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Shoujo in the Spring


Although it isn’t my everyday look, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the delicate Shoujo skins from Fleur. Six new makeups in a spring palette have just been released for the Shoujo skin line, and I’m delighted to show you a sample.ย  I’m wearing the Lotus skin tone, with the Spring 1 makeup. As always, the coloring on this skin is gorgeous!

Altho’ you might think of delicate spring makeups paired with floaty pastel clothes, I decided to wear rich jewel tones today — and I think it looks equally terrific. Plus — I needed an excuse to pull out this wonderful new-ish shruggie from Silent Sparrow!ย  Although I have a huge collection of shrugs, I think this one distinguishes itself by its beautiful texture, and interesting prim sleeves. One of the things I love about the shape of the sleeves is that they they work well with most all the movements in my AO — always a plus for wearability somewhere besides the photosphere :).

I also want to make note of the lovely open heart drop earrings from Cihuae!, a newish jeweler on the grid. This style is very flexible, and will go with a lot of different looks.

Shrug: Silent Sparrow
Tank: The Steamstress
Skirt: Katat0nik
Socks and Boots: Shiny Things
Leg Belts: TART
Earrings: Cihuae!
Hair: Truth ~Polly ~Panama
Eyes: Shapes by Zada ~EyeFidelity RealEyes ~Lavender
Skin: Fleur ~
Shape: Magpie ~Scout
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


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Kawaii Cameo and Another Look at Eden


I promised you a closer look at Violet Voltaire’s fun new Kawaii Cameo set. These cute and playful sets are perfect for casual spring/summer looks. I’m wearing the black skull version — but the sets also come in bright colors and different motifs.

I also wanted to give you another look at a different makeup for the debut skin from Genesis, Eden. This time I’m wearing the freckled version — and I have to say I like these freckles very much. One of the biggest issues I often have with freckles are when they are too blotchy and prominent — these manage to be subtle, yet present, which is just the way I like them!

Also — great new poses from AnaLu — check them out!

Shirt: Concrete Flowers
Jeans and Belt: Tuli
Tattoo: cFunk
Jewelry: Violate Voltaire ~Kawaii Cameo Earrings and Necklace | Glitterati Bracelet
Hair: Truth ~Jasmine
Skin: Genesis ~Eden (sugar)
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: AnaLu

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Do Guys Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses?


Do guys make passes at girls who wear glasses? I can assure you they do! Especially when you put together an ensemble as cute as this one. This was just one of my everyday, knock-around-the-grid looks (the kind that sometimes develops when you’re unpacking and trying stuff on) — but it has some super-cute parts I wanted to share with you~

The adorable dino shirt, and the shrug, were recent dollarbies from Project Kiwi. If you haven’t visited Project Kiwi yet, definitely do so. It is cute and casual women’s wear, very affordably priced always, and terrific (and frequent) dollarbies. You could easily build a casual wardrobe here without emptying your pocketbook~

The socks are from Concrete Flowers — another interesting little store worth a visit. I have to tell you, Concrete Flowers has some unusual stuff with a quirky sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚ But, these stripey socks were right up my alley — and just made me smile when I put them on.

I actually don’t wear them a lot — but I love glasses of all kinds. These nerdy ones from Skinzors are great fun! See the white tape holding them together? Makes me wonder how they got broken… ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m also wearing the fabulous new Kawaii Cameo set from Violet Voltaire. Its adorable, and reminds me once again of Violet’s tremendous range. I completely failed to photograph this adequately, so I owe you (and Violet) another post on this — which won’t be a hardship! So — once again — I’m referring you to the creator’s blog for excellent close-ups!

Shrug & Shirt: Project Kiwi
Shorts: Dutch Touch
Socks: Concrete Flowers
Shoes: Shiny Things ~Ving Boots
Glasses: Skinzors ~Harvard Scum
Necklace and Earrings: Violet Voltaire ~Kawaii Cameo Skulls
Skin: Tuli ~Sumi ~starry/green
Hair: Truth ~Jennifer ~Jupiter
Eyes: Miriel ~Shallow End
Poses: Reel Expression

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Earthstones and Genesis


I’ve got two bits of delicious newish-ness to show you today — and one is on a limited-time discount, so pay attention!

From the moment I saw this new jewelry set from EarthStones, I knew it would be mine. And since it was being offered at a nice discount at the Clothing Fair this week, there was no point in putting it off! The Karuka set is one of the newest offerings from EarthStones. Every piece is an opulent statement-maker. As always, the craftsmanship is top-notch, and there is truly a sparkle in-world that can’t be captured in the pictures. I’m wearing the set in turquoise, but it is offered in several other stones. Because Abraxxa takes excellent pictures of her stuff, I’m also directing you to her own post. If you’ve ever wondered whether her pieces could possibly be as gorgeous as her pictures, let me assure you that they are!

I’m also tremendously pleased to be wearing the lovely debut skin from Ryker Beck at Genesis. Like many of her fans, I had the opportunity to watch the progress of the skin on Plurk, and I marvel at the immense amount of work and care that went into it! The result is unique, and lovely — and I’m proud to have a chance to wear it. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where Ryker is going next~

Jewelry: EarthStones~ Karuka Set ~Silver/Turquoise
Skin: Genesis ~Eden (sugar)
Hair: Truth ~Polly
Vest & Pants: Second Wave Apparel
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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Lost Dreams


At the risk of over-greening (that’s a word, right?) — I want to get this great look out before it is truly time to break out all my spring and summer clothes! This adorable coat dress (also available in red) from Lost Dreams was inspired by one worn by Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada — and it was fun to try to recreate the look with things I already had in my inventory. The coat dress is the perfect pulled together city look — and only needs a few accessories to set it off.

Coat Dress: Lost Dreams ~Anne Coat Dress
Gloves: Fleur
Sunglasses: ETD
Earrings: Genesis ~Prathivi
Shoes: ETD ~Starley Pumps ~cheetah
Handbag: ETD
Hair: ETD ~Heather ~copper
Skin: Tuli ~Natalie (pale) 02b
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Fantasia Fantasy Clothier


In addition to supporting a good cause, one of the wonderful things about a SL fair is the opportunity to see designers you might not otherwise encounter. I know this is something many of you look forward to! I haven’t yet found my way into any type of role-play, but I want to introduce you to a very interesting designer of role-playing fashions, showing at Sim 7 (I believe) of the RFL clothing fair. The designer is Dream Resistance, and the shop is Fantasia Fantasy Clothier. Her range of costuming is broad, covering things that I can’t even label for you!

I’m wearing an outfit that Dream put together especially for the Clothing Fair. Altho’ you may not find use for all the parts outside of a RP scenario — I can definitely see myself wearing this top. In fact, I decided to style it two ways for you — straight-up RP, and something a little more contemporary. I love the embroidered design on this piece, as well as the bow detailing on the back. Plus — the shading is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ As you are wandering the clothing fair this week, be sure to stop by and take a peek at her booth!

Outfit: Fantasia Fantasy Clothier ~Kanti [2009 RFL design]
Bracelet: Earthstones
Hair: ETD ~Lynne II
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 01
Poses: AnaLu
Top: Fantasia Fantasy Clothier~Kanti [2009 RFL design]
Pants: Pushbutton Industries (now Sprawl) [last yearโ€™s RFL design]
Boots: Katat0nik ~axis mundi sculpted boots (dollarbie)
Armwarmers: Ero Rabbi
Tattoo: Moloko ~henna tattoo
Hair: Truth ~Babyhoney ~Jupiter
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 01
Poses: Reel Expression

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A Cinch~


One of the fun things about fashion blogging is having friends who tell you about little stores or designers they just happen to stumble across. Dawning Concept was one of those lovely little finds. Owned by HeatherDawn Cohen (you might be familiar with her from Second Style), Dawning Concept is a cute little shop with some well-done pieces. The inventory is small — but well-made, and very affordable. I fell in love with the cinched detail on this little jacket!

I also want to give some well-earned recognition to Dove Swanson for the wonderful poses used in these shots. These are from her new Female Bloggers set — designed especially for fashion bloggers — and they are fantastic. I didn’t really take full advantage of all the features in this set because of my lack of prim clothing — but they’re cute anyway, aren’t they? The set has a terrific range of poses to accommodate prim pants, prim skirts, handbags, and there are variations of each — including mirrored poses, which I especially appreciate. These are a great addition to any pose stand — but if you are just getting started with fashion blogging, this is definitely the set to have!

Shirt: Dawning Concept ~ Cinched
Pants: Second Wave Apparel
Boots: Shiny Things
Earrings & Necklace: Violet Voltaire ~Harajuku Girls
Bangles: Magpie (free in-store gift)
Tattoo: Avatar Tattoo ~ Scorpio
Hair: Truth ~Katy ~Jupiter
Skin: Tuli ~Natalie (pale) 02b
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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In Black and White


I recently was challenged to dress all in black and white (you know — like a Magpie :)). This is a great exercise for any type of creative medium, as it forces you to pay more attention to things like shape, line, and texture.ย  I do love the lean lines of this look, but the textures are the real stars here. The new pants and shirts from Zaara are truly spectacular. I can actually “feel” the gauzy sheerness of the shirt, and the velvety softness of the pants. (and, the adorable offset zipper is just icing on the cake)ย  These are high-quality basics that will serve any wardrobe well.

Shirt & Pants:ย  Zaara
Jacket: CE Cubic
Boots: Shiny Things
Gloves: Vette’s Boutique
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire ~ Melancholy Set
Hair: ETD Charley
Poses: Reel Expression
Eyes: Miriel
Skin: Tuli โ€“ Natalie (pale) 02b

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Sydney Suicide


There’s just something about this outfit that makes me want to go dancing~ This is the latest ensemble from Punch Drunk, and comes in a wide array of colors (I’m wearing Teal, of course!)ย  The vibrant color of the pants, and the intricate design on the tank make this an excellent quick-to-put together outfit that can lead to spontaneous fun! Put on a pair of shoes, and you’re ready to go~ I jumped at the opportunity to wear these not-new, but fabulous shoes from Adam n Eve [which, admittedly, don’t just go with everything] ๐Ÿ™‚

Top/Pants: Punch Drunk ~Sydney Suicide
Shoes: Adam n Eve ~Scamander Heels ~Silver
Earrings: Primalot (group gift)
Bracelets & Necklace: Imperial Elegance
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 03
Hair: ETD ~Alayna ~Copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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More Sn@tch~


I feel a little bad not getting this posted while Sn@tch was having its big sale — but, then again — even when not on sale, this stuff is very affordable and completely worth it! I fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw it — you know me and flames! And these lace-up pants are quickly becoming some of my favorite go-to pants — so I bought them in every color!

I also want to point out these wonderful little tattoos. I really adore the smaller, subtle tattoos, and have trouble finding a lot of them. One of these was a freebie, I believe — but I can’t remember which. Go check out the store, anyway!

Jacket & Pants: Sn@tch
Tattoos: cFunk
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui ~Reckless
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 14
Hair: ETD ~Bobbi ~Copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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