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Margin Walker


Hi everyone! I know — I’ve been quite a blog-slacker lately! But I have been working very hard on cleaning up my inventory, and will have a few fun things for you that I’ve unearthed — some new, some old 🙂

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of neko fashion, so thought I’d take this opportunity to try out some ears & tails from katat0nik, and prim neko eyes from Riddle. What do you think? I’m a neko-novice, but thought the look was pretty cute! I also moved out of my ETD comfort zone (no worries — its not permanent!), and tried out this fabulous hair from Maitreya. Like skins, I have a hard time changing hair — but the textures on this hair are fabulous, and I felt like they suited me quite well.

My big story of the day are these incredible boots from katat0nik — even the name, Margin Walker, is full of intrigue. They come in a variety of colors — I’m wearing dark blue. I hope you can see the skull detail on the straps — really marvelous work! Kat’s texturing work on all her pieces is extremely well done. I did manage to resist buying the magenta ones this trip — but, I’ll be going back after them, no doubt!

[public service announcement — if you haven’t been over to check out Kat’s freebie/dollarbies — what are you waiting for?!? this is a fabulous opportunity to check out her work for a steal]


Shrug & Pasties: katat0nik (from the Very Cherry outfit)
Skirt: Plaid Butterfly (dollarbie)
Fishnet shirt: Saur Holt
Cuffs: katat0nik (color changeable)
Necklace: Izumiya
Stockings: katat0nik
neko ears & tail: kata0nik
boots: Margin Walker Boots (dk blue): kata0nik
hair: Maitrey – Amy – Ginger
eyes: Riddle (neko prim eyes, teal)
skin: Tuli Emily light/4 candy


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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

Hi all~ I’m on my way out the door to a family reunion in the land of the wheatfields! Lots of family, fun, and memories of a time and place that are truly Far Away 🙂 See y’all when I get back!


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Kellie Iwish at (Elate!) just released this amazing little dress, called Phoebe. This feathery concoction is absolutely delectable! I wish the photo could show you the delicate movement of the skirt feathers — it’s just perfect! As much as I love accessories, this dress needs nothing else to look polished and sophisticated. Having said that, I did add this ethereal lace bangle from yamy. Anything more would just be too much! The only trouble I had with the dress is that I couldn’t decide which color to get! I’m wearing silver — it also comes in black and flame. If you have any special events in your future, this dress is just the ticket!

Dress: (Elate!)
Bangles: yamy
Hosiery: Battered Boudoir
Shoes: Juicy Slingbacks (marshmallow)
Skin: Tuli ~s5~light~glam 1
Hair: ETD ~Aiiyanna
Posing HUD: Tillie’s Shop
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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Katat0nik Part 2

part 2

Yup — I’m officially in love with Katat0nik Pidgeon! 🙂  She’s a RL artist, bringing her art to SL. Her latest is this fabulous hoodie with original artwork on the front. Her attention to detail is impeccable — from the ribbed cuffs to the teeny skulls on the hood drawstrings.  The background of the body of the hoodie comes in 6 different colors (blue, gray, orange, green, pink, purple), and is a bargain at 75L each!

This hoodie looks awesome with the dollarbie butterfly skirt released earlier this week — but for this picture I paired it with Schadenfreude’s striped pants, and these terrific dollarbie boots, also from katat0nik. (honestly — if you haven’t picked these up, get over there! They’re a wardrobe staple!)

As I was putting the finishing touch on this look, I found a demo of a skin from Skins of Delphi, also created by Katat0nik. I tried it on, and loved it! {insert quickie shopping trip} I’m wearing the Cookie skintone, with the starlight/black makeup. It’s hard for me to try on new skins, just ’cause I don’t feel quite like myself at first. But — this skin is truly lovely — delicate and glowing. It’s hard to see in my picture, but this makeup has a touch of a fantasy eye makeup — but totally wearable even for everyday. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the makeups.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hoodie, Boots, Skin: Katat0nik
Pants: Schadenfreude
Hair: ETD ~Loopy
Posing HUD: Tillie’s Shop
Poses: Reel Expressions

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Summer Dress from ACGirl


Is there anything sweeter than a flouncy summer dress? This darling dress is from ACGirl, and comes in a variety of colors.

Dress: ACGirl
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci ~Viniani Heel
Necklace & Bracelet: Fresh Baked Goods ~Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake; Salt Water Taffy Bangles
Hair: ETD ~Aiiyanna
Skin: Tuli ~Emily Light ~ Candy

Posing HUD: Tillie’s Shop
Poses: Animah

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This is just a little super-quickie post — I put this outfit together in about two seconds! I was already wearing this shirt (a work-in-progress) when I saw the message about katat0nik’s L$1 skirt for group members, and Ach’s post about the cuffs (I have a thing about cuffs). I rushed over the Axis Mundi and snapped up those, plus the boots I’ve been eyeing for some time, and the stockings … (no, I have no self-control)

I love everything about these pieces (well — the shirt — I’m still working on) — but these cuffs are truly spectacular. They have a hud for resizing and color-changing (you know that I’m crazy about that kind of versatility in a piece!) — and they have buckles! I adore buckles as a design element.

If you haven’t yet checked out the wonderful and artistic designs of katat0nik, be sure to check it out!

Shirt: mine (work-in-progress)
All other clothes and accessories by katat0nik

Skin: Tuli ~Emily ~light ~candy
Hari: ETD ~Aiiyana

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test post

testing so I can get onto the feed!! thanks, Tao 🙂

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Great Gatsby


In my last post, I mentioned my recent huge shopping spree — this is part of it! This is a set that I knew I needed as soon as I saw the first teaser. It is an entire collection by Pushbutton Industries, called the Gatsby. I purchased the entire steamer trunk, full of multiple versions and colors for each piece. Again — not doing the math for you, but the combinations just among this set alone boggle the mind. Plus, you can buy additional colors of the pieces separately. And — of course it will be very mix and matchable with other stuff. I’m in stylist heaven! I also added the wonderful new “shove gloves” from PBI to the outfit. This is a super go-anywhere outfit that I’m sure can be styled a hundred different ways. One of the things that you might not be able to appreciate from my picture is the excellent tweedy texture on the skirt and vest — really fine work!

I also need to mention my really huge spree at the soon-to-be-closed sale at Animah. These are some really fine poses — yet I didn’t seem to have any in my inventory! So — I took full advantage of the sale, and, yes, I think I bought out most of the store! I’m not sure how long this sale will last — so scoot on over there! (hope I’m not too late already!!)

Outfit, Hat: Pushbutton Industries (from the Gatsby collection)
Gloves: Pushbutton Industries ~shove gloves
Boots: Shiny Things
Hair: ETD ~Jessica II (modified)
Skin: Tuli ~S5 Light~ Rebel 1
Necklace: Schadenfreude

Posing HUD: Tillie’s Shop
Poses: Animah [currently on sale]

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Outfit Evolution


Hi all! I’m recently back from a conference where I had no internet access! (*gasp*). To celebrate my return, I went on a monster shopping spree! It’s a good thing I don’t have to eat in Phil’s Place 🙂 I expect you’ll be seeing lots of my new acquisitions over the next few weeks!

This particular outfit kinda happened by accident as I was shopping. I started out this particular shopping spree wearing the spectacular “how we quit the forest” ensemble from Silent Sparrow, complete with the coordinating hat/hair combo from Gritty Kitty. You’ve all seen it blogged several times, and obviously what is pictured here isn’t the entire outfit — but I want to go on record as saying this is one of the most fabulous outfits I’ve ever worn! Seriously. Hya is a texturing genius, and the variety of options on this piece make it worth every penny.

So — I’m shopping in this delightful outfit, and due to extreme lagginess and such, instead of my usual practice of going home to try things on (which I usually do before I buy multiple things from a new-to-me designer), I decided to try things on right where I was. As I replaced various parts of this outfit, I ended up with this rather cute look. To make it perfect, the various parts of the hat are color-changeable, so I was able to coordinate on the spot!

The new-to-me stuff here is the wonderfully fun casual wear from Yamy — at extraordinarily affordable prices. The jeans (packaged with a black pair as well) were L$20, as was the denim jacket (packaged with a skirt). I think I bought up a majority of the store 🙂

The last thing I want to talk about here are the poses and posing hud. Since I didn’t want to return home even to take some pics, I found a nice blank wall and used my amazing standalone posing HUD from Tillie’s. I’ve had Tillie’s pose stand for some time, and greatly enjoyed how easy it is to use. But, because I haven’t been so diligent about grabbing my updates, I had not even realized that Tillie had added a standalone HUD to the package. The HUD is easy to use, and makes it incredibly simple to cycle thru poses on location. I’m totally in love with it! The actual poses used here are from Izumiya — they are very nice poses and are all dollarbies. I got about 46 poses for L$4! (I grabbed the men’s poses too!)
Jacket & Jeans: Yamy
Shirt & Bracelet: Silent Sparrow – how we quit the forest
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui
Hat & Hair: Gritty Kitty
Skin: Tuli ~emily, light, candy

Posing HUD: Tillie’s Shop
Poses: Izumiya (dollarbies)

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Sweet as Sugar!


This is just about the sweetest outfit ever! I’ve been trying to get this blog done all morning… Amethyst McMahon let me know this morning that she had finally taken off my postman tee shirt in favor of a new dress. Since I hadn’t seen the dress yet, she passed over the landmark, and I was off on a shopping spree!

I don’t blame Amethyst for falling in love with this dress — it is spectacular! You are liable to catch me wearing it for days to come! The shop is Kuri Style , and it is definitely worth a look around. The black dress I’m wearing is a dollarbie — there is also a white one for L$50 (really!) The cute stockings are included. There are other cute, and very reasonably priced items here — well worth a trip! Thanks, Amethyst.

With a new dress, there was nothing to be done but shop for new accessories! I started with these fabulous new boots from ETD (welcome back, Elika!!) I’m pretty sure I had seen a preview of these boots before and lusted after them then — I was thrilled to see them released when I logged on this morning! I love boots, all boots — any season. These are spectacularly done. I’m wearing magenta, but there is a whole range of colors. I know I’ll probably regret not getting the fatpack — but the singles are very reasonably priced at around L$225, I think.

So — I just needed the right bracelet to finish up this look, and remembered that I had been meaning to check out the Fresh Baked Goods store. Mouth-watering! These adorable bangles are colorscripted (you can color the base and the gems separately) with twelve different colors! Seriously — you can put together a really large number of combinations (I don’t know how many — I am not great at math — but a lot!) All that for L$100 — a great bargain, I’d say.

Last but not least — (got this tip originally off of Free*Style) — these cute poses are completely free from Izumiya, and they really are nice poses. I took both the girls and boys poses and I think I ended up with about 46 poses in all. Lots of other great stuff here, so take a look around!

I think I need to go find somewhere to flounce around now! Have a great day 🙂


Dress: Kuri Style
Boots: ETD Buckle Boots (magenta)
Bangles: Fresh Baked Goods
Necklace: Caroline’s
Manicure: Candy Nail (plum)
Hair: ETD Aiiyanna (copper burnt)
Skin: Tuli: Emily Light ~candy
Poses: Izumiya (free!)

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