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LOTD for Men: Jan. 28, 2010


The male presence on Magpie Metaverse is certainly going to do his part of the Closet Clean Out … but today he is showing off some new acquisitions, most of which are not terribly new on the grid. I’m still on the search for some solid basics. The jeans from Meriken really fit the bill. I like the terrific sculpted cuffs that fall very naturally over shoes. The texturing is terrific — and I especially like looking at the view from the back … you know — because of the great detailing on the pockets. These jeans are so classic, they don’t need a whole lot more than a basic tee — this one from Dutch Touch. She’s got a whole slew of colors, and each pack has a v-neck version, and a crew-neck version, tucked and untucked, all layers. This is a great staple for your closet.

A few fun accessories finished this look off. The glasses are from a new-to-me freebie store that is quite worth checking out. The necklace is a cute piece that can work for women or men — I had to mod it quite a bit to fit this way. And, last but not least are these fun sneakers. CC Designs has an entire wall of this style of shoe in different color for 10L each — seriously. When you are on a budget, decent footwear is still one of the harder things to come by, and these are a good deal — especially for a casual outfit of jeans and tee. In addition to solid colors, there are a few “country” designs — I picked the German ones in honor of my good friend, Peter 🙂

Hair: Sadistic Hacker
Skin: Zanzo ~ Kosei
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Glasses: Maschienenwerk (free)
Necklace: Modd.G
Tshirt: Dutch Touch
Jeans: Meriken Co.
Sneakers: CC Design (10L)
Poses: Reel Expression and Long Awkward Pose


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Beginning the Closet Clean Out Challenge!


When Luna Jubilee issued the Closet Clean Out Blogger’s Challenge, I knew it was the challenge for me! Just yesterday, my dear friend Peter spontaneously invited me to an opening at an art gallery — and I panicked! I couldn’t think of a single thing to wear, despite the fact that I have a healthy inventory of nearly 50K. I knew I was having a Closet Crisis. Thank you, Peter, for waiting so patiently 🙂

Fortunately, I did happen across this lovely little dress from PixelDolls, which, ironically, I had picked up for just such an occasion (and because its black & white, like a Magpie 😉 )

The rest of the outfit came together pretty quickly after that. I’m really enjoying many of the hairstyles at — I think the textures are very nicely done, and I love the wispy bits. They don’t have quite my color, so this is one of the reds, tinted. The shoes from Evoke have been in my closet for awhile, but are still some of my favorites. What’s not to like about a shoe called “buckled stripper platforms” ?? I finished off the look with one of my favorite sets from Violet Voltaire, who is revitalizing her SL presence, thank goodness!! Can’t wait to see some newness from her 🙂

I expect I’ll be participating in this particular challenge for weeks (months?) to come, as it is a terrific idea, and something I really need to do — but I promise to mix in new stuff as well.

(Psst… look… slurls!!)

Skin: Belleza
Eyes: Shine
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Dress: PixelDolls [in the Sale room, 10L]
Shoes: Evoke
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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LOTD 1-25-10


Nope — I’m not going to say a another word about the newest skin released by Belleza, Alyson 😉 Except — go try it on!!


This fun look of the day all came together around this wonderful dress from artilleri. It was an excellent reminder, once again, of the truly incredible texturing work you can count on from Antonia Marat. This dress is absolutely beautiful. I’m not usually a puffy skirt kind of girl, but this one was just too irresistible. And the poof of net around the bottom is just the icing on the cake. Of course, being the not-puffy-skirt-kind-of-girl I am, I had to toughen up the look a bit with the rolled-sleeve version of the terrific Acid & Mala jacket that has become one of my staples, and the torn version of fishnets from Blowpop (maybe THE best fishnets on the grid!). It all added up to a delicious look that is tough on the outside, and sweet on the inside — a terrific mix in my book~

Hair: Truth ~ Grazia (tinted)
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson
Eyes: Shine
Jewelry: Mapgie
Jacket: Acid & Mala
Dress: artilleri
Fishnets: Blowpop
Shoes: CC Design
Poses: Reel Expression

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LOTD for Men ~ 1-18-10


Today I’m showing another simple but classic look for the men. For any of the folks out there who don’t enjoy spending a lot of time shopping, dressing and accessorizing (or don’t want to do it all the time) – don’t underestimate the stylishness of a simple look. The key is to choose higher-quality pieces – you’ll get lots of mileage out of them! And, in this case – it won’t even drain your bank account.

I started with this terrific jacket from Acid & Mala. This was a special weekend fever deal, so I’m not sure you can get the exact piece now … but I know they have similar styles in the store. I’m been really pleased with all the Acid & Mala pieces I own – both men and women’s pieces. The texturing is superb, and the shading and shadowing make a really authentic-looking piece of clothing. This is a great shop to watch for monthly group gifts (male and female), and sales. They have somewhat recently rebuilt and expanded their store, and I’ll look forward to seeing them expanding their inventory as well.

For an excellent pair of jeans, you can’t beat Dutch Touch. They are nicely detailed, and in one pack you get a ripped and unripped version, as well as a version with prim cuffs. I’m on a quest for all the best men’s jeans on the grid, as I know they are a staple in any boy’s wardrobe. If you have any tips for me, let me know!

For just a little extra interest, I added the cuffs from Sn@tch, and a patterned sneaker.

Skin: Zanzo
Hair: Sadistic Hacker
Eyes: Poetic Color (currently free)
Jacket: Acid & Mala (weekend fever)
Jeans: Dutch Touch
Cuffs: Sn@tch
Shoes:AyYaiYai (dollarbie)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Nissa Introduces Her Boyish Side~


If you follow the fashion feeds at all, you will have noticed a growing trend of traditionally-female bloggers creating male avatars (either on their main account, or on an alt account) to blog male fashion. This, of course, is not a completely new phenomenon, but does seem to be trending upwards. I’ve been delighted to see this coming from many skilled fashion bloggers/photographers, and I am hopeful that it will have a positive effect on male fashion all over the grid. I’ve also been inspired to blog with a male avatar — and have found it to be interesting, very challenging, and always a work-in-progress 🙂 With this post, I’m pleased to introduce you to my male counterpart. He’s not an alt, but shares my main account. So, yes — you may see Nissa Nightfire walking around as a boy, most likely shopping 🙂

Developing a boy avatar has actually been on my list for some time. What finally pushed me over the edge was this terrific skin from Zanzo. I simply fell in love with this rosy-cheeked, freckled face. Zanzo offers this skin in non-freckled versions as well, and both with a couple of versions of eyeliner.

My inventory of male fashion is a little sparse at the moment — but this outfit is always a classic and easy-to-wear look. For the guy who wants to spend more of his time exploring, playing, and doing, you can’t go wrong with jeans and a tee. Add a little artistic flair with this great messenger bag from Gritty Kitty, and you’re ready for anything.

Please don’t hesitate to send me your tips on great unisex or men’s fashion — I have a whole wardrobe to build, as Nissa is a bit of a girly-girl 😉

Skin: Zanzo ~ Kosei
Hair: Sadistic Hacker ~ Corvus
Shirt: INDI ~ from the Hunter outfit
Jeans: Crash Couture
Boots: Shiny Things ~ Ving
Bag: Gritty Kitty ~freshman bag
Eyes: Miriel ~ Pewter (no longer available)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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LOTD: Jan. 9, 2010


There is something about winter that makes me reach for the coziest, most comfortable things in my closet. In RL, they would also be warm … but in SL, who cares if my tummy is bare?? Sn@tch released some excellent newness today (or maybe yesterday) — sweat jackets and knotted tshirts! These are destined to be staples in my wardrobe. They come in a dozen different colors — and, as always, are a terrific value, with several colors in one package. One of my favorite things about this jacket is the terrific hood! How many times have you put on a hood and felt like you had a big hump on your back? Not so, here — this one looks, and lays, like a hood! Yay, Ivey~

The jeans are newness from Modd.G, and a great addition to any casual wardrobe. The texture on these is terrific. I’m wearing them here in one of my favorite ways — tucked into boots. And — do take a look at these boots! These are well-done shearling boots, perfect for a cozy look, they come with a folded down version too, AND — the black ones are completely free for the entire month of January! Seriously awesome.

Sweat Jacket: Sn@tch
Have Knot Tee: Sn@tch
Jeans: Modd.G
Boots: sf design ~shearling boots [black free thru January]
Tattoos: Sn@tch
Necklace & Earrings: artilleri
Belly Ring: Exodi
Bracelet – Left: Artilleri
Bracelet – Right: Violet Voltaire
Skin: Exodi~ Sienna ~Soleil~ Tinsel
Hair: ~Jasmine.2 [tinted]
Eyes: Shine ~ Lucidity ~ Gasoline
Poses: Reel Expression

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Happy New Year ~ 2010

Happy NewYear 2010

One of my favorite times of the year is New Year’s Eve … a great chance to reflect on the year past, and to look forward to the year to come. On this night, it seems like anything is possible — the page is empty, just waiting to be filled with a new chapter of adventure, friendship, love, and life. My last year in SL has been amazing — fulfilling on more levels than I can begin to describe. I’ve met amazing people, worked on projects that made me proud, and opened my heart to people who have taken good care of it. I’m looking forward to doing, seeing, and trying even more things in this virtual world. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life this past year, and helped me along the way. You mean more to me than you can possibly know. Happy New Year! Go forth, and make it your own~

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