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I mentioned yesterday that I’m getting serious about this inventory cleanup project. I’m thinking a little accountability might help, so for each post until I get down to 30k (seriously!!), I’m going to post my current inventory count in the blog post title. I encourage you all to poke at me if I get too lax!

Today’s look is about summer polish, and these amazing capri pants from Haven Designs. As soon as I saw them… with their wonderfully drawn texture, and cute flare at the bottom, I had to have them. And here is the best news — Haven Designs recently had an amazing sale, and Delora hasn’t gotten around to changing all the prices back! She says she’ll be doing it very shortly … but this is a deal not-to-be missed …. so run!

Although not new, I want to be sure and mention the adorable wedge sandals from Shiny Things. These are amazing for lots of your summer looks. In addition to her usual superb craftsmanship, Fallingwater has cleverly place the straps on these shoes so that your system feet actually look relatively pretty! For people like me (total failure at prim feet tinting), this almost worth selling my pixel soul for!

I’m using some of the newest poses for StoRin — the curvylicious set. I’ve always been a fan of Annah’s poses from way back — and these are as adorable as ever. This set is built especially for the curvier AV. I didn’t have a chance to create a curvy shape yet … but you can see many of the poses work quite well on more petite shapes. One of the things I appreciate so much about this pose pack is that it includes a mirror version of each pose for lots of flexibility in planning your photos.

Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson
Hair: ~ Jasmine2
Eyes: Amacci ~ InSight
Necklace: Exodi ~ Morski Pas
Bracelet: HoD ~ the prayer of forgiveness
Bustier: Whippet & Buck
Capri Pants: Haven Designs
Shoes: Shiny Things ~ Jane wedge
Poses: StoRin ~ curvylicious


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Lots of Good Stuff: Out of the Closet


Bigger is better! see a larger, hi-res picture here~

[warning: skip to the next paragraph if you are just interested in the fabulous clothes and accessories!] Most of us know how very easy it is to accumulate larger and larger and LARGER inventories over time. The disciplined ones among us (yeah — I’m looking at you, Chic) somehow manage to edit objectively and regularly and keep things organized and streamlined. The rest of us still have freebies from our noob days (which we wouldn’t be caught dead in, but still haven’t thrown out), hunt gifts from Christmas three years ago that we haven’t opened, and thousands of just-in-case fun stuff. OK — maybe its just me, but here I am hovering dangerously close to 50K in inventory [there — I said it!], and find myself in a closet crisis! I wouldn’t worry so much about it if it didn’t impede my ability to blog well, or even to get dressed for a date. So here in front of God and everyone, I am committing myself to a clean-out of huge proportions — and yes, Peter — I really mean it this time. All this to say you will likely see me dragging out some old stuff, to mix in with new stuff, to enjoy my clothes again 🙂

I started this look with the shoes — the fabulous latest release from one of my all-time favorite shoe cobblers — Shiny Things. Some of my first freebie shoes (that I was willing to wear) were from Shiny Things, and my first purchased shoes were from Shiny Things … and we’ve had a love affair going on every since. I was so thrilled to see Fallingwater back, and am loving these stylish flats. I couldn’t resist the black and white ones, as that is one of my favorite color schemes — and I built the whole look around that.

It is also my pleasure to show you one of the dramatic makeups from Tuli’s newest skin, Jade, to be released on Friday. I know you’ve seen it all over the feeds already … and I will just chime in to say it is a lovely, soft skin with all the well-made qualities we’ve come to expect from Tuli. I will say that as I’ve perused the various posts that have already come out, I’ve noticed that this skin seems very adaptable to different shapes — likely due to the “softness” factor. I love skins like that because it means you can really take a popular skin and make it your own with your shape — and in SL, that is a really good thing! I’m also wearing Tuli’s new eyes — and these are just gorgeous … and I’m fairly picky about my eyes. This version is called “glow”, and is a lovely other-worldly color.

One last little note before this turns into a novella — I acquire tons of cheap/free skyboxes with an eye towards using them as photo sets… but actually rarely get out of my photosphere. However, this one came along at just the right time — a black/grey/white skybox with a lot of atmosphere … and completely free at Tweedle.

Skin: Tuli ~ Jade [not yet released]
Eyes: Tuli ~ Jude ~ glow [not yet released]
Hair: ~ Neva
Shirt: Whippet & Buck
Pants: Zaara
Necklace: Miel
Earrings: Persona
Shoes: Shiny Things~ Zimmy Flats
Handbag: ETD
Poses: handbag AO by Torridwear
skybox: free anniversary gift from Tweedle

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25L Tuesday : Trident


Click here for a huge closeup~

I managed to squeeze in a quick shopping trip this morning before work, just to actually give you a timely tip on 25L Tuesday! This lovely pendant I’m wearing is the offering TODAY from Trident. For 25L you get a male and female version of this pendant — each fitted for both chest and spine attachment points (thank you!!). Just walking into Trident makes me feel steeped in history … but I can easily see many of their pieces, including this one, worked into a SL street look. Pick this pendant up for 25L TODAY ONLY.

Pendant: Trident
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson (group gift)
Top: Acid and Mala
Eyes: Shine
Pose: Amacci

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Angelwing & 25L Tuesday


Bigger is better ~ view larger hi-res picture here

I’ve talked previously about some of my explorations into alternative fashions, including the 25L Tuesdays round of shopping. The event has really grown, and regularly includes 20 or more stores. Its an eclectic mix, and not everything will be something I need, but I’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with a whole range of new stores and sims … and picked up a few bargains along the way. During last week’s round, I acquired this lovely dress from Angelwing. Altho’ it isn’t available for 25L any longer, you can still get it for a very reasonable price, and in a variety of colors. I’ve been very pleased with all of the pieces I’ve gotten here. The textures are nicely done, and the craftsmanship is quite lovely. This piece could be used in several different roleplay environments.

One of my serendipitous finds on last week’s round of shopping was a fun (and free-to-use) series of photobooths set up at The Great Serve. The themed booths have changeable back drops and floors, some props and furniture already included, a scripted set of poses, and you can even set up your own props (20 minute autoreturn). I appreciate SO MUCH the people who make places like this available to the public — I used such places frequently when I first started taking photographs, and still do on occasion.

Check out this week’s round of shopping at the 25L Tuesdays blog!

Dress and accessories: Angelwing
Hair: Truth ~ Bailey (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


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Immerschoen & Gos


Bigger is Better ~ Click here for a high resolution enlargement of this picture

Today’s outfit started out with this terrific outfit from Immerschoen. Immerschoen is a store I’ve only recently discovered for myself, but I know its been around for awhile. The store has a large inventory of what I would consider casual wear and club wear … with lots of separates that are great for mixing and matching. I’ve been quite impressed by the quality of the items I’ve purchased, and prices are extremely reasonable …. so definitely check it out when you get a chance!

The other big news for this post are these stupendous boots from Gos! Not exactly new … but stunning nonetheless. Beautifully made, and six color change options in one boot. AND — currently on sale for half-price. I have no idea how long this sale might last — so hurry if you’ve had your eye on these!

Leather Top and Mini Skirt: Immerschoen
Boots: Gos ~ Burlesque
Stockings: Vextra Messing
Velvet Necktie: Sn@tch
Gloves: Fleur (now 5th & Oxford)
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Earrings: Persona
Hair and Hat: ETD ~Charley
Skin: Belleza ~ Elle ~group gift
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity ~Gasoline
Poses: Reel Expression

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Tribal Soul & Silent Sparrow~


I’m still in a fantasy frame of mind … and would like to show you a skin from one of the Fantasy Faire exhibitors that I didn’t have time to blog actually during the faire (but you can still visit her store!) This interesting character skin is from Tribal Soul, a store with a variety of fantasy avatars in different traditions. My favorite was this albino skin. It is a very light skin, tho’ not really as light as the undead 🙂 You could take this skin a whole host of different directions — but I went for a brooding fairy kind of look 🙂 The completely awesome suit is from Silent Sparrow — and, as always, I marvel at the gorgeous textures on these pieces. I’ve had this suit in my inventory for some time, but if you are a member of the VIP group at Silent Sparrow, you can get a beautiful hyacinth version of this suit in the lucky bird chair now.

Skin: Tribal Soul ~ Luther ~albino
Eyes: Ina Centaur ~ Soulful Red
Hair: Truth ~ Ana ~ ivory
Suit: Silent Sparrow ~ Ryou ~ frost
Boots: J’s ~ engineer long boots
Wings: Wishbox (freebie; don’t know if still available)
Pendant: Magpie
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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The Unlikely Urt ~ BINA

Bigger is Better! View larger hi-res versions of this photos here~

Well, friends — Fantasy Faire may be over, but I still have a few things from the fair to show you, and … I’ve been expanding my horizons a little bit outside of the fair recently. Although you haven’t seen a whole lot of it on this blog, I have a fondness and a fascination for what I might call “creating character” in Second Life. When I first started second life, I had every intention of being a fairy — hence the somewhat fanciful name. Circumstances and friendships have taken me in a lot of different directions, but my love of story has always remained. Every time I see an interesting, not-quite-so-ordinary avatar, I wonder “what is their story?” I admire anything that takes me into that story realm, from the slightly quirky fashionista, all the way thru the spectrum to the hard-core roleplayer. I hope I can breathe a little bit more of that wonderment into this blog 🙂

Today I want to show you an amazing outfit that found its way into my inventory. I was reminded recently of 25L Tuesday, which you all will recognize as an event that is run much like other shopping events that are so popular these days. What I had not realized, though, is that 25L Tuesday focuses on Gorean and Fantasy items (and not exclusively clothing). I made as much of the circuit as I could late Tuesday afternoon, and had the great pleasure of visiting stores I had never seen before, as well as some nice builds to explore. I finally made my way to BINA — a store I had actually heard of, but hadn’t been out to visit. I was pleasantly surprised to see this outfit on the 25L special vendor…. AND I was completely stunned this morning when I actually put it on. The workmanship and the texturing on this complex outfit is of a tremendous quality. The rusted crinoline and the tattered bustle is just to die for. Everything you see in the pictures above and below is included in the package, plus there is a PG version of the shirt, as well as a modesty shirt to wear underneath. The shoes are perfect, and there’s even a terrific hobo stick with a holding animation that works with your own AO. This set was designed for a Gorean she-urt (think street urchin), but I can see it easily adapted for use in a whole host of settings from a Victorian street urchin, to a post-apocalyptic tribe leader.

I wish I could tell you that you could still pick this up at a tremendous bargain. Unfortunately, that sale has come and gone. You can, however, still purchase the set at the store in seven color combinations. You can also check out 25L Tuesday, and keep an eye out for more high quality specials from this designer.

Outfit: BINA ~ “The Unlikely Urt” ~ Monday
Hair: Truth ~ Kensei 2 ~ Carrot
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson ~ group gift
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity~ Gasoline
Poses: Flowey


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