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Jewelry Fair 2009 — Last Weekend!


Like many of you this weekend, I’ll be waiting anxiously to get into the Skin/Shape Fair. But while you wait for the lag to die down a bit — be sure to take an opportunity to visit the Jewelry Fair one last time. This is its final weekend, and there are tons of great things to see there. This was Magpie’s first jewelry show, and I have had such tremendous fun! The Jewelers of SL have been a terrific bunch — I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie, and learned a heck of a lot. It always surprises me a bit, tho’ it shouldn’t, that content creators are so generous with their time and expertise.

The choker and earring set I’m wearing above is one of my favorite sets. Altho’ I have a tendency to use brighter colors in a lot of my work, this blue and black combination really spoke to me. You can see this, along with the rest of my newest releases, at the Jewelry Fair! Magpie is at Autumn, Booth 4.

Jewelry: Magpie
Avatar Tattoo
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations ~Cheshire (NEW!)
Skin: Exodi ~Lily
Corset: Silent Sparrow (from the Devana set)
Pants: Sn@tch
Belt: Quixotic Trance


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Magpie at Jewelry Fair 2009


A sweet friend reminded me today that my blog has been pretty quiet lately… and indeed it has!  Almost an entire year ago, I attended my first jewelry fair, and dreamed that I would have my own little booth at the fair the following year. A whole lot has happened in the past year, and I’ve gone many directions that I never could have anticipated. But, I have never lost my love for jewelry — something that is a real life passion for me as well. When this year’s fair rolled around, I took the plunge! I did not intend to be so quiet so long… but have been completely absorbed in all the little details that go into getting ready for a show — not to mention actually creating some new pieces! I’m enormously pleased to show you my new releases, currently available at the Jewelry Fair, and in stores soon. They were all inspired by the fair’s theme, The Secret Garden.  I am not particularly garden-y, or traditional — so I tried to re-imagine the theme a little differently. The collar/earring set above (available in different colors and design variations) is based around whimsical metal flowers made out of brightly-colored gears and gemstones.

The key is also a motif found in The Secret Garden, and the next piece does something I’ve always wanted to accomplish in real life. In real life, I make glass beads (yup — torch, open flame, the works). I’ve always admired the artists who are able to build a nice looking glass bead right onto the shank of a vintage skeleton key. This is my virtual version of that, strung on a black leather cord with some accent beads. I currently have four different colorways in my booth at the fair — but I have a feeling I may be making some more of this one — it is one of my favorite pieces!


Lastly — be sure to pick up my gift when you visit the fair — a fun pressed glass pendant and earrings.


Magpie is at Autumn, Booth 4. You’ll TP in to a forced spot, but if you TP to this URL again then, you should be able to follow the red beacon to my booth. If that doesn’t work, check out all the other booths on your way to mine — there is some terrific stuff there!

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