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Fall Transitions: The Colby Shorts


Happy Friday ~if it is Friday where you are! If not, Happy Day 🙂 I got around early this morning to hop over to the Hair Fair, and, alas — I can’t login right now :(. But, I’m still doing something productive, as this post is long overdue — this one has been in my queue for a while!

I previously blogged Annah Whitfield’s fabulous Colby shorts, styled with a somewhat edgy look. This time I wanted to do a more casual look, transitioning to the Fall season. One of the things I love about these shorts is that they are wardrobe staples that can be styled many different ways, and for many different seasons! In the US Midwest where I live, seasonal transitions can be wardrobe nightmares — but shorts like these really smooth things over. I’ve paired them here with another piece I’ve had my eye on, but needed an excuse to buy — Kurotsubaki’s cardigan — another great transitional piece.

Have a great day — and if you’re in the US, enjoy your three-day weekend 🙂

Shorts: AnnaH
Cardigan: Kurotsubaki
Tank top: Haunted Zuzu
Necklace: Curio
Bracelet: Earthstones
Watch: Muse
Kneehighs: Corduroy
Boots: Schadenfreude
Eyes: Miriel
Skin: Tuli Elizabeth thistle(red)
Hair: Maitreya — Eva II – Ginger
Poses: AnaLu


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cats & dogs & spikes — oh my!


Oh my goodness! I’ve been having such SL withdrawal! I’ve been trying to just keep up with feeds and messages, and have been itching to get in-world and play around. Inventory is piling up, and pictures are begging to be taken! I’ve had this one in my queue since — I don’t know when!

This outfit started with the fabulous new release from AnnaH of the colby shorts. These shorts are part of her “basics” collection, and they are a great addition to any wardrobe. These are fabulously easy to wear, and tremendously versatile for a summer-to-fall transition. I bought them in every color! (and I’m sure you’ll see some more of them here).

Here I went with a little bit edgier look — inspired by my new jacket from Ce Cubic effect, which I’ve been eyeing forever. The Creator Stamp Rally was just the excuse I needed to finally buy it. The Gritty Kitty hair (amazing), and the french bull dog (adorable) were also part of that project. And, I’ll use any excuse to wear a Schadenfreude corset (or tank, or pants, or…) — I thought the caged corset looked great with this outfit. I originally wore boots with this outfit, but then just fell in love with these amazing shoes from Unique Needs — huge on style, and very reasonably priced 🙂


hair: Gritty Kitty
skin: Fleur
bracelet: Second mirage
choker: edge grafica
corset: Schadenfreude
eyes: Miriel
jacket: Ce Cubic effect
capris/shorts: AnnaH — colby capri
shoes: Unique Needs ~death dolly goth mary janes
poses: AnaLu

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Casual Friday


I’ve been such a delinquent blogger this week! Much RL craziness — it happens this time of year, every year. I’ve probably got a couple more weeks before it all settles back down again! So — today I’m offering a casual and cute outfit I put together for a meeting with work colleagues [yes — we’re a fun and casual bunch!] And — am still playing around with photoshop 🙂  Have a great weekend!

Shirt: Schadenfreude ~skelebeater ~white hot pink
Pants: Second Wave Apparel ~Perfect Fit Capris ~charcoal
Shoes: UBU ~PornStar Hi-Tops
Gloves: Pushbutton Industries ~Shove Gloves ~steel
Choker: Bliensen+MaiTai
Pendant: Izumiya
Hip Bag: Izumiya
Hair: Truth
Skin: Tuli ~S5 light ~rebel 2
Poses: Izumiya

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Sakura Storm


No freakiness this Friday — I did some Alice-channeling earlier in the week!

It’s no secret to anyone that I’m madly in love with Katat0nik’s outfits. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves — her textures are really that good! This is the Sakura Storm dress in red~

Dress: Katat0nik ~sakura storm ~red
Boots: Oi!

Choker & Bangle: Tuli
Silver Chain: Imperial Elegance (retirement sale)

Eyes: Miriel ~shallow end
Hair: ETD ~Merijayne II ~copper
Skin: Tuli ~S5 light ~rebel 2

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Hunting Bunnies


To tell you the truth, I had despaired of being able to participate in Silent Sparrow’s recent bunny hunt for limited edition colors of Hya’s new Devana dress. However, as luck would have it, one of the rounds was starting just as I logged in yesterday morning. I managed to get to the right place at the right time and snagged this wonderful “fog” version. Hya said she hadn’t made as many of these because she wasn’t sure folks would like them. WHAT?? It’s truly stunning! Thanks, Hya, for a beautiful dress, and a really fun time 🙂

I decided to glam it up just a bit with the gorgeous tahitian pearls from Earthstone, and my new do from Truth (still on sale, I believe — get there before its gone!)

Dress: Silent Sparrow ~LE Devana (fog)
Boots: Shiny Things
Jewelry: Earthstones
Hair: Truth
Skin: Tuli
Eyes: Miriel

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photography student


A few of you may have seen this on my Flickr — sorry I’m such a delinquent blogging it! Has anyone noticed my photos getting just a little better? I’ve been on a quest to improve my photography skills ever since I began my fledgling career as a fashion blogger. Recently, the generous and talented Ana Lutetia shared a couple of tips about her photo process, and it was just the thing to push me up a notch. Thanks, Ana! I’ve given Ana permission to whack me over the head if my photos start looking too much like hers! And they might! I’ve recently discovered Ana’s wonderful poses. Some of her newer ones are especially fabulous, and definitely made with the fashion blogger in mind.

Top: ~momo~
Pants: Kid Asia
Shoes: Tesla
Jewelry: flirt
Headband: Juicy
Hair: Diversity Hair
Skin: Tuli
Poses: AnaLu; Long Awkward Pose

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Alice ~ by Katat0nik


As soon as I got the first hint that katat0nik had released her new Alice dress, I raced over to Axis Mundi. This is a fabulous Alice dress — with a nod to the traditional story, but with Kat’s own unique style. The texturing is gorgeous, as always, and the graphics on the skirt are just wonderful. One of the things that I love about this rendition, is that Kat used a lovely teal color on the dress, rather than a more traditional blue. It matches my eyes!! And, as always, the set comes in multiple pieces, on multiple layers. Beautiful work, Kat!

Alice dress by katat0nik
Shoes: Unique Needs
Hair: Truth
Skin: Gala Phoenix (Curio)

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Freaky Friday: Rockberry Skin


Happy Friday once again! I have to tell you that I’m getting a bit addicted to the fascination of sliders — maybe a shape shop is in my future 🙂 On my first Freaky Friday, I showed a beautiful Rockberry skin — worn on my usual shape. This time, I decided to make my own shape for the skin, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I think this shape really accents the beautiful face, which is definitely the strength of Rockberry skins.  I absolutely love this particular makeup.

Dress: Ornamental Life
Shoes: Shiny Things ~Belles

Earrings and Necklace: PERTURB/ation

Eyes: Lunardia ~Medium Gold-Brown
Skin: Rockberry ~Stage 4 Face D Light
Hair: Diversity Hair ~Heiress ~tootsie brown

Poses: Imperial Elegance

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