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The Princess and Her Prince

The Princess and Her Prince

Its Friday, it has been a crazy week … and I find that I feel like blogging! A just-for-fun kind of post. I’ve been trying to get out and about a little more in SL, and kick up my heels every once in a while. Last night, my dear friend Riley Renfew and I went to a costume event at ::Infatuated::. I snapped this photo before we went … and as it turns out, we won the evening’s prize! I hadn’t really planned this for a blog post, so I’m giving you the credits off the top of my head — please forgive any errors or lapses, but don’t hesitate to correct me!

Special note on this adorable pose — it is from Reel Expression, and is the hunt gift for the ProPoser hunt — which is open until Aug. 30 — so you still have a little time to pick it up.

The Princess wears:
Dress: Second Wave Apparel
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire
Skin: Exodi
Hair: Truth

The Prince wears:
Outfit, including boots: SF Design  (parts sold separately)
Hair: Bryce
Glasses: PrimOptic

Poses: Reel Expression — from the ProPoser Hunt


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