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New Release at Magpie — The Ellery Body Shape

The Ellery Body Shape

I’m so pleased to add another shape to my fledgling shape line at Magpie!  Her name is Ellery, and I originally designed her to work with the Gala Phoenix skins. I debuted her on my blog here. She’s also pictured on the poster-ad wearing skins from Celestial Studios, [42], Tuli, Dutch Touch, and Blowpop.

Have a great holiday (if you’re celebrating)! Hopefully, I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging next week!



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Post-Apocalyptic Librarian


I was so captivated by how Artilleri’s Emi skin looked on my new Sagan body shape, I just had to put together a whole look for her!  I pulled out a few things from my “blog” folder that I’ve had for awhile and put together a look I’m calling “post apocalyptic librarian” 🙂

First of all — welcome back to the ladies of Axel! I found Axel several months ago, and just fell in love with their jeans, which I wore in this post.  I tried to find out a little more about them then, but I think they may have been on hiatus. Anway — I was delighted to see their new store, and couldn’t wait to sample a few new things! This outfit didn’t disappoint ~ the textures are lovely and detailed, and the pieces are well put together.

And the librarian part? She carries her books with her, of course! The necklace is one of the new offerings from Sprawl — I’m wearing the Alice in Wonderland book, but there are others to choose from, and each necklace is available in two choices of metals. And the belt is a wonderful piece from Love Chic. I love belts of all kinds anyway — but put a good book on it, and its destined to be mine 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Blazer & Pants: Axel
Boots: Shiny Things
Necklace: Sprawl
Arm Bands: Pushbutton Industries (sorry — I don’t know if they are currently available at Sprawl)
Belt: Love Chic
Hair: Kin
Skin: Artilleri
Shape: Magpie ~Sagan
Poses: Reel Expression

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Magpie Launches New Shapes Line!


I’m so excited to start my second year in SL with the launch of a new project for the Magpie shop — Shapes! It took me a while to get used to the idea of making my own shapes — but once I started, I couldn’t stop. There’s something about that thrill of putting a new skin on a shape, waiting for it to rez, and seeing that it works, and is beautiful. Shapes don’t create a look all by themselves, but they are a key ingredient — foundational in a sense, and I’m excited to see what I can do with them.

Click on the image above to see larger versions on my flickr photostream.

The Sagan body shape is now available at Magpie!

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Happy First Rez Day to Me!


Yes — today is my 1st Rez Day! This past year has simply flown by — full of learning and growing, and just plain fun. I hope you’ll bear with me as I reflect and philosophize a bit~

I was greeted this morning with a lovely gift from one of my oldest and dearest friends in SL — Salvia Homewood. She’s had some RL concerns that have kept her busy recently, but she sent me this lovely “day at the spa” gift basket, and as you can see, I’m taking full advantage of it.  Thank you, Salvia — you were the first to encourage my work in SL, and you’ve become one of my very best friends!

I never especially intended to end up living my SL in the fashion community. I started there, because one of my first concerns was personalizing my avatar. I never left because, despite drama and high emotions at times, the fashion community is creative, generous, and encouraging. I’ve made some of my best friends thru my blog and my shop, and have made many acquaintances that I hope will ripen into friendships. I’ve been offered support and encouragement for my own fledgling creative and business endeavors, and I am more grateful for that than you can ever imagine 🙂 I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and I look forward to many more adventures.

One parting thought on this reflective day — I had a lovely conversation yesterday with a new jeweler (you’ll be hearing more about her very soon), and she made a comment that really touched me. She said she liked my blog because of the encouraging things I said about designers. As I’ve struggled to take in and process all the recent conversations about blogging, in an effort to improve my own blog, I realized that there is pretty much nothing I’d like to hear more than what this new designer said to me. It is what I’ve loved best about the fashion community, and what I want to be a part of, and contribute to.

I’ve got an exciting new project that I’ll be launching later today to celebrate the beginning of a brand new year in SL — stay tuned…

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My Second Closet Contest Entry


I love an outfit that you can’t quite take in in one brief glance — one with layers and details. I can’t even begin to list all the things I love about this look — the layered necklace by (luc); the print on the Kungler top; all the buckles and buttons, and straps. Even though the color palette is a somewhat muted fall one, the rich color and details make this look interesting, and a stand-out for me!

I put this look together for the contest at My Second Closet. Aside from a great look, and being able to participate in a fun contest — this turned out to be a great way to sneak in a little inventory maintenance! I am completely and utterly overwhelmed by my inventory, as a general rule. Felicity’s contest involved using at least a couple of items from a short list of designers. Before I got to work on the look, I searched my inventory for items from each designer listed, and moved them all into one folder (this worked for me, because most of them, sadly, were in my “unsorted” or “not yet worn” or “blog” folders). Then, as I went thru trying on pieces, I unpacked, sorted, renamed and organized. I found it fairly easy to work with just that folder, instead of being overwhelmed by the 30,000 pieces in my inventory!  It also prompted me to take apart outfits, and put together items I might not have thought of otherwise. When I’m done with the contest, I’ll put everything back in the appropriate folders — and I think I might just repeat this exercise with another list of designers!

Shirt: Kunglers
Coat: Truth
Pants: Last Call ~Jeanne leather pants ~antique gold
Boots: Shiny Things ~chunky ribbon boot ~brown
Necklace: (luc), formerly Earthtones ~Ganesha ~gold
Earrings: Miriel
Ring: Schadenfreude ~prouille ring dark
Bag: ETD ~everyday tote ~pewter
Skin: RockBerry ~Willow C Light
Hair: Turth ~Polly ~carrot
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: AO by TorridWear

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Industrial Revolution


I absolutely adore the jewelry of Bliensen + MaiTai! I had been lusting over this set for quite some time, and finally picked it up at the Jewelry Expo. last month. What is not to love about rusty metal gears?!? This is a well-put-together set, with a lot of visual impact. In RL and in SL, I’m crazy about jewelry made out of unusual materials and found objects. This is a wonderful set for any jewelry collector.

The outfit is pure comfort. No one does plaid like Thimbles — and I’d buy their clothes just for the names alone 🙂 Plus, plaid is huge this fall! I’m a major fan of jeans — and these are fabulous, from Crash Couture. The boots are the perfect wardrobe essential. If you missed them in the ghost busters hunt, pick up a pair at Lazy Places.

Shirt: Thimbles ~Dr. Duane, Country Vet Plaid
Pants: Crash Couture ~Darkside of Blue
Boots: Lazy Places ~Jax Boots (ghost busters prize)
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai ~industrial revolution
Belt: OMFG ~studded rusty belt
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Hair: ETD Chalisa II ~copper
Skin: Tuli S5 light ~natural 1 (freckles)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Haute Style & Co.


Another beautiful outfit for party season — this time from Haute Style & Co. Forda Fairlane at HSC does some really lovely and well-crafted designs. This isn’t one of her newest designs, but I fell in love with the sleek sophistication of the pantsuit, and the wonderful froth of lace at collar and cuffs.  The only accessories the outfit needed were my Breakneck pumps, and black tahitian pearls.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out HSC, definitely plan a trip over and check out Forda’s range — and pick up the free gift of the month while you’re there 🙂

Outfit: Haute Style & Co. ~Hulstrom
Shoes: Shiny Things ~Breakneck pumps
Jewelry: Earthstones
Skin: RockBerry ~Mia D Light
Hair: ETD ~Janae ~copper
Eyes: Miriel ~Shallow End
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Tiffany by ~flirt~


Happy November! As soon as Halloween is over, my thoughts turn to the winter holiday season, with its myriad moods — from warm and cozy, all the way to glamour and sparkle — I love it all.

My look today is elegant and timeless — a classic little black dress, bare shoulders, and dazzling jewelry. This beautiful set is from ~flirt~ and features about a gazillion tiny prims, tortured into brilliant gems. The camera can’t quite capture the beautiful twinkle of this piece — the sparkle is entirely created by the way Skinkie Winkler manipulates the prims — and it is masterful.  That’s right — no annoying bling, but plenty of glamour. You can’t go wrong with these jewels in your holiday wardrobe.

Jewelry: ~flirt~ tiffany~ ruby
Dress: artilleri
Skin: RockBerry ~ Willow C light
Hair: ETD ~Roslin ~copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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