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*post title indicates my current inventory count … part of the great inventory clean up!

Today’s look is a mix of new and old pleasures unearthed from my inventory … and exactly the kind of casual look I could wear every day — in RL or on the grid. This one is definitely going into my outfit folder~

First — Dark Mouse! I love Mouse, I love her store, I love her group… and it’s my pleasure to blog several of her diverse pieces here. Mouse has a way of making pieces that just become part of the fabric of your looks day after day… I’ve worn many of the pieces again and again. Today, I’m sporting a new-to-me piece from Dark Mouse’s super-duper discount sale … the charming necklace and earring set, using one of my favorite motifs, locks! This is only one of the many sets you can find in the discount room, so be sure to check it out~

Second awesome sales opportunity — Diesel Works poses. Its been my please to watch Rogan Diesel grow his business from our early days in the Stokame Artist Colony (now closed)… and I think his work just keeps getting better. This sale is phenomenal … if you use poses at all, you need to check this out — singles and fatpacks are 50% off (making the already discounted fatpacks an incredible deal!). If you’re a member of the update group ($250 join fee) you get an additional 10% discount. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! So hurry over if you haven’t been yet. If you’re a member of the update group ($250 join fee) you get an additional 10% discount.

Two more special things of note : amazing somewhat newishness from two of my longtime favorites — Shiny Things (the amazing embossed leather boots), and Tuli’s latest group gift skin, a preview of a darker skin she’s working on — gorgeous as always.

Hair: Dark Mouse
Skin: Tuli ~ Tanya (group gift preview)
Jacket: Bare Rose (from the Nora set)
Shirt: Chikka Design
Leggings: Prelude
Boots: Shiny Things
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Glasses: Dark Mouse
Necklace & Earrings: Dark Mouse
Belt: Dark Mouse
Eyes: Shine
Poses: Diesel Works


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Super-duper hi-res photos here~
*post title indicates my current inventory count … part of the great inventory clean up!

I’ll bet you all thought I got swallowed up by my inventory, didn’t you?? I imagine that black hole could suck me in if I opened the door too wide … but this time it was mostly just the black hole called Real Life. I’ve been rummaging around in my closet today, and have a mix of some old and some new — things I enjoy. One of the dangers of putting together a look from your inventory is that some of the exact pieces may not be available to you. I will beg your forgiveness in advance. However… I hope that the looks will just inspire you to seek out newness, and a make a look your own!

Black and white is one of my favorite color schemes, so when I saw this terrific vest from Schadenfraude, I RAN to get it … and that is what started this whole look. I love cropped jackets, and have often worn the one I have from Acid & Mala. But in the spirit of this project, I pulled an older one from my inventory — by Ce Cubic — still a terrific quality jacket, and the first i had of this type. I also unearthed these terrific snakey bracelets from Tekeli-li — from a folder marked “Hair Care Freebies”. Yes — one of my biggest inventory issues is that I pick up freebies and hunt prizes without ever finding the time to unpack, sort … and most of all WEAR. If you have that problem — you may find these in your inventory too! They are fabulous, with lots of color change options.

I can’t leave this post, long as it is, without mentioning two of my newest acquisitions. I’m wearing the Tuli skin from The Dressing Room event, called Gina. As always this is a terrific skin, and I have no idea if we’ll see her again any time soon, and I’m pretty sure we will not see it again for 65L! So run and pick this one up soon! I’m also wearing my newest pricey, but oh-so-worth-it, boots from Gos. I hardly have words to describe my love for these boots … they are everything I think I could want in a doc marten style boot. Gos also has tons of polishes to color your boots, and they are quite affordable … so I’m calling this an investment! You are going to be seeing a lot of these, I expect.

Hair: lamb
Skin: Tuli ~ Gina (The Dressing Room special)
Eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Jacket: Ce Cubic Effect
Tee: Haven Designs
Vest: Schadenfreude
Skirt: Kunglers
Socks: Pig
Shoes: Gos
Horns: Illusions
Collar: custom by Magpie (not for sale)
Bracelets: Tekeli-li (hair fair freebie … no idea which year)

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