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Shoes! Glorious Shoes! From Evoke


I’m so excited to find a new shoe dealer… uhm… designer.¬† Evoke is a newish store on the scene, but the women behind it are experienced builders — now offering their talents to the fashion world. This is what Ariel Erlanger says about their shoes: “Evoke shoes are made using a new sculptie technique that reduces texture distortion and allows smoother surfaces with improved resolution. Our shoes also use losslessly compressed sculpties for the maximum sharpness and exactitude of construction.” I don’t even know what that means exactly — but I know these shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Their inventory of styles is still a little small, but I can’t wait to watch them as they grow. If you like shoes (uhmm… that’s everyone, right?) — you’ve got to pay a visit to Evoke!

The style above is a terrifically feminine ribbon slingback — i love the perfectly rounded toe, and the contrasting ribbon trim — this comes in a variety of color combos. But — the style below is my absolute favorite — the Belted Stripper Platforms. Yeah — I think they would probably be great stripper shoes (not that I know about such things!) — but they are terrific for the non-stripper as well. I can’t resist anything with a buckle on it, and the sculpts and textures on these shoes are amazing. I may not be able to take these off my feet!

(Be sure to click the pictures and visit my flickr to see larger versions and get a good closeup on these shoes!)

I’m also wearing the latest skin release from Exodi — Lily, and have been wearing it for days. This is a stunning skin, and I’m enjoying it tremendously! Every release from Exodi seems to be better than the last one (altho’ I’ve loved them all)~



Shoes: Evoke
Skin: Exodi

First Photo:
Dress: sf design
Jewelry: Earthstones
Hair: Calico Creations
Pose: Torridwear

Second/Third Photo:
Outfit: Sn@tch
Cuffs: Violet Voltaire
Hair: Truth
Poses: /me poses, imperial elegance, reel expression


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The Princess and Her Prince

The Princess and Her Prince

Its Friday, it has been a crazy week … and I find that I feel like blogging! A just-for-fun kind of post. I’ve been trying to get out and about a little more in SL, and kick up my heels every once in a while. Last night, my dear friend Riley Renfew and I went to a costume event at ::Infatuated::. I snapped this photo before we went … and as it turns out, we won the evening’s prize! I hadn’t really planned this for a blog post, so I’m giving you the credits off the top of my head — please forgive any errors or lapses, but don’t hesitate to correct me!

Special note on this adorable pose — it is from Reel Expression, and is the hunt gift for the ProPoser hunt — which is open until Aug. 30 — so you still have a little time to pick it up.

The Princess wears:
Dress: Second Wave Apparel
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire
Skin: Exodi
Hair: Truth

The Prince wears:
Outfit, including boots: SF Design  (parts sold separately)
Hair: Bryce
Glasses: PrimOptic

Poses: Reel Expression — from the ProPoser Hunt

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Date Night


This fun date-night look has so many bits of goodness in it, I had a hard time choosing a descriptive title! Its a bit of an edgy cowgirl look that I put together for a night of dancing. It all started with the newness from Elate! — this adorable and versatile skirt (comes in several colors). Other than the amazing cuteness — one of the features that I found I liked very much is that the top of the skirt (what would normally be the glitch pants) is included on all layers, including a jacket layer. This leaves lot of layering options on the pants/underpants layer — very smart, I think!

To give this sweet skirt its edge — I added some terrific pieces from Sn@tch — these aren’t the latest releases, but are tremendous wardrobe staples I pull out again and again. I’m especially in love with this terrific velvet tie — just the right flex, its a terrific accessory — available in different colors and patterns.

I can’t close without mentioning some of my new poses, from Flowey. Its a delight to try out some poses that are a little bit different — still great fashion and photography poses, but with a little twist. If you haven’t paid a visit to Flowey, its worth it just to read the names of the poses — I can tell posemaker Flutter Memel is a poet at heart.

Shirt: Sn@tch
Skirt: Elate!
Tie and Cuffs: Sn@tch
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Boots: J’s
Skin: Tuli ~Hope ~group gift
Hair: ETD ~Roxie
Eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Poses: Flowey

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