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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it, or just enjoys the fun. I must say that I’m enjoying my first Halloween in SL much more than I ever enjoy Halloween in RL 🙂

This look started with the lovely dress from AnnaH. Its been blogged several times as a fabulous cocktail dress, or as a more casual dress. I wanted to take it in a slightly different direction, altho’ I’m not sure AnnaH was envisioning a Halloween look when she designed it!

First, I chose these wonderful new-ish boots from Slink. These boots are absolutely fantabulous — everyone needs them! I didn’t take them off for days — even after this photoshoot. I know I cut my feet off in the picture, so you can’t see the beautiful shape of the boot foot — but take my word for it, you can’t go wrong with these boots.

Once I decided I really needed wings for this outfit, I didn’t think any of my freebie collection would quite do. I went out in search of my first pair of wings to purchase, chose a pair from Material Squirrel, and I adore them! I think there is definitely more winged-creature garb in my future!

Dress: AnnaH ~camila ~black
Boots: Slink ~heeled platform boot ~black
Armwarmers: Punch Drunk (from Tink Rocker costume)
Spider Charm Set: Star KindlerWings: Material Squirrel
Skin: Tuli ~elizabeth (gothic) Halloween 08 (with web)
Hair: ETD ~resilitent ~copper blackened
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Analu


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Essentials and Indulgences


Today’s look is fairly simple — but sometimes those are the best looks of all! I started with the wonderful wardrobe staple, the essential wrap sweater by CKSD. I’m wearing the exclusive group gift color of teal, but there are several other wonderful colors to choose from. Aside from the layering potential of this piece, the thing I love most about it is the wonderful sweater texture. I see so many knit textures that are not quite scaled properly — but this one is beautifully done.

My indulgent piece here is the fabulous necklace from Canimal. I love the look of layered necklaces, and its color change capabilities make it a very versatile piece. I’ve gone with a fairly monochrome look here, but pretty much every part can be changed for a huge variety of looks.

Sweater: CKSD ~essential wrap sweater ~teal
Pants: artilleri
Shoes & Stockings: Shiny Things ~Belles ~teal
Necklace: Canimal ~Deadly Lullaby Necklace
Glasses: Nala
Skin: Curio ~Opaline ~Sienna
Hair: Deviant Kitties ~Scene Queen ~fire
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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The Little Things


Sometimes, it is just the smallest things that make me happy. Like the cute little panda on my shoulder from Pink Fuel:) Yesterday, I got an invite to the grand opening of a SL library on the virtual campus of a college in my home state. My first thoughts were “I can go on work time”, and “I need to find something to wear!”.  I’m not sure what the crowd will be like at this event — so I went for something casual, with a little style, not too over-the-top, but still with a little fun mixed in.

I love how the outfit came together. I want to ‘specially note the shirt and vest from Thimbles. I picked these up for a song at their black-and-orange sale, which I think may be going on for the rest of the week. These are wonderfully crafted and versatile pieces — so if you haven’t gone by yet, do check it out!

Shirt & Vest: Thimbles
Pants: Mischief
Earrings & Necklace: (luc) jewelry [formerly Earthtones]
Belt: Dark Mouse
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Shoulder Pet: Pink Fuel
Hair: ETD
Skin: RockBerry ~Mia Light
Eyes: Miriel
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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New Release from AnnaH ~the Lorie jacket


I know I am usually a few days behind the rest of the SL world — but this newest release from AnnaH is hot off the sewing machine! This gorgeous jacket is the perfect, cuddly jacket layer for fall! From the scrunched up sleeves, to the cozy collar, and tied waist — this is a fall wardrobe classic.

I also took took this opportunity to pull out one of my favorite new sets from the Jewelry Expo (ok — yes they are all my favorites). This beautiful set is from Opium Everyday, and has a beautiful shell-like finish, and a gorgeous color.

Jacket: AnnaH ~lorie
Tank: Kitchy Boutique
Pants: The Closet
Earrings & Necklace: Opium Everyday
Bracelets: Magpie
Boots: Shiny Things
Skin: RockBerry ~mia ~ F light
Hair: ETD ~divine ~copper

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Fleur Allure: New Skin Launch


Fleur launched their newest skin line this weekend, Allure. As a previous Fleur photo contest winner, I had the wonderful honor of previewing an Allure skin, and photographing it for a store poster for the launch. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to see my photo hanging in the new Fleur store. The skin itself is just beautiful, as we’ve come to expect with Fleur 🙂  If you didn’t get a chance to attend the launch, hop on over and check out the newly designed store, free skin demos, quite a few wonderful store posters, and a free gift (which I’m sure is only there for a limited time!)

Skin: Fleur ~Allure ~Alabaster Smudged 2
Eyes: Miriel ~Shallow End
Jewelry: ~flirt~ Tiffany ~ruby
Pasties: katat0nik ~from the Very Cherry set
Hair: ETD Hermia ~Copper
Venus Outfit: KessKreations (jewelry expo gift)
Poses: Imperial Elegance

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My Pink Heaven~ And New Rockberry Skin!


Oh happy day! Not only is it Friday in my world, but I woke up to an amazing new group gift from Heather Beebe of RockBerry Skins. I swear that woman never sleeps! I’m loving each skin she releases just a little more than the last. If you aren’t a member of the RockBerry update group yet, think about it! This group gift includes one makeup from each of her four skintones. I can’t wait to see the rest of her makeups.

I’m also feeling very pink today — as you can see. Pink is by far my favorite color in the world, but I’ve been trying very hard not to make every post pink, and to expand my color choices when shopping. But, today I’m indulging just because it is fun, and it is Friday. I took full advantage of Violet Voltaire’s recent pink sale, and Juicy’s Birthday Bash, and still have a giddy-hangover from the pinkness!

Skin: RockBerry ~Mia (group gift)
Hair: ETD ~Aiiyanna ~Copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire ~Glitterati ~pink
Cardigan: Swallowtail ~juicy bday gift
Capris: Second Wave Apparel
Shoes: Kookie ~donna ~juicy bday gift
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Prathivi by Genesis


I’m getting ready to head out for my last pass around the Jewelry Expo. (it runs through tomorrow, tho’, so you still have time to pick up gifts & freebies, and explore some beautiful jewelry). Don’t worry– I’ve still got several jewelry posts in me from purchases I’ve been making all week!

Today I want to show you a beautiful set from Genesis. This set caught my eye the first time I saw it, and I kept returning to the Genesis booth until I finally bought it! I love the simple sophisticated pattern of the antique gold disks, and the drops have a lovely glow that I really couldn’t capture in the photo. This set can serve as a centerpiece to an outfit, or serve equally well as a complement to an eye-catching outfit. Really lovely work, Ryker!

[Get a closer look by clicking thru to my flickr stream!]

Jewelry: Genesis ~Prathivi (includes bracelets, not shown)
Top: Second Wave Apparel ~roman halter
Skin: RockBerry ~Willow ~ tan
Hair: Truth ~Polly ~carrot
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Juicy ~Girl Next Door

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Nissa Becomes a Fairy


Most days, I spend huge amounts of time putting together a look — trying this on, trying that on, adjusting, etc. Today, this gorgeous look just fell together. It reminds me of my very first days in SL, when I thought I’d would be a fairy  (Nissa Nightfire was my fairy name!) I’ve explored a lot of different paths since then, but when I saw this beautiful fairy costume in one of my favorite colors, I couldn’t wait to try it on. This particular color is currently a dollarbie at Deviance, so a definite must-have for your inventory. I was prepared to buy it just for the wonderful corset top. But, the rest of the outfit is every bit as lovely and well-made. The outfit includes the armbands and the cute shoes, plus a couple of accessories I’m not wearing. It was well-worth the trip, and I’ll be sure to check out some of the other cute costumes at Deviance!

The jewels today are from a new-to-me store, Primalot. I encountered their booth at the Jewelry Expo, and thought this particular set was just stunning, and I think the color may be an expo exclusive [sorry, not sure on that]. One big note here — the jewelry is no mod, with no resizing scripts. I TP’d over to their store where they have demos, and fortunately the necklace fit me just fine. (and I think I’m fairly average size-wise; a little short maybe). I think their designs are really lovely — I hope they’ll consider adding some resizing options in the future 🙂

[Don’t forget you can click thru to my flickr stream for a larger view of these lovely items]

Fairy Costume: Deviance
Jewelry Set: Primalot ~Antique Jewelry Set ~Waterside
Skin: RockBerry ~Willow B Light
Hair: Curio ~Rabid 3 ~copper
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Jewelry Expo: Flirt & New Skin from RockBerry


I’m so excited to bring you three great items today! Before we get to the jewels, let me tell you about this skin. This beautiful face is the latest release from RockBerry, named Willow. This is a young, fresh face that I really love. As usual, its a bargain — 6 makeups for 800L. You can see the rest of the makeups on Heather’s blog.

On to the jewels! Today, I’m wearing two sets of earrings from one of my new favorite designers — Skinkie Winkler of ~flirt~.  Skinkie and I are practically neighbors over on the original Juicy sim, but I just had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time at the Jewelry Expo and can tell you that she is a lovely person who is very dedicated to her art.

The top pics feature the earrings from the Hearts & Diamonds collection — I fell in love with this collection as soon as I saw it. The sculpty hearts are beautifully textured, and the shape is very flattering. One of the things I love about this earring is that it is able to make a significant visual statement without taking over the outfit. I find jewelry in SL to be very challenging in this way. Small, delicate work is often hard to see and appreciate. Anything too big starts to look a little odd and out of scale.  This earring is “just right”! I’m wearing the metal earrings — scripted for resizing and texture change [12 different metals!] There are also pieces in this collection that use semi-precious stones, with a similar array of scripted choices. This is a classic set I’ll be wearing again, and again.

The second set of earrings are probably not what I would call classic, but are out there on the edge of contemporary jewelry design. Skinkie’s newest collection is called “Fragile” — and is a fabulous fusion of glass and metal. I know it is difficult to appreciate the transparency of the glass in this photo. Fortunately for you, Skinkie offers demos of her pieces so you can so it for yourself in real life.  There are many pieces to this collection, and I hope I’ll get a chance to collect them all. But, even a single piece like these earrings, can really make a statement.

To see these photos a little bigger, be sure to click thru to my flickr stream, and view the large size!

Earrings: ~flirt~ | hearts & diamonds | fragile
Skin: Rockberry ~Willow Light F and E
Hair: ETD ~ Carolyn | Peppy
Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Poses: Reel Expression

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Jewelry Expo – Day 1


So — you may or may not have noticed, but I don’t usually post as much on the weekends. My weekend computer is not as powerful, and I can’t take as good a picture. For similar reasons, I don’t usually go to expos on the first day. But — when I saw the message early this morning that the Jewelry Expo was opened — I couldn’t wait!! I donned my newest low-lag outfit and hopped right on over.

My experience at the expo (my first) was a very lovely surprise. I didn’t experience a bit of lag, and the layout and booths were fabulous. I only made it around one side before church — but can’t wait to get back over there!

I want to take a moment to give a HUGE thanks to designers who offer demos. I understand the extra cost of putting together demos, and I’m not fussing about folks who don’t put out demos. But, please know that they are very much appreciated by many of us!

In case you are wondering about the look — I took this opportunity to wear the lovely dark elf skin that I picked up at Nora’s going-out-of-business sale. In honor of the occasion, I wore the shirt layer of Pixel Dolls Jewelled Top. And, the leathers are my favorites from Renegade.

Tune in tomorrow for pictures of actual jewels!


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