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Fantasy Faire 2010 : Final Weekend


This is the final weekend at the Fantasy Faire, and I’ve had such a fantastic time blogging some of the pieces for you. I have also met some really terrific creators, and have enjoyed working with them. One of the wonderful things about a fair of any kind is making a discovery of something completely new to you. It has been my great pleasure to discover the fantasy art of real life artist J. Matthew Root, and to meet his SL counterpart, artist and creator, Marcus Inkpen. I ran across Marcus in his booth during the blogger preview, where he patiently talked to me even though he was trying to finish up things for the launch of the faire — thank you for your kindness, Markus 🙂

Markus is the artist of the painting in the picture, titled Discovery. I couldn’t resist the redhead 🙂 But — I don’t think there was a single painting of Markus’ that I didn’t love and put on my shopping list. Incidentally — you can get RL prints of many/most of these paintings from the website linked below. I know a lot of people enjoy having a such a piece in both their real and virtual lives 🙂

Markus is ALSO the creator of those wonderful “Alien Buds” that I’ve used for landscaping in the photo. These are fantastic pieces for any fantasy landscape — the colors are rich, and the pattern is just perfect. These will definitely find a permanent place in my home. These pieces were done for Deeper Muse, and you can purchase them individually or in a five-pack with a variety of color combinations. I might mention that Markus and his partner were responsible for the build on the SciFi sector, and it is truly beautifully done — definitely worth a visit.

** it came to my attention today that the Alien Buds are a little hard to find, and I can see it is a tad confusing. The store you are looking for is right by the landing point for the SciFi Sector. The store has a sign for Deeper Muse, but it isn’t terribly obvious. The most obvious signage right above the door reads “Pandora Valley”. If you have any trouble finding it, let me know and I’ll give you a pinpoint landmark 🙂

Visit the SciFi Sector at the Fantasy Faire
Visit The World of J. Matthew Root on the internet

Painting: The Art of J. Matthew Root ~ Discovery
Alien Buds: Deeper Muse
Garden Stones: Trompe L’oeil
Garden Wall: Nissa Nightfire (personal collection)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations ~ Mackenzie
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline
Outfit: Wings: Bare Rose ~ Forest Druidess
Shoes: +DV8+ Steam Vixen Shoes
Bracelet, Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai
Poses: Long Awkward Pose




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Fantasy Faire 2010: Tiny Stuff!


One of the wonderous things about the Fantasy Faire, and indeed SL itself, is the sense of play and fantasy, and of doing “impossible” things in a way that fires the imagination. Today’s impossible thing is this adorable fairy hamster. This may, in fact, be the first time you’ve seen me as a non-humanoid … but, I’m thinking it won’t be the last! Fantasy Faire inspired me to try on the Tiny world. The tiny hamster AV is from ExtroVirtual, whose avatars I’ve admired for some time now. The outfit is from Lil Verse, which you can find on the Avatopia Sim of the Fantasy Faire. This is the debut of her pixie line. I especially love the the hair and wreath of roses … and the cute sound effect the wings make when you fly. If you get buzzed by a lavender hamster at the fair, it just might be me 🙂

Visit the Avatopia Sim at the Fantasy Faire

Complete Outfit, Hair & Accessories: Lil Verse
Tiny Hamster AV: ExtroVirtual


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Fantasy Faire 2010: Londinium Gearworks


Today I want to show you the other RFL offer from Londinium Gearworks … and this is completely adorable! Its a steampunkish kitty shoulder pet — quite detailed and very fun. Altho’ you obviously can’t see it in the picture, the helicopter blades are spinning, and the kitty’s tail and ears move … so a very dynamic little companion 🙂 The sculpts and textures on this piece are quite well done. The designer tells me he also as a tiny avatar with the same design… how cute would that be??

I’m also wearing the newest offering from Exodi … the Dael skin. This makeup was sent as a gift to the VIP group (fee to join), but is the same base skin as the completely free gift at WOE, which is available at the WOE store until April 30. Exodi is aiming for a summer release of the skin.

Visit the SciFi Sector of the Fantasy Faire

Shoulder Pet: Londinium Gearworks (RFL item)
Commander Hat: Happy Bivouac
Outfit: WWI
Hair: ETD ~ Hayden
Skin: Exodi ~ Dael ~ In the Air (group gift)
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline
Pose: Amacci


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Fantasy Faire 2010: Spellbound and Londinium Gearworks


This week, its all about fantasy for me! The Fantasy Faire has already opened it gates, and I’m especially excited because this is my first one! (No — I’m not a newb…. I don’t know where I’ve been the last couple of years.) Fantasy of all kinds is one of the things SL does the best, and holds a place near and dear to my heart — so I’m thrilled to blog a few of the things that help us immerse ourselves in a fantasy world.

Today, I’ve gone a bit steampunkish — featuring this lovely gown from Spellbound. This is one of their RFL offerings, and you can find their booth on the Avatopia sim. I especially love the corset with its sculpted lacing in front, and the sculpted ruffled sleeves. And what is a steampunk look with wearing a bit of hardware on your body? I’ve added the monocle from Steamy Victoria, which has a lovely jeweled chain hanging down from one side — totally obscured by my hair here. But take my word for it — it is lovely and well made 🙂 And speaking of hair — I absolutely adore this style. Its a little pricier than most of the hair I buy, but its interesting, and it has a color-change menu that easily tints the hair. (or you can tint it by hand — as the hair is mod) I got the “white” hair so I could tint it close to my normal color… but I’m looking forward to playing with some fantasy colors this week 🙂 Last, but certainly not least, I’m wearing the newest skin from Tuli, scheduled to be released on April 22. This is an Asian skin, which, as many others have noted, doesn’t require much of a shape change to achieve a lovely Asian look. There will be some terrific makeups in this release … ranging from subtle to strong. I’m wearing one of the stronger looks here.

Dress: Spellbound (Fantasy Faire RFL item)
Monocle: Steamy Victoria
Earrings & Collar: Magpie
Skin: Tuli ~ Sayuri (Release date April 22)
Hair: Tukinowaguma
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline
Poses: Imperial Elegance


Of course, as you might imagine, the Fantasy Faire is about a whole lot more than clothes. I’m seeing lots of interesting items to populate our fantasy environments. I took these pictures in one of the RFL offerings from Londinium Gearworks — a huge Steampunk/Victorian skyhome with 3 floors, and tons of features. Creator CoolLuke Sands has the home set up at the fair so you can easily TP up and tour it. This is a hefty home, but if you are in the market, this is a terrific deal. The home, and everything else in the booth, is 50% off for the faire! You can find Londinium Gearworks in the SciFi Sector of the faire.

Visit the Avatopia sim at the Fantasy Faire
Visit the SciFi Sector of the Fantasy Faire


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Home, Garden & Patio Expo: GREENE concept

GREENE concept : Home, Garden and Patio Expo 2010

Bigger is Better! Click here to see a larger hi-res version of this photo~

I’m really pleased today to announce my expansion into a new-ish category of posts for me — Magpie’s Nest. These posts will feature an eclectic mix of home and garden decor — whatever happens to catch my eye! I’m actually a huge collector of homes, decor and furnishings — this is my excuse to pretend it is purposeful 😉

I want to start by showing you a really lovely piece that is being featured at the GREENE concept booth at the Home, Garden & Patio Expo. This authentic Japanese lantern is marvelously detailed — yet comes in at only 3 prims! The lantern can be turned off or on with a touch, and is resizable — you could easily make a little table lantern, line a walkway, etc. I personally like the large size shown here … it’s a dramatic piece that has some presence in the space, for a low prim count. SL decorating doesn’t get much better than that. The lantern is offered in a transfer version for L$50, or a copy version for L$150. This is a fantastic bargain that will make a great addition to a variety of home styles.

Available at the GREENE concept booth at the Home, Garden and Patio Expo.

Japanese Lantern: Dunan Wilder, featured by GREENE concept
available at the Home Garden and Patio Expo

Couches: GREENE concept

Wall hanging, Carpet, and photo set by Nissa Nightfire
(personal collection)

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New Skin from Belleza


Super-quickie post this evening 🙂 There is nothing to perk up a not-so-great day as a new group gift from Belleza. I fall in love with every new skin that comes out of that place! I didn’t do anything here but put on the skin with what I was already wearing, and snapped a picture for you. If you haven’t joined Belleza’s group yet — what’s been keeping you?? (and rumor has it that a new men’s skin is on its way as well)

Skin: Belleza ~ Newest Group Gift ~ Elle
Hair: Truth
Eyes: Shine
Jewelry: Magpie
Shirt: Project Kiwi (no longer available)
Pose: Amacci

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Lush Kitten

Neko Dreams~

Bigger is Better! Click here to see a larger, hi-res version of the photo~

On my last foray into the Pose Fair, I picked up a new and terrific set of poses from Poseur — “Lush Kitten”. This is a wonderfully made set of pin-up style poses that I couldn’t resist using with my new kitty look!

All the newness in the outfit today is from Dreams. The collar and shirt are from a whole fish themed set that you can actually FISH for at the Dreams store (or, if you’re impatient, you can buy it there as well). The adorable neko ears and tail are actually not quite out yet … but are absolutely adorable. What you can’t see is the vibrant motion of these parts. They are scripted to provide everything from wagging to twitching of various kinds. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the neko lifestyle — but the look is wonderful. Keep an eye out for the release of these new items.

Poses: Poseur ~ Lush Kitten
Hair: Sadistic Hacker ~ Corvus
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline
Collar: Dreams
Bangles: Magpie CatchPenny (dollarbie)
Neko Ears and Tail: Dreams
Shorts: Dutch Touch
Stockings: Blowpop
Boots: J’s

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Dark Mouse ~ Dreams


Bigger is Better! Click here to see a larger, hi-res version of this photo~

Dark Mouse recently sent out a preview of an upcoming set to its subscriber group … and it has really whetted my appetite for the whole set! This lovely set of earrings is wonderfully fae with a vintage feeling. Be sure to look at the large picture I linked to above to get a closer-up view of these earrings. Dark Mouse has been putting out some really stunning work lately, and these are no exception. I’m looking forward to seeing the new release!

I also want to draw your attention to this fabulous corset from Dreams. This is a softer-looking corset, with a ribbed fabric. I think you could easily dress it up or dress it down. I’m wearing green, of course, to go with the earrings, and the fun makeup for Tuli’s Eva skin… but you can find a whole slew of colors at Dreams.

Poses: Reel Expression ~ Random Set
Hair: Truth ~ Melinda (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline
Tattoo: Garden of Ku ~ Dragonfly Forest
Earrings: Dark Mouse (April Group Gift)
Bracelets: Magpie
Corset: Dreams
Skirt: Pixel Dolls
Shoes: Unique Needs ~ Death Dolly Goth Mary Janes

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Imperial Elegance – sf designs – BOOM


Bigger is Better! Click here for a large, hi-res version of this photo~

Imperial Elegance has long been one of my go-to posers. I love all of Sai Pennell’s poses, and consistently find that they work for my shape, the clothes I wear, and the attitude I want to convey in my photos. On top of all that, Imperial Elegance has super-affordable prices, which only encourages me to keep expanding my enormous pose collection! The set I’m using here is not the newest release, but is new-to-me, and I picked it up at another brief mission into the Pose Fair last night. Visit Imperial Elegance at the Pose Fair.

Today’s look is another comfy, wear-all-summer outfit. The versatile shirt from sf designs is absolutely FREE for the month of April… I would say everyone needs it in their wardrobe 🙂 I’m wearing the cropped version, but the set includes a long version … and of course you can layer it over tanks and tees for a huge variety of looks. I’ve paired the shirt with these terrific little sporty shorts from BOOM. I love the way these shorts have been put together — the texturing and edge finishes look great. And, there’s a terrific little prim tie, which, when adjusted properly 😉 , adds a great finishing touch.

Poses: Imperial Elegance ~ Allure

Hair: ~ Deena (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline

Shirt: sf design (freebie for April)
Shirts: BOOM ~ Wei Shorts
Necklace: Baubles ~ Drop Crystal
Shoes: 2Real ~ Pure

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Amacci at the Pose Fair


Bigger is Better! Click here to see a larger, hi-res photo

In my short jaunt over to the Pose Fair on opening day, I had the pleasure of visiting the Amacci booth. Amacci is a name I’ve seen around as long as I can remember, but this is the first time I had tried out their poses. The poses you see here are from the Model Set 7, and is a set that benefits the fair charity. I found the poses to be well put together, and they magically fit my shape perfectly — I love it when that happens! Visit Amacci at the Pose Fair!

Poses: Amacci

Hair: Truth ~ Bailey (tinted)
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva
Eyes: Shine ~ Silent Lucidity Gasoline

Corset & Panties: DE Designs ~ Diablo
Stockings: Blowpop

Shoes: Evoke ~ Belted Stripper Platforms

Bracelets: Ephemeral
Necklace and Earrings: CentoPallini ~ Ikai set

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