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New Tuli Skin ~Faith ~


The much-anticipated new Tuli skin, Faith, is almost here — scheduled to be released on Sunday, May 3.  I’ve been wearing the group gift prototype since I got it — and am thrilled to finally have some more makeups available! There will be 3 skintones, with 10 makeups each, and three different brow color options for each makeup — whew! There should be something for everyone 🙂  This is probably my most favorite Tuli skin thus far — even in my short time in SL, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Tuli’s work get better and better.  It is my distinct honor to be able to show you her latest 🙂  I know you’ll be seeing a lot of this skin!

I’m going to give you the reader’s digest version of the rest of the credits —

Hair: ETD
Eyes: Miriel
Shirt: Luck Inc. (previously Shit Luck)
Pants: TorridWear
Jewelry: Magpie
Poses: AnaLu

May 2, 2009 - Posted by | fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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