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Lots of Good Stuff: Out of the Closet


Bigger is better! see a larger, hi-res picture here~

[warning: skip to the next paragraph if you are just interested in the fabulous clothes and accessories!] Most of us know how very easy it is to accumulate larger and larger and LARGER inventories over time. The disciplined ones among us (yeah — I’m looking at you, Chic) somehow manage to edit objectively and regularly and keep things organized and streamlined. The rest of us still have freebies from our noob days (which we wouldn’t be caught dead in, but still haven’t thrown out), hunt gifts from Christmas three years ago that we haven’t opened, and thousands of just-in-case fun stuff. OK — maybe its just me, but here I am hovering dangerously close to 50K in inventory [there — I said it!], and find myself in a closet crisis! I wouldn’t worry so much about it if it didn’t impede my ability to blog well, or even to get dressed for a date. So here in front of God and everyone, I am committing myself to a clean-out of huge proportions — and yes, Peter — I really mean it this time. All this to say you will likely see me dragging out some old stuff, to mix in with new stuff, to enjoy my clothes again πŸ™‚

I started this look with the shoes — the fabulous latest release from one of my all-time favorite shoe cobblers — Shiny Things. Some of my first freebie shoes (that I was willing to wear) were from Shiny Things, and my first purchased shoes were from Shiny Things … and we’ve had a love affair going on every since. I was so thrilled to see Fallingwater back, and am loving these stylish flats. I couldn’t resist the black and white ones, as that is one of my favorite color schemes — and I built the whole look around that.

It is also my pleasure to show you one of the dramatic makeups from Tuli’s newest skin, Jade, to be released on Friday. I know you’ve seen it all over the feeds already … and I will just chime in to say it is a lovely, soft skin with all the well-made qualities we’ve come to expect from Tuli. I will say that as I’ve perused the various posts that have already come out, I’ve noticed that this skin seems very adaptable to different shapes — likely due to the “softness” factor. I love skins like that because it means you can really take a popular skin and make it your own with your shape — and in SL, that is a really good thing! I’m also wearing Tuli’s new eyes — and these are just gorgeous … and I’m fairly picky about my eyes. This version is called “glow”, and is a lovely other-worldly color.

One last little note before this turns into a novella — I acquire tons of cheap/free skyboxes with an eye towards using them as photo sets… but actually rarely get out of my photosphere. However, this one came along at just the right time — a black/grey/white skybox with a lot of atmosphere … and completely free at Tweedle.

Skin: Tuli ~ Jade [not yet released]
Eyes: Tuli ~ Jude ~ glow [not yet released]
Hair: ~ Neva
Shirt: Whippet & Buck
Pants: Zaara
Necklace: Miel
Earrings: Persona
Shoes: Shiny Things~ Zimmy Flats
Handbag: ETD
Poses: handbag AO by Torridwear
skybox: free anniversary gift from Tweedle


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  1. Hey sweetie. Gold stars on the inventory control attempt. Mine is growing again. I have some wonderful new designers to blog for that send huge (HUGE) fatpacks. I’m not complaining at all, but the only way I can keep control is to not unpack all the boxes *wink*. Alternatively, packing some folders up would be good. I am already heading toward 30,000 territory after my huge deletion last month. Oh my. Some of those are megaprims I can delete now though. yeah.

    With that said, I think I completely missed the makeup of Jade you are wearing. Will look again, but I am thinking it might be in the lighter packs that I didn’t open? Or maybe I just cycled through them so quickly I don’t remember it. Hmm.

    Also just LOVE Jade. More today than yesterday and this is a good sign.

    Here is a tip that you probably already thought of and that I gave myself gold stars for implementing already — delete all the cleavage options of the Jade that you aren’t going to use. I suspect very few of us change bust sizes – LOL. That cuts down the very large number of versions of skin, keep inventory lower and makes it easier to find what you want anyway. I am going to pack the skins in folders according to eye and lip color so it will be easier to remember. Maybe I’ll tackle that today.

    Loved the post. Go forth and purge :D.

    /me walking away humming “WE feel pretty — oh so pretty …”

    Comment by Chic Aeon | May 26, 2010 | Reply

    • oh! some excellent tips! I’m terrible about keeping all options of everything, you know — just in case!! I do like the idea of sorting by eye and lipcolor, as I generally have a good idea of what i’m looking for for a particular look — that could speed things along for sure.

      This makeup was indeed on the very lightest shade, and don’t know if it was included in every tone (and I think it was the last makeup in the pack). I agree that Jade should be a real hit.

      Comment by Nissa Nightfire | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. I just checked my inventory numbers and they were actually only 25,000. Yeah. Deleted the unpacked megaprims and dumped trash I am down to 22,000. And I am going to pack up some things that came in folders into boxes and just leave ONE color out. I can always unpack as needed. Yeah. Inventory control – the last fronteir.

    I’ll look for that makeup. Thanks for posting.

    Comment by Chic Aeon | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  3. We’ll see πŸ™‚

    /me cracks the whip

    Comment by Peter Stindberg | May 26, 2010 | Reply

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