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Yesterday, I promised you a closer look at the gorgeous Esprit de Neige set — the newest release at ~flirt~. Photographs hardly do this set justice, but I’m offering one anyway! To get a good look at Skinkie’s own photos of the set, you can visit her blog.

This entire delicate set of jewels is made up of tiny snowflakes. I can’t do justice here to the amazing non-bling sparkle of these gems. You have to see them in-world to appreciate the beauty of a twinkling snowflake. Fortunately — you can do that!  Skinkie offers free demos in her store. And, as with all her jewelry, this set is easy to resize, and has a low ARC.

This is an all-together stunning piece of work that will bring out your inner Snow Queen or Princess.  And, because Skinkie’s heart is every bit as big as her talent — this is her fundraiser set at A Winter Fairy Tale. Be sure to check it out!

Jewelry: ~flirt~ Esprit de Neige
Skin: Belleza ~Belle ~Pale Meows and Wine
Gown: Trubble ~Snow Queen (exclusive)
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

December 9, 2008 - Posted by | fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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  1. […] post info By Peter Stindberg Categories: Jewellery and Read ~flirt~ reviews Tags: Achariya Rezak, Alicia Chenaux, Ben Vanguard, Bloom, Cajsa Lilliehook, Dorothy Willis, Esprit de neige, Flirt, Freyja Nemeth, Hearts & Diamonds, Jhuzen Ketsugo, Lalleta Xue, MV-SL-Fashion, Nissa Nightfire, Second Life, Tiffany, Willow Zander Skinkie and myself are absolutely amazed about the love the blogs showed for ~flirt~ during December. Naturally, the nsowflake-inspired Esprit de Neige got a lot of attention, for example from Nissa Nightfire: […]

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