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Ode to Reel Expression~

When Ach announced her Pose Maker challenge, I was tremendously excited! Like many bloggers, poses are an absolutely vital part of what I do. I love poses, I try to always credit them, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new poses. Poses might just be the single biggest folder in my inventory!

I shoot a lot of photos, and love to try new things — but, I often find myself relying on the tried-and-true skills of Luth Brodie, of Reel Expression. Her poses almost always work wonderfully with my avatar, and show off clothes beautifully (which is usually my goal, of course!). I’m especially fond of her fashion and runway sets — but her range seems to be expanding constantly. I’m looking forward to working with some of her more expressive poses — those that tell a story. What a wonderful tool for a photographer!

Before leaving you with the pictures, I want to share a couple of tips about shopping for poses. Perhaps it goes without saying — but always demo the poses. Poses can work differently with different avatars — what looks great on a sales vendor can look terrible on you! Wear close fitting clothes so that you can actually see what is happening to all your limbs from every angle. You may be shopping for a pose for one outfit, but you’ll want to use it again for something else — make sure you know what you’re getting. (I’m wearing this lovely outfit from The Steamstress — no hiding awkward bends here!) Read this superb article by Luth, and learn a little bit about how SL Poses work!


Poses by Reel Expression
Outfit: The Steamstress
Shoes: Tesla
Skin: Tuli ~Natalie
Hair: ETD
Eyes: Miriel


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New Tuli Face~


I can’t resist giving you a super-quickie preview of Tuli’s newest skin — scheduled to be released on Saturday.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, as always!

(note : the tattoo peeking out the top of my shirt is mine — its not on the skin)

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Librarian Barbie


I recently took a tour of some libraries in SL, and agreed with my tour guide that I’d put on my best librarian outfit. What? You thought librarians were dowdy and boring? Even though I’m sporting the requisite glasses, they are the very stylish new Lennon glasses from Dark Mouse. And nothing dowdy about this adorable set from Dutch Touch. Now where did they hide that card catalog?

Top & Pants: Dutch Touch
Blouse: Sprawl (fka Pushbutton Industries)
Shoes: ETD ~starley pumps
Earrings: Miriel ~Bounded Elegance
Glasses: Dark Mouse ~John Lennon Glasses
Bangles: Ruffian by FP
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 01
Hair: Truth ~Antie II ~Jupiter
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Casual’s not just for Friday — is it?


For such a casual look, I’ve got tons of stuff that I must mention here!

It all started with this amazing, sexy sweater from DP Serendipity. This is one of the most interesting and well-done sweaters I’ve seen around the grid. The fabric texture and the shading is just superb! Be sure to take a really close-up look 🙂 It’s great for layering over lingerie (as Ana does here), over a swimsuit (for the hot tub party later), or over nothing at all!

As it turns out — I was going to a hot tub party of sorts the day I wore this, and picked up this bikini from Vogel. Vogel makes some fabulous bikinis (and rashguards) — I’m crazy about the print on this one. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these when we get a little closer to bikini season. (then, again — are bikinis ever really out of season?)

The jeans are not really new, but new-to-me, from Boneflower. I’m a sucker for any kind of flame motif (yes — that is how I chose my name) — and these are tremendously fun. I love all jeans — and the design on these is just icing on the cake. I adore the realistic touches on the pockets and seams, and the worn spots just finish them off. If you’re a jeans fan, and you haven’t visited Boneflower — be sure to take a look. She’s got an entire wall filled with jeans of different designs.

I wore this necklace a few days ago — but didn’t really make much mention of it. It’s from KOSH — a store that is well worth a visit. This necklace is very well made, and perfect for finishing off a casual look.

Last, but not least — Truth hair!! Sale’s almost over — go get yours!

SLURLS available in the Magpie Metaverse Shopping Guide

Sweater: DP Serendipity ~Cut Sewn ~Gray
Bikini: Vogel ~Urban
Jeans: Boneflower ~Black Inferno
Necklace: KOSH ~3 missing keys
Shoes: Akeyo ~chucks
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 01
Hair: Truth ~Jennifer ~Jupiter
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: Reel Expression

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New Release at Magpie & 24hr Discount


I’m excited to put out a new release for the Magpie Shape line — Scout. She’s curvy and cute, and perfect for the skin-baring fashions of summer!

I’m offering the shape at the discounted price of L$100 for the next 24 hours. After that, it will return to its regular price of L$250.

Demos are completely free!  TAXI!

Skin: RockBerry ~ Megan C Natural
Bikini: M&R Cupcakes
Boots: Shiny Things ~Ving boots
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Hair: ETD ~Elizabeth ~blonde
Poses: Reel Expression

Other Faces — Left to Right

Tokeo Plastik ; Hair: Diversity

Belleza; Hair: Diversity Hair ~Edgy ~slate gray

Gala Phoenix; Hair: ETD Jackie ~Auburn burnt

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I decided to clean up a little bit in this post 🙂 If you are looking for clean, elegant lines in classic pieces, you can hardly do better than MichaMi. This somewhat-new-ish set is that perfect outfit that can look pulled together in two easy pieces, and a couple of accessories.

And, speaking of classic lines (we were, weren’t we?) — check out this amazing chair I scored at the Greene Concept lucky chair. This is a classic design, based on a RL chair, and comes a variety of really fun colors. As always, the poses are very nice. And — you can see it is sturdy enough to hold the not-inconsiderable weight of this model. This is a very affordable chair — so definitely check out the in-store model if you are in the market for some seating.

SLURLS available in the Magpie Metaverse Shopping Guide

Shirt and Pants: MichaMi ~Laila Sheer Shirt, Skinny Pants
Necklace and Earrings: Opium Everyday ~Marina Shell
Bangle: Fresh Baked Goods ~Gem Jelly Donut Bangle
Watch: Muse ~classic Tank watch
Shoes: Maitreya ~Frenzy Banana ~Tawny
Eyes: Miriel
Hair: ETD ~Gwen ~Copper
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 01
Poses: Reel Expression
Chair: Greene Concept ~Emphasis chair

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It has been suggested to me that no matter how hard I try, I still end up looking cute or adorable, or possibly elegant. So — when I received a personal challenge to get dirty on my blog, I accepted. You can’t possibly deny that I am actually dirty in this post!

There was no question that I’d start this look with the “filthy” skins from [42]. They were recently put out as freebies, so you may have already picked them up. But, even if you missed it, and you’re dying to get dirty too, you can find them on the wall behind the freebies for a mere L$42.

The torn jeans are from Dutch Touch — and if you are in the market for torn jeans, these are fantastic. There’s a lot of really BAD torn/ripped clothing on the grid, but you can’t go wrong with these. (and if you need to use up those store cards…)

I also want to give a mention to this terrific wrist band from KOSH. It’s like wearing a dented can on your wrist, but with no sharp edges 🙂 It comes in a variety of can designs, and I think is just a terrific piece of arm-adornment, when jewelry isn’t quite working for you.

SLURLS available in the Magpie Metaverse Shopping Guide

Tank: FORM Femme
Jeans: Dutch Touch
Boots: J’s ~Engineer Long Boots
Wristband: KOSH ~dented can wristband
Hair: Gritty Kitty ~Bilirubin ~rusty
Skin: [42] ~filth ~tan
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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Here’s another terrific Silent Sparrow piece that may be a little different that what you’d expect — the Mania vest. It comes in a whole flock of colors — but this is the blue one, ’cause I got it at the blue sale 🙂 It’s a great piece for layering, and a versatile part of your casual wardrobe.

I’ve paired the vest with these incredible leather pants from Renegade. I’ve worn, and blogged, the silver stripe version more than once. These are, in my humble opinion, the best leathers I’ve found on the grid. I’m not sure these pictures quite do justice to the wonderful wrinkles that just say “leather”. Now that I’ve got a pair, I’m probably going to have to round out my collection eventually with the rest of the colors.

Are you tired of seeing these boots yet? Sorry — but I can’t take them off my feet!

SLURLS available in the Magpie Metaverse Shopping Guide

Vest: Silent Sparrow ~Mania
Black Bra: Nicky Ree (from Roxy set)
Pants: Renegade ~Night Stripe Leathers
Boots: Shiny Things ~Ving
Necklace, Earrings, Right Bracelet: Kunstkammer ~La Porte Des Reves set
Left Bracelet: Violet Voltaire ~Glitterati
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 14
Hair: Truth ~Gypsy ~Jupiter
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Imperial Elegance

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Blue Comfort


I know that the first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about Silent Sparrow is gorgeous, often dark, victorian/lolita/fantasy style clothing. But, occasionally Hya will pop out something so wonderfully comfortable that it could easily fit into my RL closet. This cozy cardigan is exactly that kind of piece. And, as much as I like to dress up (and down) for my blog — these are the kinds of clothes I like to wear when kicking around the grid.  The cardigan comes in a jacket layer as well, and slouchy sleeve prims. Not one to miss the tiniest details — Hya added a trio of safety pins to hold the front of the cardigan together. WARNING: When changing clothes, do not forget to remove the prim safety pins, or one of your friends may point it out and snicker at you!

I couldn’t resist posing in this new-ish chair by Tuli. It is truly well-done. She’s got them sitting out in her shop, so go by and see for yourself, and try out the poses. I’m quite smitten with the aboriginal design of the fabric.

SLURLS available in the Magpie Metaverse Shopping Guide

Cardigan: Silent Sparrow
Jeans and Belt: Tuli ~sumi jeans and folklore belt
Earrings: Talisman
Necklace: KOSH
Boots: Shiny Things
Hair: ETD ~Jackie ~copper
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista ~light 01
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expressions

Chair: Tuli ~Apanie ~for Victorian Bushfire Relief

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Casual Friday~


I’ve got just a quick, casual mix to take us on into the weekend. So as to not totally ignore the Valentine spirit, I’m wearing a heart on fire! This is another super top from Chav Paderborn, at The Steamstress, worn with a shrug from Project Kiwi. I love shrugs for the way they can change up a look — and, of course, the way they can keep our arms warm in the chilly seasons 😉  Would you believe I have just now bought these great jeans from Decoy? They aren’t new, but definitely worth mentioning as they are superb!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

SLURLS available in the Magpie Metaverse Shopping Guide

Flaming Heart Tank: The Steamstress
White Tank: Boom
Shrug: Project Kiwi ~Blue Raspberry
Jeans: Decoy ~Genesis 10 ~Dark Rust
Shoes: KK Outfitters: Low-top Kool Kicks
Jewelry: Cailyn’s ~Looped set
Belt Buckle: J7L Designs
Hair: ETD ~Maxine ~copper
Skin: Tuli: Kalista light 14
Eyes: Miriel ~Shallow End
Pose: Slash Me Poses

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