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LOTD: 12/29/09


This is a quickie, and nothing terribly fancy 🙂 The holidays have been terrific, but a little busy and chaotic — I’ve been itching to get a blog post of some sort done! This is the kind of comfortable look I like to wear around the grid when relaxing. Some are old favorites — dutch touch jeans, artilleri sweater. But, I’ve got a couple of terrific new things here too! I’ve quite fallen in love with the hat/hair from The hat looks terrific, and is texture-change to go with a whole variety of outfits. My skin is the newest from Belleza — not even released in the store yet — this was a group gift. I’ve always loved Belleza skins, and this is no exception — i’m especially in love with the light freckles. I can’t wait to see the rest of the makeup range! Click on thru to my flickr to see it closer up 🙂

Hat/Hair: [hair tinted]
Skin: Belleza ~ Alyson [group gift; prototype]
Sweater: artilleri
Jeans: Dutch Touch
Eyes: Shine ~gasoline
Pose: Reel Expression


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Launa Fauna Preview Skin: Available for 50L Friday!


This is a super-quick post to show you the terrific preview of Launa Fauna’s newest skin line — available tomorrow for 50L Friday! This is a beautiful skin you won’t want to miss! Do note that this is a special preview version of the skin, and the lingerie is part of the skin. This is a great opportunity to try this skin, and full versions of the skin are expected to be available at L.Fauna on Monday!

Click on the picture to go to my flickr and see a larger version!

Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Snowflake] OO [50L Friday, Skin Preview]
Hair: Truth ~Bailey [tinted]
Eyes: Shine ~Gasoline
Earrings: Aluinn [Silver & Gold Hunt]
Boots: J’s
Poses: Diesel Works [PolyWall] and Reel Expression

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Aluinn: Silver & Gold Hunt


I spent some quality time yesterday unpacking some of my treasures from the Silver & Gold Hunt. I have yet to throw anything away! The set I’m showing you today is an amazing set from Aluinn — perfect for upcoming holiday parties, and a terrific way to add some interest to that little black dress (or red dress, or silver dress…) This set combines classic pearls with a sophisticated color, and the black roses that rest on the shoulder add tremendous interest. This is a lovely statement piece! And, did I mention its a free hunt gift!?!

I’m also wearing one of the newest makeups for the lovely Bella skin from Tuli. One of the things I appreciate about Tuli is that she is always trying something new … and tho’ each skin is different from the previous line, they are all lovely, and I enjoy wearing every one of them!

Click the picture to get to my Flickr and see a larger view!

Find the Silver and Gold Hunt Blog here, which includes a list of starting point SLURLS.

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Necklace & Earrings: Aluinn (Silver & Gold Hunt Gift
Hair: Truth
Skin: Tuli ~ Bella ~ For Your Lips Only
Eyes: Shine ~Silent Lucidity
Dress: Artilleri
Pose: Reel Expression

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Silver & Gold Hunt: Hucci


I am hugely fond of accessories in SL (and RL, too, for that matter). Many of my friends and acquaintances don’t give much thought to accessories (other than perhaps shoes), and indeed, many of the outfits in SL already have a lot of visual impact. But, for me, accessories are the last little ingredients that add a layer of interest to an outfit, and often are what make a look personal and somewhat unique to you. (hmm… I’m already getting some ideas for styling experiments… but that’s for another post!)

The Silver & Gold hunt is not exclusively jewelry, but you are going to find a significant number of jewelry designers in the mix. Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be featuring some of my finds from the hunt. It is not uncommon at all for me, in RL, to build my outfit around my accessories, and I do it in SL as well!

Today’s gift is this somewhat simple, but significant, cross necklace from Hucci [The hunt gift also includes a men’s cross necklace (in a different design)] I love the length and the weight of this necklace. It begs to be shown against bare skin, which, of course, calls for a low-cut corset 🙂 I’m crazy about this corset from Pixel Dolls, which I picked up in one of the hunt locations while I was waiting for everything to rez. (yup — that’s me — the multi-tasker!)

Click the picture to get to my Flickr and see a larger view!

Find the Silver and Gold Hunt Blog here, which includes a list of starting point SLURLS.

See my other Silver & Gold Hunt posts

Necklace: Hucci (Silver & Gold Hunt Gift)
Hair: Truth
Skin: Tuli ~Hope
Eyes: Shine
Corset & Skirt: Pixel Dolls
Bracelets: Earth Jewell
Boots: Shiny Things
Poses: Flowey | Striking Poses

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Magpie: Silver & Gold Hunt


I’m very pleased that Magpie is participating in the gridwide Silver & Gold hunt that started this weekend! With 160 vendors in the hunt, you are sure to find some terrific stuff. This is my gift — choker, pendant, and earrings that all work together beautifully. You can find the prize (without too much difficulty!) at my store on Juicy. You can also pick up information about the hunt and starting point landmarks at the store. Or, check out the Silver & Gold Hunt Blog!  I’m working my way through the hunt, and plan to show you a few more of my favorite things!

Ad Credits:
Hair – ETD
Skin – Exodi ~ Lily
Cardigan – Tuli
Lingerie – Acid & Mala

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