy, and the superior quality of so many of them just astounded me. Not only do I now have skyboxes, houses, and the things to decorate them with — I have a loooong shopping list from all the tremendous stores I visited. You still have a few days left to pick up some of these goodies — but don’t delay — the hunt ends on Aug. 7!

Its impossible to choose favorites in this photo… but I’ll point out a few details. The bulletin board is from nordari — she calls it a pinbee, which sounds so much more fun than “bulletin board”. There are three different versions in the pack, and they add a lot of personality to a space. I’ve also absolutely fallen in love with the wonderful poufs from Aria. The poof is copiable, color change, with some really cute (and adjustable) sits.

The house in all the photos is from Tiki Tattoo, but is not included in the hunt.

Blank Canvases: Aria
Poufs: Aria
Book stack: Aria
Bulletin Board: Nordari
Wall Decal: {what next}
Potted Yucca: blonde
Bench: [North West]
Rug: [North West]

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View a larger, high-rez version on my Flickr stream
*post title indicates my current inventory count … part of the great inventory clean up!

This is a pretty eclectic mix that evolved, as most of my looks do, from trying on this piece and that piece until a theme, or a color scheme begins to emerge. This started as a themed outfit with the nautical shorts from StoRin, but eventually evolved into a color-scheme outfit that is a little quirky, but I liked it a lot — and it gave me an excuse to wear some other great pieces that have been kicking around my inventory, including the bag from Boom, and the wonderful argyle corset from Dreams. I had to dig really deep into my closet for the argyle shoes from Dilly Dolls, and the knee highs from Corduroy…. but I love the unexpectedness of them in this mix.

I’m also wearing the newest almost-actually-released skin from Exodi — Isolde. This is a previous group gift… but she is being released TODAY! Ryker Beck is having a huge relaunch event today, WOE is moving onto the sim with Exodi, and there are apparetly going to be prizes galore… including, rumor has it, a new group gift. If you aren’t already part of the VIP group, I definitely think it is well-worth joining — the gifts are very generous!

Hair: Truth ~ Marnie (tinted)
Skin: Exodi ~ Isolde Soleil (group gift)
Glasses: artilleri
Necklace: Schadenfreude
Bracelets: Magpie Catchpenny (1L)
Bag: Boom
Corset: Dreams
Tank: Truth
Shorts: StoRin
Socks: Corduroy
Shoes: Dilly Dolls
Poses: ImpEl

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My End-of-Summer ~

View a larger, hi-res version of this photo on my Flickr stream

August 1 is kind of a time marker in my life. In my world, summer is over (except for the beastly heat). Vacations and conferences are over, summer projects are being finalized, and preparations for the new school year are ramping up. And, as much as I enjoy the flexibility and relaxed routines summer has at my house, I really look forward to fitting myself back into the normal structure I operate with most of the year. Yes — I’m very much a creature of habit 🙂 In the same way I always looked forward to buying new school supplies, and getting my class schedule… I look forward to newness on the grid, and a more regular blogging schedule. I have some new ideas I want to work on this fall, and maybe even a little surprise or two 🙂

I’m continuing my inventory cleanup project, but have a goal to get that finished up in the next few weeks. However, I’ve so enjoyed pulling out older, and favorite looks from my inventory… I expect you’ll still see a healthy mix of that in my looks. Here’s a summery cute look I’ve had in my queue to blog for some time now — the adorable tennis dress from Boom — super-cute with some fun color combinations! I’m also wearing some of my newer fave sneakers from 2Real. And one of the reasons I most love them is illustrated in this post — the wonderful color options provided by the re-texturing HUD — I suspect I can match these shoes to most any casual look in my wardrobe. These sneakers get an A+ in my book for high quality, and flexibility — everyone ought to have a pair in their wardrobe! I’m still wearing the lovely preview skin from Tuli called Tanya — I’m looking forward to seeing more of this face!

Hair: Truth ~ Melinda (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Tanya (group gift preview)
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Dress: Boom
Socks: Boom
Shoes: 2Real ~ pure
Jewelry: Cailyn’s
Poses: Poseur

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