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Yup — two posts from me in one day! This was too good not to share immediately. Many of you may remember Chav Paderborn, part of the BLAND team. But before there was BLAND, there was Steamstress — and I’ve been haunting that store since my early days in SL. This morning, I want to share a couple of Chav’s pieces that I’m crazy about.

I’ve left my old home in Caledon, but I’m still attracted to anything with cogs and gears — and these trousers seriously rock!  I love all of Chav’s trousers — and I think her textures and shadings are just getting better all the time. These are spectacular, truly. The top is equally awesome — and who doesn’t like a lace-up/lace-down top?!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to pay a visit to the Steamstress, be sure to check it out. Chav has a lucky chair and freebies that are worth the trip. (If you missed my previous post about this, because that was the day Fashion Planet got stuck, you can check it out here)

Shirt & Trousers: Steamstress ~Busting Out, Cog Trousers
Boots: Shiny Things ~Ving boot ~oxblood
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai ~Industrial Revolution
Hair: ETD Janine II ~Copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 14
Poses: Reel Expression


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Ving! (yup — I’m addicted already) & [42]


If you had L$500 left to your name, what would you spend it on?  The new Ving Boots from Shiny Things, of course! These boots are absolute perfection! I promise you I did nothing special to make the boots look better — they are just that good!  I apologize in advance if you get tired of seeing these on my feet — I’m going to be wearing one color or another for a long time!

Another notable is the somewhat crazy sale going on at [42]. I’ve always thought [42] had some of the best deals with her free skins {and even after the freebie promotion, Imandra keeps them up at the amazingly low price of L$42} And these are nice skins!  Well, now she’s got all her skins on sale for L$42! Four makeups included with each skin — it’s just a steal. I’m not sure how long this sale will last — so hurry!  (but even if you miss the sale, you can still pick up several great skins on the 42L wall.)

A somewhat shameless plug for my own little shop, Magpie. If you want to try a new shape with your new [42] skins, I think the Ellery body shape looks great with this skin, and is the one I’m wearing in the picture. You can pick up a free demo at Magpie.

Sweater: Artilleri ~Oslo sweater ~black
Shorts: Thimbles ~Awe Crap Shorts ~black
Boots: Shiny Things ~Ving boot ~black
Stockings: Fashionity
Jewelry: Lucas Lameth ~Chakra Beads ~Ocean
Hair: ETD Camille ~Blonde
Eyes: Shapes by Zada~ EyeFidelity Reflections ~Talisman Hazel (free)
Skin: [42] Serenity ~Pale
Body Shape: Magpie ~Ellery
Poses: Reel Expression
Background Texture:

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Wishbox Charm


It’s every fashionista’s dream to come across an excellent designer that hasn’t been seen all over the fashion feeds. It was a serendipitous stroke of fate that one of my fashion-disinterested friends (I know — hard to believe!) sent me off to see something at this designer’s store — and I fell in love with her work. Wisp Jenn, of Wishbox, designs stunning outfits and accessories focused around the fairy/fantasy/medieval/role-play genres. Her textures and her craftmanship are meticulous. In sets like the one in the photo, she offers layers and options that can be used in a variety of ways.  And, as an added bonus, she offers a demo of this particular outfit. I adore designers who offer clothing demos! There is really no substitute for trying on an outfit on your AV, with your AO, with your own environmental settings.Thanks, Wisp!

The Wishbox also offers a lucky chair, with an adorable dress that I haven’t been able to snag yet (Lucky Chairs have something against N’s — really!). Pick up a demo of “Charm” while you’re there — and I think you’ll fall in love like I have!

Dress|Lingerie: Wishbox ~Charm, in Ocean & Jade
Boots: Shiny Things ~ruffle boots
Skin: Tuli ~Meredith, fair ~ Sweet 16 & Polished Punk
Hair: ETD ~Aiiyanna and Merijayne II
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Wrong Way Wabbit


Nothing really new here — just having fun at the speedway — for no particular reason… 😉

Jacket: Dark Eden
Pants: Renegade
Tshirt: Schadenfreude
Boots: J’s
Belt: OMFG
Necklace: Izumiya
Hair: Truth ~Kensei 2 ~black
Bunny Avatar: DP*YumYum

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Bunny Blogger Week! Harajuku School Girl


You’re not imagining things if you think you see a lot of bunnies on the fashion feeds this week ~it is Bunny Blogger week 🙂 It all started with this adorable bunny AV from DP*YumYum — one of the prizes in the CSR event. (I’m sorry to say that I think the event is over now, if you missed it. But keep your eyes out for the next one — they are really fabulous fun!)

Not all of my items are new here — it can actually be a bit challenging to quickly dress a shape that is very different from my usual — I had to fiddle with several of the parts of my outfit. But — it is totally worth it, as this AV is just precious — I can see myself wearing it a lot after I get a few outfits sorted out.  It might just be perfect for those grid-hopping excursions! (yes — pun absolutely intended :))

Even tho’ I know you are taken in by the cuteness of this avatar, I’ve got two new pieces I want to point out to you. Starting at the top are the absolutely cute Harajuku Barettes from Snatch. What can I say — they are just the cutest! I can’t wait to try them out on my human AV. I also want to mention the vest. This is a superb layering piece from an adorable, newish (I think) store called Project Kiwi.  The clothes there are cute, EXTREMELY affordable, and lots of generous group gifts and deals. I’m thinking that this shop is one to keep an eye on! I started this post wearing several other Project Kiwi pieces, but the look evolved in a different direction, as my looks often do. I’ll try to work in a few more examples next time 🙂

Shirt: Skywalker (tinted and sleeves shortened)
Vest: Project Kiwi
Skirt: Izumiya
Socks: Katat0nik
Legwarmer Boots: Katat0nik
Hair: Gurl 6 ~teaser ~natural red
Barrettes: Snatch ~Harajuku Barettes
Necklace: Lucas Lameth
Bunny Avatar: DP*YumYum (CSR prize)
Poses: Reel Expression

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Steamy Gloves!


I saw these amazing lace-up gloves by the Steamstress herself, Chav Paderborn, and could not wait to pick them up — not just because I love Chav’s work, but because they are also free! There’s a brown pair in the pack as well. And, while I was there, I noticed another freebie that I had missed somehow — this adorable tee shirt!

Tuli released some new make-ups for her Meredith skin, and set out this terrific “post-party” makeup for free. Not only was it perfect for this look, it reminded me of how lovely the Meredith is. So, I picked up several of the new make-ups as well, and will wear them in upcoming posts 🙂

Tee Shirt: Steamstress (in-store gift)
Jeans: Moonshine (in-store gift)
Gloves: Steamstress (in-store gift)
Earrings & Bracelet: AwesomeSauce
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui ~Reckless
Skin: Tuli ~ Meredith (fair) post party/3
Hair: Tami McCoy ~Playful ~red copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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New-ish Freckles from RockBerry


I’ve been a fan of RockBerry skins since pretty much the beginning. And, Heather keeps getting better and better with her skills. She’s now released freckled skins for every line! I adore a nice freckled skin, and the RockBerry ones are very nice!

I’m also wearing a fabulous sweater from BOOM — who doesn’t need a Fair Isle sweater in their closet? This is a lovely fresh color that should transition well into early spring.

I finished off the look with pink, cupcakey goodness from Violet Voltaire. Violet has a wonderful, sometimes quirky, aesthetic, and her pieces are always meticulously crafted, and a joy to wear 🙂

Sweater: BOOM ~Fair Isle – Fresh
Necklace & Earrings: Violet Voltaire ~Cuppycake Set
Hair: ETD ~celia ~copper
Skin: RockBerry ~Lily B Natural FR
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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City Chic


A city-chic look from Axel

Jacket: Axel  ~Cape Coat  (note: I re-colored the little fuzz balls on the collar — the original is a light brown color)
Pants: Axel ~Lucca Navy Pants
Shirt: Silent Sparrow ~teal blue ribbon top (might be retired)
Stockings: Shiny Things
Boots: Shiny Things ~button boots
Purse: ETD ~City Handbag ~teal
Earrings: Violet Voltaire ~cameo faerie earrings ~teal
Hair: ETD ~camille ~copper
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 10
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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This is a super quick post before I leave work. OMFG is having an amazing sale, as reported earlier today. One of my very most favorite rusty belts is from OMFG — so when I saw this notice, I (along with a zillion others) rushed over. There’s a great selection of high-quality items here, including entire sets for $1L. Everything I’m wearing in this post was put together from the new treasures I acquired! I especially adore the eyepiece — but, really its all great!

OMFG: (look for the entrance to the underground vault)

Hair: ETD ~celia ~copper
Skin: RockBerry ~Lily B Natural FR
Tattoos: Pushbutton Industries (Sprawl)
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Magical Winter at Artis Natur


At last my world is getting back to its normal, routine state. As much as I truly love the holidays, I’m also happy to come back down to rest on the ground again. I do still have magical winter weather on my mind — because in SL I can enjoy the beauty without the discomfort!

Adam n Eve is having a photo contest on their beautiful Artis Natur sim to celebrate the winter season there. Since one of my new year’s resolutions is to get out more, I jumped at the chance/excuse/inspiration to get myself back to blogging. This is truly a lovely sim, and I enjoyed walking around. I even managed to run into a newbie that I was able to direct to some helpful resources. (I always wonder how they find their way to sims like this without a clue about what they are doing — but he’s hopefully on the right track now). The sim is switching over to Spring after Jan. 31st, so be sure to check it out before then if you want to enjoy the sparkling winter landscape.

Gown: Inara’s Fantasy Couture
Earrings: ~flirt~ hearts and diamonds
Necklace: Violet Voltaire
Ring: Genesis ~Classic Cocktail Ring
Skin: Tuli ~Kalista light 09
Hair: ETD ~Hermia ~copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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