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I mentioned yesterday that I’m getting serious about this inventory cleanup project. I’m thinking a little accountability might help, so for each post until I get down to 30k (seriously!!), I’m going to post my current inventory count in the blog post title. I encourage you all to poke at me if I get too lax!

Today’s look is about summer polish, and these amazing capri pants from Haven Designs. As soon as I saw them… with their wonderfully drawn texture, and cute flare at the bottom, I had to have them. And here is the best news — Haven Designs recently had an amazing sale, and Delora hasn’t gotten around to changing all the prices back! She says she’ll be doing it very shortly … but this is a deal not-to-be missed …. so run!

Although not new, I want to be sure and mention the adorable wedge sandals from Shiny Things. These are amazing for lots of your summer looks. In addition to her usual superb craftsmanship, Fallingwater has cleverly place the straps on these shoes so that your system feet actually look relatively pretty! For people like me (total failure at prim feet tinting), this almost worth selling my pixel soul for!

I’m using some of the newest poses for StoRin — the curvylicious set. I’ve always been a fan of Annah’s poses from way back — and these are as adorable as ever. This set is built especially for the curvier AV. I didn’t have a chance to create a curvy shape yet … but you can see many of the poses work quite well on more petite shapes. One of the things I appreciate so much about this pose pack is that it includes a mirror version of each pose for lots of flexibility in planning your photos.

Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson
Hair: ~ Jasmine2
Eyes: Amacci ~ InSight
Necklace: Exodi ~ Morski Pas
Bracelet: HoD ~ the prayer of forgiveness
Bustier: Whippet & Buck
Capri Pants: Haven Designs
Shoes: Shiny Things ~ Jane wedge
Poses: StoRin ~ curvylicious


May 27, 2010 - Posted by | fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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  1. Good for you 48,787 *wink*. I did some more cleanup myself yesterday. I agree that mirror poses would be wonderful. I only have a few but there are plenty of times they would come in handy.

    Go forth and delete :D.

    Comment by Chic Aeon | May 27, 2010 | Reply

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