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Pulling Strings


Elle Kirshner is a multi-talented woman! I’ve known about Elle for some time now due to the terrific furniture she makes at Second Spaces. More recently I learned that she makes poses as well! (She also runs her own club, but that is probably a whole ‘nother story) Her shop is called Pulling Strings, and she specializes in well-made poses that are loaded with fun and whimsy — including lots of couple and group poses.

I enlisted the help of my friend, Peter Stindberg, to show you this adorable, and playful, airplane pose. Who doesn’t remember doing that when you were a kid? The single pose is me punching Peter out after he dropped me! OK — not really — this is me fending off paparazzi — part of a whole series of paparazzi poses from Pulling Strings. While these poses are not your typical model poses — they can really add some life to your photos.

Elle also sells poses that you can add to your own furniture — so, furniture designers — check her out, too!

Poses: Pulling Stings

On Her~
Shirt: OPIUM Everyday
Pants: G Field
Shoes: Periquita ~funny girl flats
Necklace: Violet Voltaire
Tattoo: 713 Ayres
Skin: Tuli ~ Faith
Hair: ETD ~Celia
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end

On Him~
Shirt: (sorry — don’t know)
Jeans: Dutch Touch
Sneakers: Akeyo


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Newness, Sales … Where Have All My Lindens Gone?


This is a little quickie post — but tons of news! If you, like me, rarely get some of your group notices, be advised that Tuli has sent out a group gift, and has a new Pick Rewards Program — so check your notices. I’m wearing the group gift here (Hope) — it’s a natural face, and is still incredible! I can’t wait to see what makeups Tuli comes up with for this one. Still not sure when it will be in the store — but I would imagine it won’t be long.

I’m also wearing one of the newer releases from Luck inc. (formerly Shit Luck). This store is quickly becoming my go-to store for well-made, highly sexy fashions. The gloves are from a new-to-me store — Yuli. This pack comes with 10 different colors, and long and short versions — a great wardrobe staple.

Not exactly new — but Zaara jeans, and Imperial Elegance poses are some of my favorites — and they are having HUGE sales right now! Don’t miss it~

Skin: Tuli ~ Hope (group gift)
Hair: ETD
Eyes: Miriel (closing soon — stock up!)
Earrings: Awesome Sauce
Necklace: Violet Voltaire
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo
Top: Luck, inc
Gloves: Yuli
Jeans: Zaara  (sale going on right now!)
Pose: Imperial Elegance(sale going on right now!)

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Stone Keep – ReMix


On Friday, I showed you this fierce outfit from Stone Keep. Today, I’ve styled it with a contemporary flavor, as a reminder that fantasy-wear often includes tons of pieces and layers that just beg to be re-mixed into your everyday wardrobe! I kept the top and the leggings, and added this terrific sculpted jacket from Coco. This piece is very nicely textured and wonderfully realistic. The body of the jacket is sculpted, and as you can see from the photos, that definitely gives it a realistic feel as it hangs away from the body. And, as you can also imagine, this won’t work with many every-day AOs. Maybe someday I’ll have the time and patience to put together an AO that will work. But, it looks amazing in the photographs! Add in a few red accent pieces, including the superb plaid pieces from Dark Mouse, and I’m ready to hit the streets~

Shirt & Pants: Stone Keep (Dark Legacy)
Jacket: Coco
High Tops: Urban Bomb Unit
Leg Bandana: LikeA
Bangles & Earrings: Dark Mouse
Necklace: Violet Voltaire
Glasses: Skinzors
Hair: ETD ~Kit
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: TorridWear

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One of my best friends, Peter Stindberg, who knows me well, has suggested on more than one occasion that there is a bit of a Dominatrix in me. Perhaps he is right — when I look at myself in an outfit like this one, I feel powerful and in charge …. and I like it!

Peter and I discovered this outfit, from Stone Keep, at the RFL Clothing Fair, and I fell in love with the armor, and the terrific buckle detail on the bodice. The tattered skirt has a wonderful movement to it, and takes nothing away from the power of this ensemble. I can completely believe walking through the dungeon in it, surveying my domain 😉

Stone Keep has a large collection of fantasy and role-playing clothing and accessories, for both men and women — well worth a visit if that strikes your fancy. And while you are there, check out some of the other shops in the area for more role-playing treasures, including a nicely done combat/contest arena where you can play with some of your new toys 🙂

Outfit: Stone Keep ~ Dark Legacy
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui ~ Reckless
Necklace: Sable Rose
Earrings: Tekeli-li ~Prismatic
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista ~medium 17
Hair: Truth ~Di
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: Reel Expression

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Tuli ~ Hope


I was reminded today that I had not yet shown my take on the newest Tuli prototype, Hope. I was reminded by a lovely comment about my face — and, of course, that is a great compliment to the skin I was wearing, and haven’t take off for days! This prototype was given out by Tuli recently, and I don’t know when we will see her in stores — but I can tell you it is worth keeping your eyes open. I doubt Tuli can even make a skin I don’t like, but this one is one of my favorites — its young and soft, and perfect for spring! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with by the time she actually launches it!

Skin: Tuli ~Hope
Top: Opium Everyday
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire
Hair: Truth
Eyes: Miriel
Pose: Imperial Elegance

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Acid and Mala


This terrific outfit is courtesy of Acid and Mala, via the Keys to the VIP hunt. Although I swore up and down not to do any more hunts until my inventory was cleaned out and organized, I was seduced into this one by previews of some of the prizes. I haven’t yet completely sorted through everything, but have already found stuff that is well worth the hunt’s entry fee. This outfit is a terrific example. I’m very impressed with the textures on these pieces — and the outfit includes a great belt. Except for the stand-up collar, and the belt, there are no other prims in the outfit — but the superb shading gives the whole outfit a wonderful dimension. I’m really quite impressed, from a store I had never heard of before! There is a similar outfit available for sale in the store, if you decide not to do the hunt.

Shirt/Jacket & Pants, Belt: Acid and Mala (exclusive Keys to the VIP hunt gift)
Eyebrow Piercing: [42] (exclusive Keys to the VIP hunt gift)
Necklace: Violet Voltaire  (on sale, closing soon)
Earrings: Talisman (now closed)
Arm Cuff: Sn@tch
Bangles: Magpie
Shoes: Jeepers Creepers
Skin: Tuli ~Faith, tan
Hair: ETD Alayna
Eyes: Miriel ~Shallow End
Poses: Imperial Elegance

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Spring Casual


For me, spring-into-summer is an occasion to dress in comfortable and casual clothes. Often, that is jeans, tee, and sneakers — but sometimes you just need a little more polish. This look does that, and shows off some of my favorite newishness on the grid.

I start with this lovely spring scarf from StoRin, by the talented Annah Whitfield. I adore the print on this scarf. If you haven’t seen the new work she’s been putting out since the opening of her re-branded store, do be sure to go by and take a look.

The pants are from Michami, and are exactly the sort of thing I enjoy wearing in RL. Definitely a comfortable look that you can dress down, or polish up a bit. They look terrific with the new Hyasynth shoes from Shiny Things. These shoes are amazingly versatile — I think you could wear them with just about any thing! I may need to start a petition to get Fallingwater to make more colors! — they are currently available in red and black.

I top the whole look off with this cute, short ‘do from Philotic Energy. I don’t wear short hair alot — but this is extremely wearable, and very fresh for summer~

Shirt: Zaara
Jeans: MichaMi
Scarf: StoRin
Earrings: OPIUM Everyday
Bangles: Magpie
Shoes: Shiny Things ~ Hyasynths
Skin: Tuli ~Faith ~ light (prototype)
Hair: Philotic Energy ~Sloane
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: TorridWear

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GREENE Concept ~ Home Expo 2009


More fashion for the home… I’ve previously told you about my love for the classic lines of GREENE Concept’s Emphasis chair.  Imagine my delight to see that, just in time for the Home Expo, GREENE Concept has added the Emphasis bench to their line!  Its every bit as classic and stylish as the chair, with the usual terrific animations. The bench will sit 3 avatars — and I can see it in public settings, as well as a wonderful addition to a contemporary home.

My other current favorite piece from GREENE Concept is this whimsical bubble chair! Obviously quite different from their other products, this piece shows off the delightful sense of humor we’ve seen before in some of the specialty Berlin chairs (also available at the Expo). This particular chair is difficult to appreciate in a photo, due to the nature of bubbles themselves, and the especially nice animation — so get out to the Home Expo and try it out yourself! (slurl will land you right at the entrance of GREENE Concept’s booth)

Have I mentioned that GREENE Concept has some of the most reasonable prices I’ve seen for high quality furniture? Yup — they do 🙂

The Home Expo runs thru the weekend — so hurry out and take a look at all the terrific vendors there!

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SAC Pinata Hunt~


Yay! The Stokame Artist Colony has its grand opening today — and as part of the festivities, we begin a week-long Pinata hunt! This is a fun little hunt, really not too hard, and some super-cute prizes. And, I’m thinking I will probably be hanging around the cantina this afternoon, drinking margaritas — and after a couple of margaritas, I might even dispense a few presents! So, come on by for a visit, ride the bull, have a drink, play a game…

Begin Hunt Here

So how does it work: (you’ll get these instruction when you start — but I’m going to let you see them here as well!)

You need a PINATA STICK for this hunt in order to participate.
1. Get a PINATA STICK from the PINATA STICK DISPENSER. Buy from the Big Pinata next to this sign for $0L
2. Wear your PINATA STICK all the time you do the hunt. Look for 15 small pinatas at each of the shops at SAC and touch each wearing the PINATA STICK
3. To receive information how many items you found and how many are left to find, click on your PINATA STICK.
4. Once you found all items, the PINATA STICK will send your name to the winner list for the final grand prize give-away.
5. You can look all over the SAC MERCADO for the items to find. (don’t forget the chicken coops, and the cantina!)
Remember to move slowly and give the surrounding time to rez properly.
Once you found an item , touch it !
Then touch your Pinata stick to see if it was added. If it was a correct item, it will be added to your list of found items.
6. After you completed the hunt (the PINATA STICK tells you that when you touch it), go to the prize server (the really big pinata in the SAC Cantina) and touch it, then touch your PINATA STICK to receive the special prize.

You can pause the hunt to relog, crash, go elsewhere, and just go on when you find time. You can even detach the stick if you pause. Your results will remain stored. Just remember to wear the stick to go on!

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Home Expo ~ Second Spaces


For many people, styling their environment is as fun as styling their outfits — and I’m definitely in that camp. Fashion and style are all good, whether they are on my body or not! So — I’m thrilled to have had a chance to visit the Home and Garden Expo — more than once!

I have more than one item to show you — but I want to start  with this spectacular drafting table that I picked up at the Second Spaces expo booth!  I think all of Second Spaces’ products are extremely well textured and put together — and this is no exception. But the icing on the cake is the terrific range of animations used in the furniture. They are well done, natural, and really add a lot of life to your environment. This piece has two animations (which, of course, you can’t really appreciate without trying it out in-world). Here I am “studying” — and you can’t see it, but I occasionally just shake my head — which is exactly what I am likely to do in RL! I love it. But my favorite animation is spinning around on the stool. Seriously, you need to try it out 🙂 I’m tremendously pleased with this new addition to my studio area — maybe I’ll actually sit down and get some work done!

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