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.:StoRin:. Does Menswear!


Annah Whitfield of .:StoRin:. has been showing a lot of love for the men lately! And I talked my good friend, Riley Renfew, into helping me show it off! This is her very, very newest release — if its not in the store yet, it will be very soon. This is a terrific argyle-ish sweater — absolutely perfect for summer. As always, Annah’s craftmanship is terrific — with great shading and wrinkles. (please note that Annah’s pattern on the sweater is perfectly done — its the pose that messed it up a bit, and I let Riley escape before I noticed it!)

I also heard a rumor that Annah has put out a group gift with a surprise for the men! You can go to her store in Lalique to join the group and retrieve your gift from the history!


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Tuli ~ Hope : Released At Last


Tuli finally released her magnificent new Hope skin yesterday! Many of us have been wearing prototype group gifts, and pick rewards for weeks, so its a delight to get some new makeups! Every new Tuli skin is my favorite Tuli skin — and this one is no exception. I’ve heard more than one person comment that they haven’t been able to wear Tuli skins before, but have been surprised that this one “fits” them. I’ll admit I’m a face-tweaker, and have tweaked my shape with almost every Tuli release — they are not always a universal fit. But, I actually did not tweak this time either — so I would encourage any of you who have thought you could not wear these skins to pick up a demo and give it another try! Its completely free!

Skin: Tuli ~Hope
Gown: Last Call (no longer available)
Earrings: Miriel
Eyes: Miriel
Hair: ETD

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Shiloh and Flirt


I’m pretty sure Ryker Beck never sleeps! A couple days ago I showed you her new version of the Eden skin — and today I’m showing you the other lovely skin she released at the same time, Shiloh. Shiloh is a gorgeous skin, and reminds me again of how far Ryker has progressed in the depth of her skin tones and shading. And, of course, the makeups are terrific!

I’m also wearing a somewhat newish release (well, newish in my world) from ~flirt~. This is a terrific and versatile set of jewelry — perfect for summer, and a bit more casual than much of the fine jewelry you are used to from ~flirt~. This set allows you to change the crystals and the metal for a huge wardrobe of looks! And the craftsmanship is the impeccable work we’ve come to expect from ~flirt~ 🙂

Take a closer look!

Skin: Exodi ~ Shiloh
Jewelry: ~flirt
Shirt: Naith Smit
Hair: Truth
Eyes: Miriel
Pose: Ana Lu fresh poses

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Exodi ~ Eden V.2


I’m feeling like I’m in skin heaven these days!  Like many of you, I expect, I tend to wear the same line of skins in my day-to-day activities, because it is part of how I identify myself, and part of how I am recognizable to my friends and acquaintances.  For that very reason, I am so delighted to see so many quality skins on the grid — the choices available make it possible for everyone to begin to put together their own unique identity without looking like their favorite fashion blogger 🙂 It is my deep pleasure and honor to be able to show you some of your options!

I’m wearing the very recently-released skin from Ryker Beck, at Exodi. Although she has been making skins only a short time, this is already the second version of Eden, her first skin ever. It has been such a pleasure to watch her develop, and this skin is a stunning improvement over the first, which I actually liked quite a lot anyway!  If you haven’t been to Ryker’s store recently — you definitely need to check it out. She’s been incredibly prolific in developing new products and services, and you’ll find lots of newness there~

Another fun thing to note here is the terrific halter top from Lookr. The halter part is sculpted, making for a wonderful dimensional look that doesn’t conflict excessively with my AO. This is a great summer piece that you can dress up or down. I’m also wearing the beautiful, newish eyes from Shine — definitely worth taking a look at!

Skin: Exodi ~Eden v. 2
Top: Lookr
Pants: Zaara
Earrings & Necklace: Magpie (DSN Sample)
Hair: ETD ~Janae
Eyes: Shine ~ Lustrous Aruba
Pose: Imperial Elegance

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